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Reclaim Product Material Passports (CPD)

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Reclaim Product Material Passports (CPD)

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  • Created for: ZWS SEDA Circular Economy Event Edinburgh
  • Presented to: ZWS SEDA Circular Economy Event Edinburgh
  • Author: BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist)
  • © GBE NGS ASWS 2019
  • Created: 23-24/10/2019
  • Revisions: 1 & 3
  • Updated: 28-29/10/2019
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GBE CPD Content

(without images; See the slide show for the pictures if any, or the centre column of this page)

Reclaim Product Material Passports

  • ZWS & SEDA Circular Economy Event
  • 24th October 2019
  • BrianSpecMan Murphy

This Presentation on GBE:

  • Event on GBE website at:
  • Circular Economy ZWS SEDA (Event) G#27448
  • CPD on GBE website at: (This Page)
  • Reclaim Product Material Passports (CPD) G#30129

GBE Legend

  • — = Linear
  • O = Circular

Current Doctrine

  • ‘Profits Before People Before Planet’
  • Fiduciary Rules Okay
    • Obligation to make a Profit for Shareholders
    • At the expense of everything else?
  • ISO 26000 invented to curb excesses
    • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Often Greenwash Plaster
    • Ethical Trading
  • Created as a guide
    • Became a Benchmark

Sustainable Definitions

  • People:
  • Sustainable = inconsistent inadequate definitions
  • GBE:
  • Sustainable = Environmental eroded by profits

GBE Alternative Definition for Sustainability

  • Healthy Environmental Resourceful Appropriate Competent Effective or Ethical Yardstick
  • = HERACEY™
  • More later…
  • GBE HERACEY™ (Jargon Buster) G#1429 N#1399

Constructions Demolition Excavation CDE Waste Stats:

  • Pre 2004 110 m tonnes/annum waste in UK
    • (400m tonnes/annum consumed)
    • 25% = ¼ wasted
  • SWMP checklist and SWMP Regs. 2004
    • at best 78m tonnes/annum waste
  • After red tape deregulation of SWMP Regs.
    • Today: 120m tonnes/annum waste
    • (420m tonnes/annum consumed)
  • £150m/annum over-ordered, never needed

EU Initiatives

  • Directives
  • Innovation driver
    • Product Passports
      • (over a decade ago?)
  • Circular Economy Drive
    • ‘Still in its infancy’
      • October 2019
  • White goods reparability Directive
    • October 2019

Complimentary Directives or initiatives

    • Blatant breaches: UK H&S and REACH have no teeth
  • LCA: Life Cycle Assessments
    • Manipulated by stakeholders (Manufacturer Associations)
    • To make violet materials look grey or even green
  • PEF: Product Environmental Footprinting
    • Being manipulated by stakeholders to act like LCA
  • OEF: Organisation Environmental Footprinting
  • LCC: Life Cycle Costing
    • In the hands of expensive consultants
    • Or in expensive software
    • We need to make our own calculators
      • They are not easy
      • Have you seen the equations?

EU Funded projects

  • Horizon 2020
    • BAMB Buildings as Materials Banks (recent) includes database of products
  • Interreg
    • MF&H Makers, Fixers and Hackers (recent past)
    • FCRBE Facilitating Circulation of Reclaimed Building Elements (current)
    • SB&WRC Sustainable Bio and Waste Resource for Construction (just finished)

Global awareness has finally risen

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 decades late (never too late)
  • Trashed Film (to invited professionals and MPs 2013)
    • If you have an audience get the CD to show
  • David Attenborough Blue Planet
    • Ocean Plastics, straws in particular 2019
  • Greta Thunberg (started 2018 – Embraced Globally 2019)
    • Unite behind the Science
    • Behavioural Change campaign
      • Government, Business & Individuals
  • SchoolStrike4Climate
    • Asked the Adults to join them
      • Declare Architects
      • Declare Construction
      • Declare Education
    • Architects CAN Carbon Action Network
    • Architects Can’t, don’t have the know-how
      • TGR facilitating CPD by PHT TRA BBA AECB ASBP CL CLR etc.
      • to fill the knowledge gap

RIBA Plan of Work

  • Circular diagram
    • Circular information-only flow
  • 0-7 = — Linear Building
  • 8 = Repurposing and reuse of existing
  • 9 = Deconstruct, reclaim, MP, reuse, reassemble
  • 0-9 = Ο Circular Building
  • Specification Development RIBA Plan Of Work 2013 (CPD) G#1339 N#1326
  • 2019 an update is due that might address circular economy

RIBA Education Committee

  • Out of touch with Climate Emergency
    • Universities not leading the way
    • Few unite behind the science
    • Very few being taught science
  • Aspiration: Architectural Association
    • Philosophical BS
    • Fantasy Graphics
  • Never engage with reality
    • let alone solve the problems

Post-Declare Initiatives

Product Passports? Materials Passports?

