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GBE Jargon Buster CAWS P Alphabetic G#835 N#857

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GBE Jargon Buster CAWS P Alphabetic

GBE Jargon Buster CAWS P Alphabetic

  • P          Building fabric sundries
  • P1        Sundry proofing/insulation
  • P10      Sundry insulation/proofing work/fire stops
  • P11      Foamed/Fibre/Bead cavity wall insulation
  • P12      Fire stopping systems
  • P13      Hemp-lime sprayed insulation
  • P2        Sundry finishes/fittings
  • P20      Unframed isolated trims/skirtings/sundry items
  • P21      Ironmongery
  • P22      Sealant joints
  • P23      Movement joints
  • P3        Sundry work in connection with engineering services
  • P30      Trenches/Pipeways/Pits for buried engineering services
  • P31      Holes/Chases/Covers/Supports for services
  • P32      Services painting systems
  • P33      Plinths and Bund systems
  • P39      Cable Pass Throughs

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GBE Jargon Buster CAWS P Alphabetic

  • A92             Package Outline
  • T13             Packaged steam generators
  • A39             Packaging Waste Management
  • M60.1         Paint on timber
  • M6              Painting
  • M60            Painting/Clear finishing
  • M60.8         Painting/Clear Finishing:
  • M60.3         Painting/Clear finishing: Ferrous Metalwork
  • M60.7         Painting/Clear finishing: Furniture finishes
  • M60.0         Painting/Clear Finishing: Generally
  • M60.4         Painting/Clear Finishing: non-ferrous Metalwork
  • M60.5         Painting/Clear Finishing: Porous materials
  • M60.9         Painting/Clear Finishing: Refurbishment/Repainting
  • M60.6         Painting/Clear finishing: Special purpose paints
  • H4               Panel cladding
  • K30             Panel partitions
  • B14             Panelled constructions
  • F19             Papercrete block walling
  • H10             Patent glazing
  • Q                Paving/Planting/Fencing/Site furniture
  • Q2              Pavings
  • A90             Performance Specification
  • A93             Performance Testing Off-site Mock-up Test rigs
  • E66             Permanent formwork beam and topping
  • N25             Permanent safety equipment
  • N25.2          Permanent safety equipment: Access cradles
  • N25.1          Permanent safety equipment: Safe Access lines
  • W70            Personnel counting systems
  • X1               Personnel transport
  • S40             Petrol and diesel supply systems
  • V14             Photovoltaic systems
  • D3               Piling
  • D30             Piling
  • A62             Piling contract preliminaries
  • S                 Piped supply systems
  • Y11             Pipeline ancillaries
  • Y2               Pipeline equipment
  • Y10             Pipelines
  • Y1               Pipelines and ancillaries
  • H60             Plain roof tiling
  • E64             Plank floor/roof
  • N14             Plant containers
  • Q3              Planting
  • Q32            Planting in special environments
  • K10             Plasterboard dry lining/partitions/ceilings
  • K31             Plasterboard fixed partitions/inner walls/linings
  • M2              Plastered coatings
  • M20            Plastered/Rendered/Roughcast coatings
  • H22             Plastic weatherboarding
  • L12             Plastic windows rooflights screens louvres
  • Z50             Plastics
  • H12             Plastics glazed vaulting walling
  • H32             Plastics profiled sheet cladding/covering
  • L22             Plastics rubber doors shutters hatches
  • Q51            Play/Sports Equipment
  • P33             Plinths and Bund systems
  • X31             Pneumatic document conveying systems
  • Z31.1          Polyester Powder Coating (Performance European)
  • J45             Polyethylene roof coverings
  • Z35.1          Polyvinylidene Di-fluoride Coating (PVF2)
  • Z35             Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coating (PVDF)
  • N17             Portable Fire fighting systems
  • G23            Post and Beam frame
  • E31             Post tensioned reinforcement for in situ concrete
  • Z31             Powder Coating
  • V4               Power
  • E50             Precast concrete frame structures
  • H42             Precast concrete panel cladding/features
  • F31             Precast concrete sills/lintels/copings/features
  • H50             Precast concrete slab cladding features
  • L32             Precast concrete stairs/balustrades
  • E60             Precast/Composite concrete decking
  • E62             Precast/Composite concrete decking (clay pot/beam)
  • E63             Precast/composite concrete walling panels
  • B11             Prefabricated building units
  • B1               Prefabricated buildings/structures/units
  • G31            Prefabricated timber unit decking
  • D31             Preformed concrete piling
  • A6               Preliminaries for specialist contracts
  • A                 Preliminaries/General conditions
  • A91             Prescriptive Specification
  • W25            Presentation and conferencing systems
  • Z12             Preservative/Fire retardant treatments for timber
  • S11             Pressurised water supply systems
  • S13             Pressurised water supply systems
  • T20             Primary heat distribution
  • T61             Primary secondary cooling distribution
  • H3               Profiled/flat sheet cladding/covering
  • A10             Project particulars
  • W21            Projection
  • B10             Proprietary buildings/structures
  • J22             Proprietary roof decking with asphalt finish
  • J43             Proprietary roof decking with felt finish
  • W6              Protection
  • Q56            Provision for Nature
  • A31             Provision, content and use of documents
  • A54             Provisional work
  • W11            Public address system
  • F16             Pumice lime block walling
  • R18             Pumping stations and pressure pipelines
  • Y20             Pumps
  • Z10             Purpose made joinery
  • Z11             Purpose made metalwork
  • Z11.2          Purpose made metalwork: Aluminium
  • Z11.3          Purpose made metalwork: Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • Z11.4          Purpose made metalwork: Copper & Copper Alloy
  • Z11.0          Purpose made metalwork: Generally
  • Z11.1          Purpose made metalwork: Mild Steel

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