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CEEQUAL is dead, long live BRE CEEQUAL?

It is with great sadness I report that BRE got their hands on CEEQUAL after all.

CEEQUAL is an EAM Environmental Assessment Method for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

At least it had a good starting point in life, I just hope it survives the BRE adoption process and comes out the other end with some sensible environmental content and not ‘BAU with a green tick’ like so many BRE EAM.


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23rd November 2015 – 9th September 2016

As a valued member of the BREEAM team, BRE Global would like to let you know about an important development that will bring you further opportunities to broaden the scope of your business in UK and international markets.

BRE has acquired CEEQUAL, the sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and works in public places. This follows a recommendation from the CEEQUAL Board which was accepted by its shareholders.

This represents a shared ambition to bring together two successful sustainability rating schemes – BREEAM and CEEQUAL – to create a single, science based best practice standard and certification tool for civil engineering and other infrastructure projects in the UK and around the world. CEEQUAL will transfer its business operations to BRE Global which will be delivered by the BREEAM certification team with continued support from the CEEQUAL scheme management team.

The move has been prompted by the industry’s desire for a single sustainability rating scheme that addresses the challenges that infrastructure clients, professions and contractors currently face in delivering more sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The new single scheme will help to deliver enhanced environmental and social benefits for civil engineering works and better economic outcomes that benefit society.

Both BREEAM and CEEQUAL have increasingly been used on large, high profile, and complex infrastructure projects in the UK, including Crossrail, Heathrow Terminal 2, and the London 2012 Olympics, and internationally. The long-term aspiration with a single scheme is to bring together the significant experience and expertise behind BREEAM and CEEQUAL and broaden uptake in the UK and international markets.

What happens next?

Over the next two years BRE will, with the involvement of the current CEEQUAL and BREEAM delivery teams and communities, combine the best elements and features of both approaches. This new and improved holistic scheme for industry will encompass CEEQUAL’s team and process-focussed approach with BREEAM’s more asset-based scientific methodology.

The Institution of Civil Engineers supports this venture; CEEQUAL certificates will continue to be signed by the President of the Institution and this role will extend to include infrastructure certificates issued by BREEAM.

BREEAM will now launch an open pilot of its BREEAM infrastructure methodology – to verify the science and metrics-based criteria that have been developed – for further details please refer to www.breeam.com/infrastructure. This work and the continuing development work behind the already-planned upgrade of CEEQUAL to Version 6, which includes new metrics, will also inform the development of the new single combined scheme.

The learning from BREEAM and CEEQUAL pilots and assessments, combined with a full consultation with industry, will also inform the development of a single combined assessment rating and certification tool. BRE’s ambition – and CEEQUAL’s Board ambition in putting the sale to shareholders – is that this new single rating tool will be integrated with building-related BREEAM schemes, so that clients with developments comprising buildings and associated infrastructure can have a single combined rating for their asset.

The single combined scheme can be seen as an equivalent to a version update of BREEAM infrastructure. There will be plenty of notice before this replaces the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) methodology to allow assessors to register projects under this version of BREEAM if desired.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become a BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure Assessor or CEEQUAL Assessor please visit our website for further information on the methodology and training opportunities.

For further information about what BRE’s involvement means for CEEQUAL and future registrations under the scheme please refer to the CEEQUAL website: www.ceequal.com

Gavin Dunn
Director, BREEAM

(+44) 0333 321 8811

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