GBE CPD BIM A Spec Writers Perspective (Shop) G#11814


GBE CPD BIM A Spec Writers Perspective (Shop) G#11814

BIM A Spec Writers Perspective

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  • Scope: What does a SpecWriter hope of BIM
  • Extracts: From Alphabet Soup bowl to Holy Grail
  • Created for: Timber Sector audience for Edinburgh Napier Univeristy
  • Presented to: BIM event for Timber Sector & Architects, at Edinburgh Zoo
  • Author: BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist)
  • © GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan 2012-2013-2016
  • Created: 23/11/2012
  • Updated: 02/07/2016,
  • Previously published on Scribd: 24/11/2012
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  • Short Document Blurb: History of BIM, Specification and Classification, Here is a whizz round a spec writers mind, what do I want from BIM? More importantly how can BIM help in the ‘sustainability revolution’?
  • Resource efficiency/effectiveness in particular
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GBE CPD BIM A Spec Writers Perspective (Shop)

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The Elephant in the Room

  • ….”That BIM will require significant rethinking – and reconfiguring – of conventional processes was made abundantly clear by Brian Murphy of NGS & GBE who, in a talk entitled
  • “CAD, XYZ, BIM, LCA, SPEC: from alphabet soup bowl to Holy Grail”,
  • demonstrated just how complex and confusing – in a sea of acronyms and contradictory standards – the specification process can be.
  • The presentation was something of a tour de force in showing what BIM is all about and how it can help in what he referred to as the “sustainability revolution”.
  • For those who want to learn more on everything from Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that will affect the specification of their products in the future, would seem a very good place to begin.”…..

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GBE CPD BIM A Specifiers Perspective (Shop)
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