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GBS Robust Specification Detail (RSD)
GBS M50.6 Gemini Risk Free Flat Skirting (Shop)

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  • CAWS: 1987: M50
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GBS Robust Specification Detail (RSD)
GBS M50.6 Gemini Risk Free Flat Skirting (Shop)

About M50.6

  • Specification work section M50.6 was developed for the manufacturer of adhesives that had to develop a unique recipe of PVC to ensure continuing compatibility with their own adhesive
  • This came about when PVC extrusion manufacturers changed their recipes without informing the adhesives manufacturers and when the adhesives failed blamed the adhesive manufacturers.
  • The PVC extrusion manufacturers will blame everybody and everything for the failures, but will not accept responsibility for their recipe changes.
  • The changes have come about for a number of reasons: Cheap products dumped on UK market, cost cutting by installers, REACH Regulations requiring removal of hazardous ingredients,

What is in this specification?

  • GBS Specification work section M50.6 specifies a PVC flat skirting at floor perimeters.
  • It also describes the competent application of the adhesive bonding all of the parts together

What is ‘green or sustainable’ about it?

  • GBS M50.6 address:
  • Problem Solving
  • HERACEY™: Healthy, Environmental, Competent construction that are associated with ‘green and sustainable’ including:
  • Removal of Carbon Black (Colour) and Phthalates (Plasticiser) from the recipe of the PVC; both Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) under REACH Regulations
  • Avoids Polymer Migration (Plasticiser migrating from PVC into adhesive and changing the properties of both) destroying the bonds between each component
  • Avoiding creating access to the space behind and below the profile where bacteria can and does build up, risking the integrity of food preparation and health buildings.
  • Using spray adhesive from closed pressure vessel, minimising operatives and surrounding contractors to exposure to solvent fumes.
  • Avoiding evaporation from open tins means the full quantity of the container is usable to the end without waste.
  • Using water based adhesive avoids the fumes
  • Returnable adhesive pressure vessels
  • Avoiding the repair and replacement of failed stair coving
  • Avoiding the disruption and closure of escape stairs and whole buildings whilst replacing failed details

How does it differ from the NBS work section?

  • NBS M50 does exist
  • GBS M50.6 only addresses one detail and only includes the relevant clauses to be used in an NBS based specification
  • GBS M50.6 also includes the general guidance notes and clause guidance notes to help edit the specification

How or where can the specification be used?

  • These clauses are pre-numbered and know where they belong in an NBS based project specification work section M50
  • The clauses can be merged into an NBS based specification between or replacing existing clauses
  • It can be edited to make it project specific (profile, size, colour, etc.)
  • It can be adapted and used in any procurement method

Why should you pay to download this specification?

  • If you want more control than NBS specifications provides consider adding GBS M50.6
  • The specification has been prepared by GBS with the guidance of the manufacturer.
  • It took us hours to get this right so it will save you just as many hours and you might not capture all of the fine details.
  • It includes all the requisite clauses to ensure a competent installation backed by guarantee.

More about this Specification Work Section

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
29th June 2016

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