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LSBU EREID 2016 Task 11

LSBU EREID 2016 Task 11

LSBU EREID 2016 Task 11

Dear Students

Week 10 > Week 11 Homework

Files in DropBox and also on this website (click below)

Your W10 > W11 Homework Waste Calculations

Life skill

  • Read this more than once before you start, often during and at least once after you think you are finished.
  • Read with highlighter in hand and highlight the important issues that you need to address
  • Check off the highlighted items against your work until you have done it all
  • Add deadlines to your electronic diaries with advance warnings and alarm calls on days of submission and attendance and no not press snooze or you will snooze through life.

Sketches, assumptions/comments and maths and/or spreadsheets:

  • Learning from your choice of methods of construction
  • Learning from your choice of materials and finishes
  • Update any or all of the above if you find they are not detailed enough (that applies to many of you)
  • Discover the sizes of stuff that is manufactured in
  • Chose the most frequently used materials in your design (minimum 3)
  • 2D or 3D draw the materials you are using and annotate their sizes (3 dimensions) that they are regularly made in.
  • Now do the same for the sizes you use them in your design (show example)
  • Compare the two and see how much waste your design generates in each material
  • Now multiply this up by the number of times you use these materials in your building
  • Calculate the Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon and Sequestered Carbon in the waste of these selected materials for your project


  • For those with no building yet:
    • Do this exercise for a ‘nominal’ building that is same construction as you are planning but a simplified smaller one-block version of your building
    • Show the ‘Nominal’ building and do the calculations for it.
    • It won’t matter if the actual building is much bigger and more complex.
      • waste percentages will be similar.
  • If your building is made of concrete then do the same exercise for the formwork to the concrete.
  • If your building is multifaceted and nothing is rectangular consider the tailoring exercise I mentioned,
    • how many pieces can be obtained from a large sheet with minimal waste.

Handing it in

  • hand in at the studio if you are attending on Thursday, on A3 landscape paper;
  • If you plan to use many A4 make sure the font is close to 10 point at A4
  • If you use staple or footnote each (name and page number) so they can be found and read together
  • File in dropbox homework folder, at latest midnight this Thursday
  • If you have updated previous home works add them to their dropbox but add a number (starting with 2) for me to consider and improve your score if applicable.

The deadline:

  • Will be midnight Thursday.
  • Life skill: add it to your electronic diaries with advance warnings and early morning wake up calls, turn off snooze function and get up.
  • But the files that arrive sooner will make me happier as a client.
  • If you miss the 12:59/00:00 deadline do the work anyway and do it as soon as possible, it will be taken into account in the final score minus points for lateness.

The file naming convention:

  • So that you do not overwrite each other’s work when you drop files into dropbox
  • “W11 your name EBB7525 ERIED 2016.xls or .xlsx or .pdf”
  • depending upon the version and software you use.
  • Do not add extra hyphens or brackets or gaps to the file name, do not close gaps that I put there.

Replacing previous homework files with a better one:

  • g. “W2 your name2 EBB7525 EREID 2016.doc” or .docx” or .pdf”

DropBox (how dropbox works let column and scroll down)

  • I have opened and added your email addresses to a dropbox and invited you to visit to collect files and deliver files there too.
  • I added subfolders which you will be able to see and I will collect your file and move it to the subfolder as I mark it.
  • Let me know if you still have not had an invite to dropbox.
  • When you all submit to drop box this is for my purposes.
  • You must all also submit to the Faculty Office hard copy in the usual way by the deadlines 29th (Full time) and 6th (Part time)

Scoring: In the weeks context marking is: (4 points)

  • Was the assignment carried out?
  • Was it delivered by dropbox?
  • Did the file name adopt the convention?
  • Did it follow the homework brief?

Scoping of resubmitted work

  • Did you upgrade your previous homework(s) in response to this one?
  • If the previous score was low then they may be upgraded



26th April 2016

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
26th April 2016

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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
26th April 2016

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