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GBE Building Case Studies

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GBE Building Case Studies

ASWS, NGS, GBE & BrianSpecMan Project List

List of projects, commissions and activities updated 30/01/2017

This page as a File download BrianMurphyProjectList 300117 2L PDF 60 pages

The following may looks like a lot of work but I have not included my ’employee’ activities prior to ASWS and only cherry picked those projects with an environmental flavour, rather than all of them, hope that’s okay with you.

GBE Building Case Studies

Projects & Activities Listing:

New British Library: Phase 1A: Stages: 1AA & 1AB

  • March ‘86 to April ’92
  • Value: £450m
  • Site based with SO (Resident Architect)
  • Project Management: PSA Projects
  • Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
  • Construction Management: Laing Management Ltd.
  • Prepared 120 Works contract package prescriptive and performance specifications, including: envelope, finishes, furniture, external works, and selected architectural/services and structural items. E.g.
    • Architectural Luminaires,
    • IAS1 (X22) Mobile Cleaning Gantries,
    • SVOE1 (U14) Smoke venting systems, Conveyor system
  • Established Project product library on site for all parties to use, (classification: PSA specification order)
  • Liaison with Superintending Officer, Resident Architects, Structural and Service Engineers, Clerks of Works, Project and Construction Managers: (purchasing, planning and supervision teams) & Contractors.
  • Commented on build ability of details suggesting new approach simplifying parcel interface problems.
  • Liaison with Architects, Furniture designer and Consultants to include and reformat their drafts to maintain consistent approach in all contracts.
  • E.g. Reading Rooms reader tables and counters, Exhibition Hall, Static and Mobile (manual and electrical) Shelving, Conference & Meeting room Suite,
  • Co-ordination of all consultant requirements into PSA based specifications, with ASWS embellishment and/or unique ASWS base texts. E.g.
    • PS1 (A90) Performance Specification,
    • MET 8 (Z11.3) Stainless Steel,
    • SCL1 (L15) Solar Control Louvres,
    • BS1 Book Shelving etc.
  • Finalising of contract documents with Quantity Surveyors and Construction Managers.
  • Audit Tender submissions and method statements.
  • Established a procedure to feed-back any observed departures from specification.

New British Library: Temporary Book Loading Bay & Plant Compound.

  • March 1986 – Nov. 1986
  • Value: £1.2m
  • Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
  • Temporary loading bay for construction duration and 3 year programme for book deliveries, temporary air-conditioning cooling tower compound, subterranean water, salt and oil tank storage.
  • Prepared specification liaison with QS and established precedent for specifications for many of remainder of parcel specifications on main building.
  • Developed new work sections: e.g.
    • PS1 (A90) Performance Specification,
    • MET1 (H31) Metal Cladding/Copings ,
    • MET6 (Z31) Polyester Powder Coating: Syntha Pulvin .

Birmingham International Convention Centre

  • Sept. ‘87 to August ‘89
  • Value: £120m
  • Office/Site based
  • Sept. ‘90 to Dec. ‘90
  • Management Contract: Douglas-Turner (consortium)
  • Architects: Convention Centre Partnership (consortium)
  • Design Architects: CCP London (Renton Howard Wood Levin)
  • Executive Architects: CCP Birmingham, Cardiff & Shrewsbury (Percy Thomas Partnership)
  • Prepared 12 NBS based ASWS embellished, performance and prescriptive Works subcontract package specifications. E.g.
    • Suspended Audio/Visual control room,
    • Integrated Plumbing systems
  • Reviewed specifications produced by the CCP Cardiff office for the CCP Birmingham office and liaison between the two offices.
  • Liaison with site team to carry out post-contract revisions to Construction Specifications.

New British Library: Phase 1A Book shelving.

  • Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
  • Value: £12.0m
  • Audited and converted architects draft specification, for static and mobile (manual and electrical motor driven) shelving racks, to match PSA specification format.
  • Shelving contract covers 4 Basements each the size of two football pitches. 250 km of shelving, plan chests and other metal cabinets.
  • Liaison with the Structural Engineer to ensure structural deflection and creep are accommodated in track design, and Services Engineer to ensure electrical supply and maintenance regime is consistent with main building installations.
  • Developed and introduced work sections to control consistency of quality with other installations.
    • PS1 (A90) Performance Specification
    • BS1 (N85) Basement Shelving,
    • MET1 (Z11)
    • MET6 (Z31) (A90, N85, Z11, Z31)
  • Introduced galvanizing to all metalwork in specification, (subsequently omitted in post-tender pre-contract negotiations without my knowledge).
  • This change of requirements lead to 25% of the installation being rejected and replaced and galvanizing being reintroduced in all subsequent shelving specifications.

13 Hill street/39 Hays Mews London W1

  • Value: not known (sub £1m)
  • Office based
  • May ‘88 to June ‘88
  • Architects: Bennetts Associates
  • General Contract
  • Full NBS based specification for 2 floor office and penthouse flat roof extension and alterations to existing two storey mews building.
  • Using NBS Mark-up and NBS services Ltd. Word-processor.

Birmingham Arena

  • Oct. ‘88 to Nov. ‘88
  • Value: not known
  • Office based
  • Architect: Consortium: PTP (Birmingham) and HOK Inc.(American)
  • Reviewed Specification prepared by the American part of consortium: to assess its suitability in UK contracts and to assess where changes were needed, proposing the methods of converting the text to UK approaches, references etc.
  • The report was used by the practice to persuade the consortium to allow an NBS based specification to be prepared by Birmingham office.

Kyle Stewart Design Services Ltd. Corporate specification

  • Oct. ‘88 to Jan ‘89
  • Kyle Stewart wished to set-up Standard trade specifications for their Design-Build activities.
  • Prepared a report on their proposals and initiated the work using recently published CAWS edition of PSA General Specification in December ‘88.

Percy Thomas Partnership (Birmingham): Partnership specification

  • Nov. ‘88 to March ‘91
  • Commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for the preparation of their Partnership specification to be used in all of their 6 UK offices.
  • Scope included: content, structure: methods of production, methods of use, practice specification procedure, QA, CPI, co-ordination with standard details, CAWS, integration with technical library, expert system and CAD.
  • (see later notes)

The Thomas Saunders Partnership (London): Partnership specification

  • Nov. ‘88
  • Asked to review a practice base specification work section for metal stud partition.
  • Prepared a report on the preparation of their Partnership Specification.
  • Scope included: content, structure: methods of production, methods of use, telephone help-line, practice specification procedure, CPI, co-ordination with standard details, CAWS, integration with technical library and QA products etc. and ‘92

Imperium, Speculative B1 Building, Worton Grange, Reading

  • November ‘88 to June ‘89
  • Value £9m
  • Office based
  • Architects: Bennetts Associates
  • General Contract
  • Client: Speyhawk.
  • Six trade contracts: NBS /ASWS based performance specifications including:
    • J42 Single ply roof
    • H75 Terne coated Stainless Steel
    • K11 Plywood barrel vault roof.
  • Carried out audit on Arup Associates base texts used for Interior components and finishes.
  • (this service is offered to Ex. Arup Associates employees)
  • External hard works, ASWS /NBS based Performance specification for pond linings, waterfall and fountains, including pumping system.
  • Carried out audit on Landscape Architects soft landscape specification.

Submission to Butterworths Architectural Press: 6 Book proposals

  • July ‘89
  • Value: not applicable
  • To provide comprehensive information to the occasional specifier, on:
  • Standards, EC, QA products, systems, manufacturers;
  • Design and Build or Management contracting specification clauses
  • Proposal not accepted
  • See: Future publications

Establishment of Practice Product and Technical Library

  • August ‘89
  • Architects: Bennetts Associates
  • Using CI/SfB classification.