  • Wrong name?
    • ‘Products’ in first life
    • With a Specification or Certificate and Delivery Ticket
  • Materials Passport?
    • ‘Materials’ or ‘Resources’ in second life
    • With a Material Passport and a Delivery Ticket
    • Avoiding a Waste Transfer Note
  • Unless EPR applies

Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR)

  • Loan or leasing of products or materials
    • Never owned, just borrowed for a while
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries
    • More and more cars and therefore EVs
    • Eventually building parts too
      • Or houses built like caravans: Craig White
  • Remanufactured by original manufacturer or a dedicated specialist
  • Returned for recycling

Purpose of Materials Passports (MPs)

  • Help improve EU wide Resource Efficiency
  • To help reduce excessive waste in Construction Sector
  • Divert materials from Landfill
  • To facilitate reuse of materials in Construction
  • Provide a level of confidence that products are fit for purpose in 2nd use
  • Of merchantable quality: may/not be relaxed
    • Frost damaged roof tiles more valuable that pristine
  • Provide guidance on their properties and application
  • Provide a great deal of information about original materials
    • Probably more than the OEM or OPM ever did
      • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
      • Original Product Manufacturer (OPM)

Goals & Benefits of MPs

  • About:
    • Circular materials, components and building products (CM,C&BP)
    • which might also be healthy, environmental (HE)
  • Keep or increase residual value of CM,C&BP over time
  • Create incentives for manufacturers, processors, suppliers to offer HE CM,C&BP
  • Enable circular product design, materials recovery (MR) and chain of possession (CoP) partnerships (CoPP)
  • Support materials choices in reversible building design projects
  • Reduce eco-footprints
  • Make it easier for developers, facility manager, and renovators to choose HE CM,C&BP
  • Facilitate reversed logistics of reclaim CM,C&BP
  • Assessment of future materials flows
  • Management of supply and demand
  • Assessment and forecast of potential secondary raw materials
  • Systematic recovery and utilisation strategies can be identified and further developed
  • Strategic positioning of plants (e.g. recycling, materials traders, material exchanges, etc.)
  • Strategic supply chain management
  • Link and make relevant data available for assessment on various hierarchy levels
  • Reduce the cost by managing resources rather than managing waste
  • Develop a sustainable life cycle management of CM,C&BP and buildings
  • Eliminate waste and reduce the use of virgin resources
  • Improve the quality, value and security of materials supply
  • Provide a tool to move from linear system to a circular system
  • (BAMB, MH & WL, ‘19)(GBE BRM ‘19)

Other benefits of MP on Circular Economy

  • Helps convert from Linear Economy
    • Via a Segregating for Recycling Economy
    • To a Reclaiming for Circular Economy
  • Where we value stuff (e.g. natural materials)
    • Where we waste nothing
    • Were nothing ends up in landfill
  • Everything is upgraded, repaired, refurbished,
    • to extend its first life and subsequent lives
  • Everything is remanufactured and returned to use
    • or repurposed for other uses

Material Passport contains:

  • Physical Properties
  • Chemical Properties
  • Biological properties
  • Material Health
  • Unique Products & System Permutation Identification
  • Design and production
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Construction: Identify materials and Product locations in buildings and in elements
  • Use and Operate Phase maintenance information
  • Disassembly and Reversibility
  • Reuse and Recycling

GBE Product Data Collection

  • 1250 data points
    • say 600 collected for any manufacturer and product
  • 35 Document outputs
    • E.g. Specification, Method statement,
    • Including Reclaim Product Material Passport

BIM PDT Templates v Flexibility v external data

  • Templates developed by BSRIA CPA and Sector Stakeholders
  • Stakeholders include Manufacturer Associations that want ‘dumb PDT’
  • LCD Lowest Common Denominator
    • For level playing field
    • Least information necessary
  • BIM PDT Product Data Templates
    • Do not make a Robust Specification
    • Might just make an NBS Specification
    • Prone to Substitution
    • Not fit for purpose
    • Cells need to link to external data: e.g. Specification or LCA
  • Manufacturers want to promote
    • Unique Selling Point (USP)
    • Or multi-functional properties
    • Multi-application materials
    • These help to make Robust Specifications and defend against substitution


