GBS LNN CAWS Title Shop Template G#11718


GBS LNN CAWS Title Shop Template

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GBS LNN CAWS Title Shop Template

GBS Green Building Specification LNN CAWS Title

About LNN

  • Specification preliminaries/work section LNN ……

What is in this specification?

  • GBS LNN describes ….

What is ‘green’ about it?

  • GBS LNN address:
  • many that can be associated with ‘sustainable’ including:
  • and can address any other ‘green’ issue and already includes clauses related to:
  • etc.

How does it differ from the NBS work section?

  • NBS LNN does not exist.

How or where can the specification be used?

  • It can be adapted and used in any procurement method

Why should you pay to download this specification?

  • If you want more control than NBS specifications provides consider adding GBS LNN.

More about this Specification Preliminaries Section

  • Navigation:
  • Checklist:
  • Jargon Buster:
  • Guidance Notes:
  • Appendix:

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
24th June 2016

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