New British Library: Stages 1AA & 1AB Reading Rooms.

  • Architect, Interior & Furniture Designer: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
  • Worked with Architects and Furniture designers to develop the PSA specifications to cover:
    • acoustic platform floors,
    • wall, column and free-standing shelving and linings,
    • fibrous plaster, plasterboards and GRG ceiling and bulkhead linings,
    • highly serviced reader table and counters,
    • counter bulkheads
    • highly serviced reading carrels.

Birmingham International Convention Centre: External works

  • August ‘89
  • Value: not known
  • Birmingham Office/Site based
  • Landscape Architects: PTP(Landscape) Birmingham.
  • Single contract NBS based ASWS embellished specification for
  • External hard works, roads, roof top and land based vehicle parking, pedestrian bridge paved deck,
  • Public House terraces/gardens, steps and ramped pedestrian areas, canal side realignment creating barge lay-by, and landscape furniture,
  • Reconstructed stone and brickwork, waterproofing, retaining walls and canal tunnel walls refurbishment.
  • ASWS performance specification: purpose-made railings and gates

Waterfront, Merryhill, Dudley, Phase 6: Tranche I.

  • August ‘89-Dec. ‘90
  • Value: £38m
  • Office based.
  • Developer: Richardson Brothers
  • Design-Build Contractor: Tarmac Design & Build Ltd.
  • Architect: Percy Thomas Partnership (Birmingham)
  • Glazing specialist: Paul Lorentzen.
  • Carried out audit of the contract specifications which led to:
  • The preparation of unique specification work sections in collaboration with their in-house glazing specialist
    • H10 Patent-Glazing
    • H11 Curtain walling  (Prior to CWCT and NBS H11)
    • L10 Windows
  • Establishment of recently published CAWS edition of NBS based ASWS/PSA embellished specification text for many other subsequent projects by the London, Manchester and Birmingham offices.(see Later notes)

New British Library: Stage 1AA Exhibition Halls.

  • Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
  • Three storey linked space containing permanent and temporary displays in air conditioned and fibre-optic lit, all glass exhibition cases, to house rare exhibits.
  • Hardwood linings to walls, walls between display cases, furniture, counters etc.
    • SVOE1 (U14) Smoke ventilation electro-magnetic actuated metal wall panels, control, power supply and back up systems.

Quality Assurance Manual: Percy Thomas Partnership (Birmingham)

  • Jan. ‘90 to May ‘90
  • Invited to comment upon the section of the manual concerning specification, during the lead up to BS 5750 registration, as part of the feasibility study for preparation of the Partnership Specification.

Own Specification Library

  • March ‘90-current
  • Have initiated the word processing of all my specification texts written over past four years, on various projects.
  • For efficiency this is being carried out by an agency, these would then be able to be used again on other projects, and would be reformatted into CAWS arrangement and later be added to into NBS ‘SpecMan’ for efficient reuse on all projects.

Expert system: Percy Thomas Partnership (Birmingham)

  • May ‘90
  • Invited to review the report written by Stephen Lockley on 3 year sabbatical at Newcastle University for an ‘expert system’ to help in the design of brick cavity walls on concrete framed structure.
  • Carried out as part of the feasibility study for preparation of the Partnership Specification taking into account how they could integrate on computer.

Birmingham International Convention Centre: Furniture, fittings and equipment.
Value: not known                                             London Office based      July ‘90 to Dec. ‘90
Interior Designers: PTP(Interiors) London. Prepared NBS CAWS based, PSA CAWS and ASWS embellished procurement performance specifications for ‘off-the-peg’ furniture, equipment and purpose-made fixtures and fittings, including hospital equipment.

Unnamed Project

  • (Client, project and value anonymity requested)
  • Oct. ‘90
  • Architects: The Thomas Saunders Partnership (London)
  • Carried out audit on project specification concentrating on BSI Document currency.

New British Library: Stage 1AB Conference & Meeting Room Suite.

  • Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
  • A large auditorium and 5 meeting rooms adjacent to Euston Road/Midland road junction.
  • Work involved maintaining structural acoustic isolation in secondary elements, finishes, furniture and equipment, providing a highly serviced space with precise acoustic requirements.
  • Liaison with Acoustic Consultant and Service Engineer to develop specification work sections:
    • FIN51 (K40) Acoustic ‘heavy-weight’ and isolated ceilings with isolated access crawl-ways and audio visual equipment housings, with highly serviced ceiling void.
    • MJ1 (P23) Acoustic movement joints, to all surfaces.
    • CPT1 (P31) ‘Removable-cable pass-throughs’ (acoustic and fire requirements).
    • D&BO1 (N10) Motorised acoustic/black-out screens to control rooms and interpretation booths.

TSB Transmission Service Relocation, Computer Centre: Re-cladding.

  • Value: not known
  • London/Birmingham office based
  • August ‘90 to Dec. ‘90
    Architects: Percy Thomas Partnership (London)
  • Management Contractor: Team M C Ltd.
  • Stripping existing steel W20 windows and replacement with:
    • H11 Structural silicone glazing (4 sided) curtain walling,
    • H13 Structural Glass assemblies,
    • H10 Patent glazing roof lights,
    • L10 Windows
    • L20 Doors
  • NBS/ASWS based performance Specifications (see Merryhill specifications)
  • Prepared with Birmingham Glazing specialist: Paul Lorentzen for the London office.

Inland Revenue Office, Nottingham. (Prior to competition)
Value: not known                                             Birmingham Office based          March ‘91
Architects: Percy Thomas Partnership (Manchester/Birmingham)
Prepared specification for H91 Rain-screen cladding and L19 External solar shading/walk ways etc.

New British Library: Conservation Laboratory Suite
Value: £ 2 m                                                     London Site based   ‘91
Laboratory Furniture Designer: Neville Bruton (Ex The Crown Suppliers) Incorporated specification by designer into BL specification text to ensure consistency of approach, adopting PSA format etc.

NBS Specification Manager                        March ‘91
Invested in Portable computer/printer and NBS “SpecMan” software to enable efficient autonomous production of project specifications without the need for practices secretarial staff for word-processing, where the project specification selected permits.
Explored its limitation: Incorporated review into Practice specification Feasibility studies.
Sent feedback to NBS much of which has been taken into account and improvements incorporated in later software updates.

Conference Paper: to International Paint Ltd.
“Syntha Pulvin Rules OK”                                                                    May ‘91
At ‘Interpon D’ Manufacturer/Applicators annual awareness event “Colouring the future II”

Manufacturers product specifications:                                         July ‘91 to July ‘92
Manufacturer: International Paint Ltd
Specification guide: Clauses and guidance notes: Interpon D, polyester powder coating.
Assisted by ASNET member: I Forsyth in later stage.
Due for publication April ‘93. (See later notes)


New British Library: Phase 1A Portico:                                          Value: sub £1.0m.
Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
Entrance gateway to the site forecourt, with insitu sculpted stone fascias and sculpted gateway, gardeners store, flue, smoke vent and escape route from basements.
Work included insitu carving of stone facias by artist/sculptor.
Cast metal gates were the subject of a design competition.

New British Library: Phase 1A Forecourt.
Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.                             Value: £5.0m.
Basement bookstore ‘roof’ forecourt waterproofing and site drainage.
Tree and soft landscape planter waterproofing, irrigation and drainage systems,
External hard and soft landscape, illuminated balustrades and handrails, street furniture and gate cycle rack buildings, site railings and gates,
Frangible smoke outlet panels waterproofing and pavings
Poet’s corner, sculpture court. Eduardo Paolizzi’s Isacc Newton sculpture.

