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Client Instructions Brief (A3r) Information

Client Instructions Brief (A3r) Information

Existing Guidance:

Energy efficiency best practice programme
  • GPG 304 The Purchaser’s guide to energy efficient buildings for industry
    • Helps the development of the Client’s Brief with the questions that need to be asked to the design team.
    • November 2000
  • GPG 303 The Designer’s guide to energy efficient buildings for industry
    • Helps drive the design team by answering how to satisfy the questions in the Design Brief
    • December 2000

GBE Comment:

  • These two documents only address a small segment of Green Issues: in this case Energy
  • You could argue that Energy is a business efficiency issues, not a green issue, but business is not always intelligent, and QS distract them
  • The approach set out in these two documents could be applied to the whole Green Agenda
  • Published in 2001 they were well ahead of mainstream engagement with Green issues
  • Competent buildings was never on the agenda, today we know about the ‘Performance gap’ even if we have not fully understood it nor addressed it.
  • We can now renege with passive design, airtightness, thermal bridge free, thermal mass, decrement delay, appropriate materials

4th April 2015 – 4th February 2017

Client Instructions Brief (A3r) Information
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GBE Classification

CI/SfB Table 4 (A) Administration, Management Activities, Aids

(A3) Designing, Physical planning

(A3r) Brief, Instructions from Client

GBE Information

Energy efficiency best practice programme (EEBPP)

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GPG 303. The designer’s guide to energy-efficient buildings for industry. ENERGY EFFICIENCY BEST PRACTICE PROGRAMME

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4th April 2015 – 4th February 2017

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