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G#827 N#849 GBE Jargon Buster Navigation CAWS H

By 15 August 2014October 23rd, 2015JB Navigation



GBE Jargon Buster Navigation CAWS H

GBE Jargon Buster Navigation CAWS H

  • H          Cladding/Covering
  • H1        Glazed cladding/covering
  • H10      Patent glazing
  • H11      Curtain walling
  • H12      Plastics glazed vaulting walling
  • H13      Structural glass assemblies
  • H14      Concrete rooflights pavement lights
  • H15      Rainscreen cladding/overcladding
  • H2        Sheet/board cladding
  • H20      Rigid sheet cladding
  • H21      Timber weatherboarding
  • H22      Plastic weatherboarding
  • H3        Profiled/flat sheet cladding/covering
  • H30      Fibre cement profiled sheet decking
  • H31      Metal profiled/flat sheet cladding/covering
  • H32      Plastics profiled sheet cladding/covering
  • H33      Bitumen and fibre profiled sheet cladding covering
  • H4        Panel cladding
  • H40      Glass reinforced cement cladding features
  • H41      Glass reinforced plastics cladding/features
  • H42      Precast concrete panel cladding/features
  • H43      Metal composite panel cladding/coverings
  • H5        Slab cladding
  • H50      Precast concrete slab cladding features
  • H51      Natural stone slab cladding/features
  • H52      Cast stone slab cladding features
  • H6        Slate/Tile cladding/covering
  • H60      Plain roof tiling
  • H61      Fibre cement slating
  • H62      Natural slating
  • H63      Reconstructed stone slating tiling
  • H64      Timber shingling
  • H65      Single lap roof tiling
  • H66      Bituminous felt shingling
  • H67      Metal single lap roof tiling
  • H68      Recycled rubber slates
  • H69      Timber strip/board roofing
  • H7        Malleable sheet coverings/cladding
  • H70      Malleable metal sheet prebonded coverings cladding
  • H71      Lead sheet coverings/flashings
  • H72      Aluminium strip/sheet coverings/flashings
  • H73      Copper strip/sheet coverings/flashings
  • H74      Zinc strip/sheet coverings/flashings
  • H75      Stainless steel strip/sheet coverings/flashings
  • H751    Terne Coated Stainless steel Coverings/Flashings
  • H76      Fibre bitumen thermoplastic sheet coverings flashings
  • H9        Other cladding/covering
  • H90      Tensile fabric coverings
  • H91      Thatch roofing
  • H92      Rainscreen Cladding/Overcladding

© CCPI 1987 & 1998
© GBE NGS ASWS 1987-2015
BrianSpecMan aka BrianSpecMan
10th January 2013 – 23rd October 2015

GBE Jargon Buster Navigation CAWS H


  • V37             Harmonic filtering equipment
  • L22             Hatches
  • T3               Heat emitters
  • T30             Heat emitters
  • T30             Heat emitting equipment
  • Y22             Heat exchangers
  • T40             Heat pump systems
  • T50             Heat recovery
  • U85             Heat recovery
  • T2               Heat sources
  • T1               Heating
  • T4               Heating and cooling
  • U84             Heating and cooling coils
  • Y43             Heating cooling coils
  • T10             Heating systems
  • T10             Heating systems
  • T90             Heating systems: Domestic
  • Z24             Hemp-lime based mortar
  • F14             Hemp-lime brick/block walling
  • F14             Hemp-lime brick/block walling
  • M25            Hemp-lime insulating plaster/render finish
  • P13             Hemp-lime sprayed insulation
  • M15            Hemp/Lime based screed
  • V24             High voltage cabling
  • V10             High Voltage connection
  • V2               High voltage distribution
  • V20             High voltage distribution systems
  • V21             High Voltage Switchgear
  • X20             Hoists
  • P31             Holes/Chases/Covers/Supports for services
  • S10             Hot and Cold water supply systems
  • S90             Hot and cold water supply systems: Domestic
  • Z34             Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Y61             Hv lv cables and wiring
  • V11             Hv supply distribution public utility supply
  • Y70             HV switchgear
  • U50             Hybrid system air conditioning

© CCPI 1987 & 1998
© GBE NGS ASWS 1987-2015
BrianSpecMan aka BrianSpecMan
24th February 2013 – 23rd October 2015

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