Stoke City and General Hospital: re-cladding.
Value: not known,                                            Birmingham Office based          August ‘91 to Sept. ‘91
Architect: Percy Thomas Partnership (Birmingham)
Prepared NBS/PSA based ASWS embellished contract specification for Design & Build project to strip Precast concrete and stone cladding from 1960’s tower block whilst retaining inner-leaf of walls and windows of occupied Maternity wing: extensive repair of failed concrete structure and re-cladding with Brickwork and Rain-screen over-cladding & solar shading /walk ways.
(using some of the base texts prepared on Merryhill project.)

Whitechaple School London: 200m Glazed mall.                        August ‘91
Value: not known                                             Birmingham Office based
Architect: Percy Thomas Partnership (Birmingham/London)
Glazing Specialist: Paul Lorentzen PTP (Birmingham)
Curtain walling, hybrid patent glazing system and solar shading specifications developed with the glazing specialist on behalf of the London office, Whole specification completed in one 10 hour day using the base texts prepared for Merryhill project.

New British Library: Completion Phase: Kings Library.
Architect: Colin St. John Wilson & Partners Ltd.
7 Storey single space ‘exhibition case’ and bookstore for the Kings private library collection donated and to be kept on permanent display. The Kings Library stands as a tower in the main entrance hall with it’s own concrete structure, lift, fire fighter’s lift, escape stairs and services cores.
Books are displayed with binders outermost on mobile shelving to be seen from the surrounding passarells (high level walkways/bridges).
Developed GLZ9 (H11) 2 Hour fire resistant (stability and insulation) steel and aluminium curtain walling cantilevered from concrete frame, allowing single air conditioning system, encloses ‘exhibition case’. Intumescent interlayer and ‘opti-white’ glass to resists fire sprinklers on hot glass, Cleaning cradles outside.

Conference Papers: at BFS Conferences Ltd. series                  Oct. ‘91
“Performance specification: Curtain Walling”   at RIBA London


New British Library: Completion Phase
Value: £150m (bringing total costs to £511m)                               Site and London office based Oct. ‘91 to Dec. ‘92,
General Contract including Single ply roof gardens and external works landscape furniture, Curtain walling etc.
3 Assigned Contracts for Fire resistant curtain walling 6 storey exhibition case and mobile shelving
Compiling Phase 1A parcel texts to ensure consistency with the Phase 1A works whilst updating to current technology and standards. Assisted by ASNET members A. Mantri and I Forsyth.

Establishment of ASNET Architectural Specification NETwork. Nov. ‘91
To bring together the skills of other specification writers into an informal agreement between individuals prepared to support each other on complex or tight programmed projects.(see Leaflet)

Conference Papers: at BFS Conferences Ltd. series at RIBA London
“Performance specification: Fully supported flexible flat roofing”      Nov. ‘91
“Performance specification: Profiled self supporting metal roofs”    Feb. ’92

Specifiers and Buyers Forum: first public meeting (later BFS Forum)       Feb. ‘92
Founding member of the forum set-up to enable all sides of the industry to talk over problems in non contractual situation, to help encourage cross industry information flow, to help avoid failures.

Continuing Professional Development Paper: DEGW                 June ‘92
“State of the art Specification and information systems” at DEGW London. Staff training programme
Discussing amongst others: “NBS SpecMan”, RIBA CIS and Quantarc CD-ROM information systems

BFS Forum Peer Group Meetings (CPD Activity)
Meets monthly at Westminster University (PCL), Convenor: Mike MacEvoy
Approaches to Specification                                                               Oct. ‘92
Structural Glass Assemblies                                                             Nov. ‘92
Quality Assurance for design control                                                Dec. ‘92
Information Systems: product/manufacturer on data base: ABdata
Construction Communications: Problems in current practice.   Jan   ‘93
Organising the Feb. 10th CPD Seminar                                          Feb. ‘93
Planning the CPD Short course to be held at Westminster         Mar ‘93

Westminster University (PCL)
Convenor: Mike MacEvoy                                                                     Oct. ‘92
Initiated discussions for CPD Lecture series, (See later notes)
It is anticipated this may develop into an optional half-module on specification and related subjects available for all London architectural and construction courses.