  • Comes from antiques world
    • Where from, who made it, when, whom owned it,
    • Applies to Architectural Salvage
  • Audit trails back to source
    • Theft Alerts Helps avoid Theft or retrieve stolen goods
  • Materials Stewardship for reclaim
    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for sustainable new timber
    • Chain of Custody (CoC) for sustainable new timber
    • EU timber regulation (EUTR), for legal new timber
  • Chain of custody (Chain of Possession in BAMB)
    • Linear: from source to supplier/processor/site
    • Circular: from first life to next use
  • Can mean a clean bill of health or warn of limitations
    • Avoiding Carbonated concrete or Alkali Aggregate Reaction “Concrete cancer” joining and contaminating Recycled Concrete Aggregate and spoiling recipe

Blockchain technology

  • (minus the BitCoins)
  • Any individual or multiple transaction up/down the demand/supply chain
  • Robust data that is not possible to alter
  • Visible to all parties at any time
  • All data in place permanently
  • Can be added to as supply chain extends
  • Audit trails without long searches first

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

  • Ex Pharmaceuticals Sector
  • Big Data, Open Data,
  • Better Information Management (BIM)
  • Product Data Templates (PDTs)
    • Product Data Sheets (PDS)
    • Individual cells cannot hold many data sets so each cell can become search engines or hyperlink to other sources
    • Or DOI link to correct information sources
  • Act a bit like SEO 301 Redirects
  • DOI Tracking and linking to on-line data:
    • That might move within a website to a new URL
    • But should remain current
  • Audit trails to numerous end addresses
    • as stuff subdivides into variations of the original
    • as stuff divides and disperses to different end uses

Industry Sector Response to Material Passports

  • Manufacturer Association (UK) Federations (EU)
  • Looking after Business as Usual
    • Rejected Reclaim Product Materials Passports
    • In case they erode profits from sales of new goods
  • Its already happened with the remanufactured carpet sector
  • Just like the oil and plastic sector threatening
    • The plastics recyclers
    • Ocean plastics collectors

Design Profession Response to Material Passports

  • Silence?
  • Didn’t event know it was being discussed?
  • Architectural education wrong focus:
    • Philosophical BS
    • Fantasy Architecture
  • College Knowledge
    • Out of date
    • Learning Curve followed by Forgetting Curve
    • Few opportunities to apply knowledge, so forget

Material Passport: SWOT

  • Strengths:
    • More data to allow Appropriate and Competent Reuse
  • Weaknesses:
    • Reused aesthetic still a turn off for some
    • Reuse structural competency in doubt
    • Data stored in MPs needs to be kept up to date
    • Dead data in Excel files not maintained:
      • blocked the development from 3D CAD to BIM
  • Opportunities:
    • Enable others to engage
    • 900 timber visual inspectors in sector
    • Some Structural Engineers will visual inspect steels
      • Steel looses shape in fire before loosing strength
  • Threats:
    • Manufacturers do not want to reduce sales of new

Material Passports: Features & Benefits

  • Features                                           Benefits
  • Product/Material Properties       Reapplication Confidence
  • Application properties                 Competent Reapplication
  • Manufacturer’s Reputation enhanced  Satisfied Users

Circular Ο Building

Appropriate Design Response to MP and Circular Economy

  • Rationalisation
  • Simplification
  • Robustness
  • Modularisation


  • Layering
    • Material, Component, Product, System, Building
    • Site, Structure, Skin, Services, Space plan, Stuff
  • Rationalising component life expectancy
    • for consistency in whole building
    • to layers of the building
  • CLM Component Life Manuals
    • HAPM, SPON, (no longer)
    • BSI KM, BBA C, ETA, longer life
    • BBA Certificates states Life expectancy


