GBS P14 Wind Air Tightness Systems (Shop) G#10343


P14 Wind Air Tightness Systems (RSWS)

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GBS P14 Wind Air Tightness Systems (Shop)

GBS Green Building Specification 

GBS P14 Wind Air Tightness Systems

About P14

  • GBS P14 specification work section was created around pro-clima products
  • GBE P14 also includes ’empty clauses’ for other manufacturers products

What is in this specification?

  • GBS P14 describes products, accessories, systems and tools
  • GBS P14 includes whole building air tightness systems and wind tightness systems
  • including membranes, jointing strips, sealants, adhesives, grommets, light enclosures, attic hatches, etc.

What is ‘green’ about it?

  • GBS P14
    • enables making building airtight to prevent heat loss through gaps
    • enables a building to perform at an optimal level
    • ensuring insulation can perform to the best of its ability
    • enables the designer to create ‘vapour-open’ construction
    • enables moisture in construction to get out
    • ensuring embedded timbers get a chance to dry out
  • design life
  • wind resistance
  • thermal insulation
  • Moisture vapour
  • building competency
  • durability

How does it differ from the NBS work section?

  • NBS P14 does not exist.
  • NBS Plus includes occasional air wind tightness clauses throughout NBS work sections
  • This may be appropriate for some components like grommets around pipes
  • Services sub-contractors may not yet be familiar with the idea of airtightness
  • GBE P14 is ideal if the work is carried out by a specialist sub-contractor
  • All the information for their work is in one place
  • No searching the whole building specification for the scattered clauses

How or where can the specification be used?

  • GBS P14 can be used as part of:
  • a general contract
  • a stand alone specialist subcontract
  • a specialist trade or package contract

Why should you pay to download this specification?

  • If you want more control than NBS specifications provides, consider adding this.
  • Air and wind tightness specifications can be time consuming to create especially since NBS does not address the issue head on.
  • A ready made framework of clauses to adopt quickly.
  • It is very cost effective to adopt GBS P14 rather than start from scratch.

More about this Specification Preliminaries Section

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