University of North London (PNL):                                                          Oct. ‘92
Acting Head of School: Yvonne Dean
Initiated discussions on the possibility of carrying out research project on the setting up of an ‘Expert-System’ to guide students through a design process.
It is anticipated this will be supplemented by Lecturing, and/or workshops on specification.


Galleon house estate office and gate house, Isle of Dogs, London Dockland
Value: £ 120,000.                                                                                  Nov. ‘92 to Jan ‘93
Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Architects: Proctor and Matthews Associates.(Andrew Matthews ex CSJW/British Library)
General Contract with Specialist subcontract for “surf-board roof”
Full NBS based ASWS embellished specification for single storey office and gate house extending from and below an existing ’60s tower/slab block.
First project specification produced on “NBS SpecMan” by ASWS.
Manual draft by ASNET member Roy Aldous, then added to “SpecMan” and embellished.

Powergen Operational Headquarters Warwick University Science Park, Coventry
Value: not known                                                                                  Jan ‘93-Feb. ‘93
Design & Build contract (contractor not then selected)
Landscape Architect: Mark Westcott (Ex Bennetts Associates)        Architect: Bennetts Associates
Soft and part hard landscape including indigenous insect habitat ponds and planting, wells, storage pumping, re-circulating system, waterfalls etc.
Change in programme left time only to carry out audit on specification carried out by Landscape Architect and produce Addendum text for post-tender pre-contract negotiations. NBS based PSA/ASWS embellished text, production on “NBS SpecMan” and “Word for Windows”.

Specification/Information Database package                              Jan ‘93
Database Author: Janet Brown of ABdata
Initiated discussions on the possibility of embellishing the Database to include product performance characteristics and creating links with a specification system. (possibly “NBS Spec Man”)

Mezzanine/Storage/room divider Furniture                                         Jan ‘93
Value: Extension £ 10,000.00 and Furniture £ 2,000.00               Designer: Brian Murphy
Working Drawings and specification for house extension including mezzanine/furniture to subdivide room into three spaces and storage area between and below.

Prepared reports on proposals for 16 projects for grant searches         Feb. ‘93
Requires fee to carry out database searches, projects on hold until funds permit progress.

Reviewed CPD paper given at Norwich City College.                  Feb. ‘93
Prepared two page review of “Performance Specification” given by Chris Heuvel, to be included in “Norfolk Architect” the regional newsletter March edition.

NBS Specification Manager                                                              Feb. ‘93
Started to set up new work sections within “NBS SpecMan” using ASWS text
Adding PSA General Specification work sections to “SpecMan” as and when required for projects.
The intention is to fill the gaps left in NBS where no work section currently exist and to improve the texts available in NBS for different methods of procurement.
Intend using “SpecMan” to simplify report writing as if a project specification, by adding items as if clauses and chapters as if work sections.

Specification Disk Service:                                                               Feb. ‘93
International Paint Ltd. Interpon D Specification Guide and other Work sections.
Producing text files to be made available to all Practices on Disk for word processing in house.
Adding the Interpon D Specification Guide to NBS Specification Manager, to be made available in data files on disk to “NBS SpecMan” subscribers requesting it .


Conference : BFS Forum Ltd. at University of Westminster     Feb. ‘93
Specification Skills, Procurement options, CPD opportunities. February 10th ‘93, 6 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.
Paper: The importance of getting students ‘office-ready’ or ‘office-aware’ and introduction to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course to be run at Westminster University (PCL) for recent graduates. Forerunner to Degree course. (see paper)

Product Specification Clause libraries.                                                Feb. ‘93
Initiated enquiries to establish the clause library for Quality Assured products.
Initiated enquiries to establish the clause library for Environment Friendly products.
approached NBS informally to consider NBS acceptance of “NBS complimentary clauses”

The Maltings Shopping Mall, St. Albans.  March ‘93
Value: not yet known                                       Office based               General Contract.
Architect: Temple Cox Nicholls Architects, Edgbaston Birmingham.
Contact made via Terry Pentland Computer Manager of CMP Ltd. Ex. CCP & PTP Birmingham.
Was invited to carry out an Audit on the Specification and Working Drawings for the remedial works to 5-6 year old development originally carried out on a Design/Build contract. Including open air mall and housing deck: waterproofing, paving, planters, services and other remedial works.

