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Brief LSBU EREID Task 2 G#10033

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Brief LSBU EREID Task 2

Brief LSBU EREID Task 2


Task 1 Week 2 Hand in Homework G#9967

Task 2 Week 3 Hand in Homework G#10033 (this page)

Dear Students

Your Task 2 W2 > W3 Homework assignment

  • Hand in at the lecture, on sheets of A3 landscape paper (A4 2nd choice) depending on how much you want to say;
  • If using multiple pages add footnotes so they can be found and read together
  • File in dropbox LSBU EREID sub-folder: Task 2 Brief, at latest midnight the night before lecture.

Page(s) with:

  • Your client’s building brief, and your aspirations (keep them separate)
  • your building brief
  • Illustrations of issues to be addressed
  • Consider one illustration per issue/paragraph one issue/paragraph per illustration
  • You can substitute: icons, schedule, picture, cartoon, diagram, chart, etc. for illustrations.
  • Make each page interesting to look at and consider them as part of the work hung on the wall with your scheme
  • Use bullet points (to summarise the issue) not sentences with bullets at the beginning
  • Front load your bullets with the information that’s important or a title and colon “:” between title and text
  • This becomes a checklist for presenting your scheme on crits and allows others to understand your scheme in your absence (e.g. end of year exhibitions and marking portfolio)

For example:

  • The example I gave in the lecture was prepare the tourist attraction leaflet inviting people to the building
  • If its not that type of building:
  • Prepare a leaflet describing a service (e.g. medical) available from the building to prospective customers
  • If not then prepare a brief from the client to the architect saying what they need the building/facility to accommodate and any other requirements.
  • If not, consider a statement to the Planners what the building is and to persuade them this building should be given permission.
  • You may also add your Architectural aspirations/objectives
  • Make sure the client’s and yours are separated and noted as such
  • You can add accommodation, architectural, environmental or social aspirations/requirements
  • Number each item, I will expect to see cross referencing backwards from subsequent homeworks and forwards (added later) between aspiration/requirement and its development through following stages.
  • I want to see that you can set and follow a brief and not ignore your client and do your own thing.
  • So don’t dumb down your client or personal aspirations to make it easier later.
  • Remember you are not designing the building yet

The deadline:

  • Will be midnight the night before the next lecture. (add it to your electronic diaries with advance warnings and early morning wake up calls)
  • But the files that arrive sooner will make me happier as a client.
  • I will collect the last files at 04:00 am on the day of the lecture.
  • If you miss the deadline do the work anyway and do it as soon as possible, it will be taken into account in the final score minus points for lateness.

The file naming convention:

  • So you do not overwrite each other’s work when you drop files into dropbox
  • “Task 2 your name EBB7525 EREID 2017.doc” or .docx” or .pdf”
  • depending upon the version and software you use.

You can do it with colour so when you provide the hard copy in the lecture it will look its best.

DropBox (how dropbox works let column and scroll down)

  • I have opened and added your email addresses to a dropbox and invited you to visit to collect files and deliver files there too.
  • I added subfolders which you will be able to see and I will collect your file from the subfolder as I mark it.
  • Let me know if you still have not had an invite to dropbox

Scoring: This weeks marking will be like this:

  • Was it on time?
  • Was it delivered by dropbox?
  • Was it delivered on paper at the lecture?
  • Did the file name adopt the convention?
  • Did it follow the brief?
  • Did you split client requirements from your aspirations?
  • Did you number items to allow cross referencing?



© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
14th February 2016 – 3rd October 2017

Brief LSBU EREID Task 2

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy
aka BrianSpecMan
14th February 2016 – 3rd October 2017

Brief LSBU EREID Task 2
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