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Platform Floors Levelling Screeds (Q+A) Q#17008

Self-levelling Gyvlon screed

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Platform Floors Levelling Screeds Q+A

Platform Floors Levelling Screeds Q+A

Q1 Could you verify that we have levelling screed specified for the office floors.

When walking the (partial demolition/alteration) site it is visually obvious that we need one.

A1 If the offices are to get a raised access floor then the slab floor may not need ‘levelling’

  • The props and the adhesive/shims/fixings provide the levelling function (not smoothing function).
  • ‘Levelling screeds’ may be thick cement/lime/aggregate screed or fine concrete or very thick wet concrete overslab
  • This would not be applicable in the office spaces.
  • But ‘Levelling screed’ can also be very thin epoxy resinous material laid on new or existing not-smooth or not-level surfaces
  • Due to their costs the later tend to follow the shape of the existing surface, smoothing the roughness but not levelling the surface
  • The later do not normally flood the low parts and bring everything level.
  • They are expensive so are not normally laid in a thickness that could be called levelling
  • But if the floors are too rough to drag cables with sheathing, that may get ripped off, then Smoothing may be useful.
  • Who will decide the extent? Type? Thickness?
  • Take care not to reduce the servicing zone by ‘levelling’
  • Smoothing (epoxy/resin) is not a cheap material or product and not normally good for BREEAM (VOC and material rating)
  • Levelling is a labour intensive process, vibrating and tamping of concrete, levelling board of screed
  • Smoothing is also a labour intensive process: troweling, Power troweling, Power grinding of concrete or screed
  • Self-smoothing is a property of liquid applied epoxy/resin thin floorings but some need the help of a hand trowel.
  • Levelling is not normally poring loads of resin until floor is flooded and level, at great cost.
  • NB: Self-levelling is only available with liquid applied gypsum/anhydrite screeds or water.


© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
8th July 2018

Platform Floors Levelling Screeds Q+A
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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
8th July 2018

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