Independent Auditor to practice initiating BS 5750 procedures:   March ‘93
Architect: Temple Cox Nicholls Architects, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
Initiated discussion to contribute initially on a regular one day a fortnight basis to carry out audits on production Information and Specifications carried out by the practice, as part of their BS 5750 procedures. This would include participation in the preparation of the content of the QA manuals.

Semi-automatic Specification Audit System.                                     March ‘93
Initiated enquiries to establish a computer based interactive programme to carry out comprehensive audits on specifications and produce printed reports using a Microsoft Windows based question and answer/tick box, generating ready made statements from a set of standard responses from its library and with facility to add project specific notes in dialogue boxes.

New Forth Specification Library & compiling system.               March ‘93
Initiated discussions on producing specification text to reside within the Bridge Technology Computer Aided Design software to provide automatic specification compiling as building is designed . The tight time programme meant we had to look for a ready-made specification Library to incorporate in the software, we are now discussing this proposal with PSA Specialist services.
It is envisaged that this may be developed into a stand-alone system to compete with the NBS Specification Manager offering more comprehensive use of product information.
Further embellishment will include a product information library in the form of Specification Clauses.
Unable to find finances to progress project.

“PSA for Windows”                                       March ‘93
At CICE exhibition Barbican London, February 23rd-25th, NBS exhibited their proposed new system, for compiling specifications in any ‘Windows’ based word-processor: “NBS for Windows”.
This prompted ASNET to approach PSA to see if they were interested in having their specification added to the software to enable PSA to compete with NBS.


PSA Specification Library in ‘Specification Manager’:               March ‘93
ASNET have been gradually adding the PSA text to SpecMan as projects have demanded, where NBS text does not cover the required work section. ASNET approached PSA to enquire if they were interested in having the text completed and promoted as a third party product available to all PSA text users. Discussions have started.

Presentation of papers for :Norwich City College School of Construction
BSc Building Management/CIOB Membership Part 2 Exam Students         March ‘93
“Integration of systems on computer, intelligent buildings etc.”

Presentation of paper for CPD events (Continuing Professional Development):
Cambridge RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects)Eastern Region        April ‘93
“Specification and its relationship to design” held on the 1st April ‘93 between 1 p.m. – 5.30 p.m..
With the assistance of Ian Forsyth a member of ASNET, present the whole event:

Placement of Specification Writer on Kuala Lumpur International Airport project.
Architects: Akitek Jururancang (Malaysia) SDN BHD, Kuala Lumpur.           May ‘93
ASNET received an enquiry via YRM and EPR for a 12 month contract on site, with possible further 12 months on Commonwealth Games.
Howard de Mont, a new member of ASNET, had particularly relevant experience on Glasgow Terminal 2, Makau International Airport and RAF Molesworth, ASNET introduced both parties, Howard negotiated his own commission.

Glaxo Sustas, Cephalosporins plant, Gebze Turkey
Value: £4.5m                                                    UK Office based        May ‘93
Architects: Temple Cox Nicholls Architects                                     Consortium: Acer/Temple
Carried out Audit on Working drawings (no specification), added difficulties arose from using a mixture of familiar materials from the UK and some less familiar local materials and methods.
Control of standards of materials and workmanship and verification of achievement of requirements were of primary concern, whilst local standards are generally more relaxed!

