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Jargon Buster Index CAWS E G#824 N#846

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS E

Jargon Buster Index CAWS E

  • E          In situ concrete/Large precast concrete
  • E0        Concrete construction generally
  • E05      In situ concrete construction generally
  • E1        Mixing/Casting/Curing/Spraying in situ concrete
  • E10      Mixing/Casting/Curing in situ concrete
  • E11      Sprayed concrete
  • E2        Formwork
  • E20      Formwork for in situ concrete
  • E3        Reinforcement
  • E30      Reinforcement for in situ concrete
  • E31      Post tensioned reinforcement for in situ concrete
  • E4        In situ concrete sundries
  • E40      Designed joints for in situ concrete
  • E41      Worked finishes/Cutting to in situ concrete
  • E42      Accessories cast into in situ concrete
  • E5        Structural precast concrete
  • E50      Precast concrete frame structures
  • E51      Frangible smoke outlet panels
  • E52      Loadbearing precast concrete panel structure
  • E6        Composite construction
  • E60      Precast/Composite concrete decking
  • E61      Frangible smoke outlet panels
  • E62      Precast/Composite concrete decking (clay pot/beam)
  • E63      Precast/composite concrete walling panels
  • E64      Plank floor/roof
  • E65      Beam and Block floor/roof
  • E66      Permanent formwork beam and topping
  • E70      Rammed earth walling (clay chalk)
  • E71      Reused tyre and rammed earth walling/foundations
  • E72      Cob walling
  • E73      Clay lump walling
  • E80      Insitu Limecrete mixes casting and curing
  • E81      insitu Hemp-lime mixes spraying/casting and curing

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Jargon Buster Index CAWS E

  • Y80             Earthing and bonding components
  • V81             Earthing and Bonding Systems
  • M51            Edge fixed carpeting
  • G32            Edge supported/Reinforced woodwool slab decking
  • Q1              Edgings/Accessories for pavings
  • W56            Electric/electronic bird/vermin control
  • V52             Electric ceiling heating
  • V50             Electric underfloor heating
  • Y65             Electrical Accessories
  • V80             Electrical Identification
  • V85             Electrical inspection and testing
  • V                 Electrical systems
  • V90             Electrical Systems  Domestic
  • V91             Electrical systems Landscape
  • V1               Electricity supply
  • W53            Electro magnetic screening
  • T22             Electrode and direct electric boilers
  • T12             Electrode/Direct electric boilers
  • B04             Elemental Assembly Specifications
  • B03             Elemental System Performance
  • D40             Embedded retaining walls
  • V40             Emergency lighting
  • A3               Employer’s requirements
  • B05             Engineering Services General Description
  • B06             Engineering Services System Performance
  • X15             Escalator and moving pavement systems
  • X11             Escalators
  • D20             Excavating & Filling Resource Recovery/Waste Minimisation
  • D2               Excavation/filling
  • C                 Existing site/buildings/services
  • V60             External Lighting systems
  • V60             External lighting systems
  • L14             External louvres/shutters/canopies/blinds
  • Q31            External Planting
  • L15             External Solar Shading Installations
  • V42             Extra low voltage power supply
  • F15             Extruded Honeycomb fired clay block walling

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24th February 2013 – 27th December 2018

Jargon Buster Index CAWS E
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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
24th February 2013 – 27th December 2018

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