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Primitive Bio-based Material Properties (Materials) G#16471

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Primitive Bio-based Material Properties (Materials)

Primitive Bio-based Material Properties (Materials)

  • Plant, Wood, Animal, Bacteria, Microbes, etc.
  • Violet Sceptics (big market shares) are scared of Green (still a tiny market shares)
    • Attempt to put bio-based materials down
      • Chemistry is understood and consistent whilst plants live, grow and decay
      • But chemistry is used to make things cheaper
        • Fiduciary rules (make a profit for share holders)
        • Because we do not invest for long term
      • Chemistry develops magic bullets that solve one issue
      • Ignores or creates numerous other side effects at the same time
        • Just like medicine and pharmaceuticals
      • But so is biology, DNA is consistent, and understood by those that care to know
        • until GMO chemistry interferes and destroys integrity of its gene pool
      • Removal of living or edible fraction (green essence) and risk
        • Avoiding deleterious conditions
          • Understand the limitations and avoid problems
          • Detail to shed water
          • Avoid wet, damp, high humidity
          • Space to prevent capillary attraction
          • Ventilate to keep dry
        • Choose durable species
        • Preservation techniques overcomes decay
        • And then you get the advantage of special characteristics
          • not necessarily found in chemistry based materials
  • High performance or unique performance
    • Hygroscopicity
      • Absorb moisture within air spaces into fibres
        • Lets insulation insulate even when moist
        • Effective insulation
    • Moisture Mass
      • Moisture management
      • Improved comfort conditions
        • Avoiding Air conditioning
      • Avoidance of surface condensation
        • Reduced risk of spores developing into mould
        • Improved health, avoid asthma
      • Avoidance of interstitial condensation
        • Avoid risks of rot of embedded timber
        • Avoid risk of structural failure
      • Avoid Toxic mould
        • Avoid risk of loss of building, possessions
        • Avoid deaths
    • Moisture permeability
      • Improved moisture permeability
        • Avoids risk of high humidity
        • Improved wellbeing
      • Moisture transport
        • Enables moisture permeable solid walls to lose moisture
          • inwards and outwards when conditions dictate
        • Reduced trapped moisture behind plasters/renders
        • Reduced risk of condensation and mould
      • Flexibility
        • No cutting inaccuracy
          • Squeeze and expand to tight fit
          • Airtight installation
        • Loft for maintained trapped air
          • Effective insulation
        • Improve airtightness
          • Improved thermal comfort
          • Reduced loss of heat
          • Reduced gain of coolth
        • Decrement Factor
          • Decrement Delay
          • Thermal lag
            • Thermal mass
            • Thermal Conductivity resistance
            • Density
            • Specific Heat Capacity
          • Reduced solar gain
            • Reduced risk of Overheating
              • Improved thermal comfort
              • Improved indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
            • Reduced risk of illness and death

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Primitive Bio-based Material Properties (Materials)

Sheep’s Wool

Dense Wood fibre board and Soft wood fibre board (Solid Wall internal Insulation)

Dense Wood Fibre Board

Recycled Paper Cellulose Fibre

Sprayed Hemp-lime

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
1st December 2017 – 26th December 2017

Primitive Bio-based Material Properties (Materials)
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