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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan Aka Brian Murphy
29th December 2012 – 22nd April 2019

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  • GBE Applicators Specialist Approved Product Applicators
  • GBE BEST Building Element Sustainability Test
  • GBE BIM Building Information Models
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  • GBE CAD Computer Aided Design Files
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  • GBE Code Environmental Design Guidance
  • GBE COMPASS Company Assessment Sustainability Screening
  • GBE Consult Environmental Design Consultancy Services
  • GBE CPD Continuing Professional Development Seminars
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  • GBE Energy Renewable Energy, Generation, Storage And Efficiency Measures
  • GBE EPD Environmental Product Declaration (Output of LCA)
  • GBS Green Building Specification Robust Specification Work Sections, Clauses, Appendix, Guidance, Etc.
  • GBE Installers Specialist Approved Product Installers
  • GBE Jargon Buster Translation Of Acronyms And Abbreviations
  • GBE Lectures Seminars Created For University Courses Some (Suitable For CPD)
  • GBE LCA Life Cycle Analysis
  • GBE Library Authoritative Document & Manufacturers Illustrative And Technical Library
  • GBE Lighting (On GBE) Lighting
  • GBE Light Corporate Sustainability CSR And Compass
  • GBE Materials Materials Property Comparisons
  • GBE Materials Datasets Materials Property Schedules
  • GBE Matrix Tables Bringing Numerous Issues Into Order And Collective Visibility
  • GBE Opinion Articles About Topical Issues
  • GBE PASS Product Accessory Screening System
  • GBE Patterns Environmental Design Principles To Adopt
  • GBE Portfolio Environmental Building Project Images
  • GBE Product Data Sheet Dedicated Product Data Sheets With Technical Data
  • GBE Product List Pages Products For Similar Applications
  • GBE Product Pages With Links To Websites And Product Data
  • GBE Product Schedules Product Property Schedules
  • GBE Refurbishment Design Guidance
  • GBE Robust Specifications
  • GBE Rules Of Thumb To Guide Design Decisions
  • GBE MEP Services Services Systems Product Assessment Screening System
  • GBE Studio Online Free-To Use Design & Specification Tool
  • GBE Suppliers Builder’s Merchants & Other Suppliers
  • GBE SWMP Site Waste Management Plan
  • GBE WasteCost(R) Lite Waste Cost Calculator Giving Financial Reasons To Engage In Waste Management
  • GBE Water Design Guidance In Water Demand Reduction, Harvesting And Recycling
  • GBE WLC Whole Life Cost Articles And Tables

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan Aka Brian Murphy
29th December 2012 – 22nd April 2019

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