  • Of details and fixings
    • to permit ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Fix ability and un-fix ability
    • Nuts and bolts in preference to rivets,
    • Clamps in preference to welding
    • Screws (undoable) v nails (easier)
    • Clamping battens
  • Removable
    • Nuts and bolts (easy)
    • Screws (electric screwdriver)
    • Nails (labour intensive)
  • No permanent or no undoable joining
    • No glues, adhesives, welding, rivets
    • Weak mortar (lime based) hold apart/together
    • low tack adhesive patch (carpet tiles)
    • Papier Mache (recycled paper and water)
  • Exploit:
    • Gravity
      • Insulation into joist space
    • Ballast
      • Loading down roofing membrane
    • Friction/Tight fit
      • Capping battens
      • Cover battens
      • Soft grippy parts (rubber seals)
    • Mechanical key
    • Interlocking
      • Timber post and beam with dowels
      • Lego
      • Steko load-bearing timber blockwork
    • Compression and expansion
      • Insulation into rafter space
  • Locational:
    • Encapsulation within panel void
    • Insulation into stud space between linings
    • Injected or blown insulation
  • Interlocking
    • Mortice and tenon
    • Yurt Rafter connection to apex ring
  • Minimise cutting and drilling of parts
    • Minimise weakening of parts
  • Tension Integrity
    • Post and fabric membrane or wires
  • Anchoring:
    • Foundations
    • Duck bill anchors
  • Tied:
    • Yurt rafter fixed to top of wall


  • Toughness of materials at connections
    • Natural History museum temporary exhibition space
    • Barrel vault canopy
    • Transparent Plastic pyramids
    • Connected at base
    • Connected by timber post and aluminium connectors at apexes
    • Robust blokes manhandling pieces meant stress fractures in plastics at fixing points


  • Understanding the size of stuff
    • Working with it, not against it
  • Modular with minimal offcuts
    • In first life and subsequent lives
  • No off-cut waste in first life
    • No redundant non-modular pieces in subsequent life
    • No more off-cut waste in subsequent lives
  • Exponent:
    • Walter Segal, Self build Architect: Framed & infill, practice no waste
    • Water Segal Method
      • Walter Segal Approach
    • WSSBT Walter Segal Self Build Trust
    • Geoff Stow of BIY Build it Yourself
    • Architype
    • Robin Hiller Forever green projects Ltd.
  • LEGO
    • Load-bearing walls or framed and infill

HERACEY™ expanded for MPs

  • MPs can contain enough information to address any of all of the following:
    • Healthy
    • Environmental
    • Resourceful
    • Appropriate
    • Competent
    • Effective or Ethical
    • Yardstick


  • Natural Materials and ingredients
  • Begs question: why not screening in place of LCA (more later)
  • Low to No Chemistry
  • Low to No Off-gassing
  • Healthy for all along whole supply chain


  • Screening of Chemicals
  • LCA Life Cycle Assessment
  • Low to No Petrochemical
  • Low to No Embodied Carbon
    • More Sequestered carbon
  • Low to No Embodied Energy
  • Low to No Embodied Water
  • Low to No Process emissions
  • Low to No Land, Water and Atmosphere pollution
  • Less erosion by excavation or from extraction


  • More resource efficient design
    • Awareness and approach
    • Changing bad habits, taught or acquired
    • Less centre lining and cutting perimeters
    • Less Geometry for its own sake
    • Less clashing geometries for fun
  • More layering less interfaces
    • Structures and Services Clashes
    • Services and Building Clashes
    • Building and Structure Clashes
  • More understanding of size
    • More Design to suit
    • Less off-cutting waste
    • Bigger components generates more waste
    • Smallest components can make no waste
  • More reuse avoids more new
  • Less waste to landfill

Not resourceful

  • Consequence of ignoring modules
  • Non-modular: Off-cut waste (if using material module)
  • Wasted material: Off cuts
  • Redundant Parts: Redundant preparation work
  • Higher cost: if waste taken into account


  • Material properties for:
    • Manufacturing process
    • Application
    • Durability
  • Desire to own and care about stuff
    • Happy making (e.g. natural materials)
  • Component + Accessories = Assembly or System
  • Performance
    • Fit for Purpose

Not Appropriate:

  • WRAP Waste Resource Action Programme
  • Increase recycled content %
  • Catalogued Substitutions
  • Ignored important properties
  • Unintended consequences


  • As manufacturer intended
  • Correct application
    • in building
    • in elements
    • for exposure conditions
    • for durability
  • Tried, tested and certified
    • Used within tested limits
    • BBA may break rules but sets new ones


  • Much more than efficient
    • Usually diminishing returns on big improvements
  • Step changes in performance
  • Modular sizing
    • Modular fixing
    • No off cut waste
  • Improve the performance of another adjacent component
    • E.g. Membranes or boards around insulation
  • Value Engineering stuff into projects not out
    • Holistic view, multi-functional material replaces many
    • Not cost-cutting individual components
    • Not substitution (unless REACH SubsPort)
    • Not joining the race to the bottom
    • Not Kamikaze tendering
  • Removal of fasteners from timber
    • Big powerful magnets can extract them
    • Saves damaging saws and drills
  • Removal of preservatives
    • Use Vac-Vac in reverse to remove most of preservative from softwood
  • Application orientation on record
    • Reapply materials in same orientation to avoid risk of frost damage


