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Slate Roof Covering Repairs G#1713 N#1615

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Slate roof covering repairs

Slate roof covering repairs

Q  I have to have a new roof put on my house; but I am hoping emergency repairs will hold out until the days are longer and the weather improves.

  • Is this the reality or are you being told you need a new roof?
  • Do you mean roof structure or roof covering  or both
  • Is this an opportunity to extreme insulate the roof to prevent all heat loss and solar heat gain and noise?
  • Wise to wait for better weather if it can be waited for.
Q  The question is do I have a slate tile roof (as original) or do I have a slate fibre tile – perhaps you have a better idea on this?
  • They probably do not know how to get reclaimed slates because builders merchant do not sell them
  • Find architectural salvage yards and find suitable matching size, thickness, colour (or contrasting see below) slates
  • Is there any reason the slates cannot be patch repaired?
  • Is it due to the nailing making repairs difficult?
  • Consider having the slates clipped in the patch repair areas not nailed.
  • Clips hook over the top edge of batten (or nail into batten) in the gap between slates below and hook under the bottom edge of the replacement slate above
  • In europe all new roofs are clipped (its not inferior to nailing its just different, innovative, simple, faster, visible, repairable, DIYable)
  • The same people that supply fibre slates probably sell the clips, but they might resist hoping for a bigger sale opportunity
  • You may need to go to european suppliers to get the clips, (they did appear on UK project on Grand Designs so they can be obtained)
  • Patchy roof?
  • Nothing like a bit of archaeology to read in the slates.
  • Conservation specialist insist on showing the repairs as new compared to the existing old.
  • Slates are more expensive but….
  • A few patch repair slates will cost less than a whole roof of slate fibre tiles
Q  Our emergency roofer seems to think slate fibre is the better option as he believes that slate will crack within 5 years.
  • The slates have survived 100 years why will they crack in 5 years?
  • Thats their scam to make you pay more and get more business income.
  • If they do crack in 5 years patch repair them too.
  • Fibre slates will turn grey in 10-20 years, they will turn grey as they fade or salts come to the surface or lichens grow on their surface
  • Slates will look great forever with or without lichens.
  • Don’t choose concrete or clay tiles instead, they will be too heavy and cause the roof timbers to creep and sag
Q Either way it will be costly.
A Not if you patch repair

Underpinning Party Walls

Q My next-door neighbour wants to build a basement in his house; but they will have to underpin our party wall, so I feel that my house is under attack from all sides – my fear is that it will cause a problem like damp or subsidence.
A The neighbour is obliged to get into party wall agreement with you, record the current state of repair, make every effort to prevent problems and compensate you for any failures. 

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Slate roof covering repairs

Slate Clip 214rRyWOiL png

Slating clip hook

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Slate roof covering repairs
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