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Editing GBE Robust Specifications G#597 N#617

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Editing GBE Robust Specifications

Editing GBE Robust Specifications:

First page optional editing notes

Note to Specifier:

  • Text in blue and/or square brackets (“[ ]”) is to be chosen from (optional values separated by ”/”), replaced, edited or inserted by the Specifier, as appropriate.
  • Upon completion delete all “[“ and “]”.
  • Delete this page header, logo; last pages revision table, terms and conditions before adding to contract specifications.

Notes on Editing GBE Robust Specifications:

Use as guidance, a standalone appendix or merge into work section.

Delete all of the Information on this and other pages of guidance notes, excluding the page break above, down to the end of GBE compatibility URLs (website addresses), when adding this work section or clauses to a project specification or purchase order.

Edit the clauses by selecting the clauses required, deleting any not required, by editing the [blue text which often describes options available] within square brackets to suit the project; or edit the specification to suit the procurement method.

Remove all square brackets using search for [ and replace with nothing and search for ] and replace with nothing.

Replace blue text with black text by selecting all and choosing auto or black colour text.

There are clauses in Red text in the Specification these are examples of project specific versions of the generic clauses that are included for guidance and are likely to be deleted or edited if they are useful to the project.

Remove any grey tone by selecting all text, and select Format > Borders and Shading > Shading > No fill > Okay.

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Editing GBE Robust Specifications:


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aka BrianSpecMan
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Editing GBE Robust Specifications:
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