  • United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for all
    • not profits at any expense
    • HERACEY for all along the demand and supply chain


  • Benchmarking
    • Setting agenda: brief targets
    • Setting new standards for way forward
    • Setting new trading Models
  • Not pay-back periods
    • But carbon-back periods

Complimentary Ο activities

  • Salvo
  • SWMP
  • Material Exchange
  • Others


  • Architectural Salvage
  • Reuse not recycling
  • Sector Gateway
  • Buying and Selling
  • Salvage Protocol
  • Pre-Alteration Pre-demolition Audits
  • Theft Alerts

Site Waste Management Plan

  • Checklists
  • Workshops
  • Tools
    • Envirowise (Packaging calculator)
    • BRE (SmartWaste tools)
    • WRAP (Waste and ResEff tools
  • Calculators
    • GBE Waste Cost® Lite
    • Envirowise Packaging Calculator

Material Exchanges

  • Virtual and real
    • Earth Exchange (gone)
    • Aggregain (gone)
    • CIRIA (recycled)
    • BREMAP (gone)
    • Salvo (Architectural Salvage)
    • BioRegional Reclaim
    • %%%

Ο Others

  • ICE Demolition Protocol
    • (invented in Scotland) In 2 parts
  • Waste Aware Scotland
    • Segregation colour codes
  • Zero Waste Scotland
    • Wordy design Guides
    • Architects can’t read
    • RIBA Library Policy: Picture books not reading books
  • WRAP
    • Publications and tools
    • No longer interested in Construction
    • Legacy persists but not so visible
  • National Industry Symbiosis Programme (NISP)
    • Haves and Wants
    • Joined up Businesses
  • BRE Smart Waste Data logging
  • HAZRed Hazardous Waste Reduction (information)
    • (Now Scottish Website)

How + where used in Ο Building

  • Structural Frame
    • Bolted/clamped connections
  • Loadbearing Walling
    • brick/block and lime mortar
  • Panel construction
    • Framed and Insulated
    • Solid
  • External Claddings
    • Wall, roof, soffits
  • Internal linings
    • Floor, wall, ceiling

Ο Products + Ο Accessories = Ο Systems

  • Elements or Sub-elements
    • Products or Materials
      • Plus Accessories
      • Equals Systems
        • System Permutations
    • Combination greater than the sum of the parts
  • Essential
    • XRef between parts to obtain whole

Accessories include:

  • Fixings
  • Spacers/levelling shims
  • Fastenings
  • Isolation (electrolytic/bimetallic)
  • Tapes (Air tightness, etc.)
  • Sealants (avoid gunned, use strips)
  • Adhesives (avoid where possible)
  • Ballast
  • Etc.

Products + Finishes

  • Potentially complicates reuse
  • Scratched finished need repair
  • Sacrificial coatings help use or reuse
  • Corrosion protection helps disassembly by bolts or other fasteners
    • (not shearing heads off screws)
  • Corrosion protection helps prevent discolouration of fastener or material

Ingredients + Recipe = Materials

  • Resources
    • Materials
  • Mixes
    • Recipes
    • Conglomerates
  • Materials
    • Components
      • Elements

Materials + Bonding = Composites

  • Materials
    • Ingredients
  • Layers
    • Matrix
  • Binder
    • Bonding
      • Composites
  • Systems
  • Build-ups

Bonding materials in layers = Build ups

  • •       Leveling
  • •       Smoothing
  • •       Decorating
  • •       Protection

How used in O building

    • Bolted or clamped steel frames
    • Lime Mortar jointed (not cement)
    • Layered components in elements
      • Overlap tiling
      • Overlap boarding
    • Framed and open jointed Rain-screen cladding
    • Visible fixings not hidden (weatherboarding)
    • Avoiding interlocking e.g. T&G joints
    • Interlocking Mortise and tenon Joints, removable dowels
    • Buried or surface mounted metal connectors
      • Special angles for fasteners into end grain
    • Nailed or cleated/screwed light timber frame panels
    • Riveted or crimped light steel frame
    • Zed Factory spacing brackets for consistent spacing for modular

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
26th October 2019 – 1st November 2019

Reclaim Product Material Passports (CPD)

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26th October 2019 – 29th October 2019

Reclaim Product Material Passports (CPD)
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