Carried out a comparison of CPI CAWS and CSI Masterspec classification systems,
Conversion of one CSI Masterspec project specification section to CAWS work sections,
Value: not applicable.                                     Office based               May ‘93
Architects: Adamson Associates Architects Planners Ltd. UK office of Canadian Practice.
Introduced by Keith Wilson NBS SpecMan Project Manager.
Required to enable Canadian Directors to translate there own experience to the UK framework.

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Headquarters Edinburgh   May – July ‘93
Value: £200m.                                                 Office based
Architects: Adamson Associates Architects Planners Ltd. .Construction Manager: Leher McGovern
Carry out feasibility study to convert NBS Specification Manager Work sections to contain CSI specification Information for use on Construction Management project, to enable the team members to carryout the specification with minimum interruption.
Carry out audits on the specification generated by staff, with particular interest in use of QA products.


Building Regulations Specification:                                                June ‘93
Architects: Pulford and Williams
Have initiated enquiries for a specification aimed solely for the purpose of simplifying and rationalising Building Regulation applications.
A set of specification clauses for selection/modification and issuing with drawings.
Consideration to be given to developing as a saleable commodity.

Gollins Melvin Ward Partnership: Staff training event:
Specification ‘92 and beyond: Prescriptive and Performance            July ‘93
In preparing seminar, carried out audit on Practice’s technical handbook QA procedures for specification compilation, and audited a draft project specification and presented findings.

Review BBA Agrement Certificate 88/2028 Syntha Pulvin/Evodure:
Invited to complete questionnaire on product experience and performance                      August ’93

Hackney Museum Refurbishment.
Value: £50,000                                                Office Based              Sept. ‘93
Architect: Mark Westcott Architect & Landscape consultant
Prepared specification draft for word-processing in their office. Provided numerous work sections from own PC based collections to convert onto Apple Mac and make job specific.
Included new metal ceiling, damp proofing and render, concrete repairs, decoration etc.
Phased work to occupied Museum.

Programmes Communications Group, Corby. (Telephone/Computer Business applications)
Information Manager/Librarian:                    Office Based              Oct. ‘93- to Mar ‘94
Establishing new document folder hierarchy and file naming convention for Apple Mac system on both personal and client server, and using same hierarchy for paper based libraries.
Establishing user specification for a number of programmes to be developed in house:
‘Case history finder’ using many search criterion, ‘Library, logistics, resources monitor’ & ‘Document Manager’ similar to ‘NBS Specification manager’ but for all documents produced.
Prepared and presented OHP presentations for in-house ‘know how’ and ‘briefing’ day presentations.

Gollins Melvin Ward Partnership: Staff training event:
Specification ‘Back to basics’                                                             Nov. ‘93
Responsibilities: What, Why, Who, When, How etc.
NBS SpecMan introduction and the undocumented aspects & Performance Specification.

Gollins Melvin Ward Partnership: Senior Staff training event:
Software training: NBS SpecMan                                                      Dec. ‘93
Basic introduction to differences between Apple Mac and MS Windows, insofar as they apply to NBS SpecMan.
Ran through the use of Specification Manager, NBS manual and the undocumented aspects of the programme. Establishing the correct Project Hierarchy to ensure correct ‘inheritance’ sequence.

Gollins Melvin Ward Partnership: NBS SpecMan software development              Jan ‘94
Established the appropriate Hierarchy for GMW in software to ensure correct ‘inheritance’ sequence.
Set-up GMW preliminaries on SpecMan.
Test run for more work in new year.

Photographers Studio/Retail shop.
Suggesting Ideas for minor interior adjustments.                         Jan ‘94

Gollins Melvin Ward Partnership:
NBS SpecMan software development                                              Jan ‘94 to Mar ‘96



Establish and maintain GMW Standard Main & Sub-contract preliminaries on SpecMan.
Using word processed files from ‘Word for Mac’ converted and transferred from ‘Mac platform’ to ‘DOS platform’ using Apple file exchange and opening in ‘Word for Windows’ and cut and paste into ‘SpecMan’.
Additional text includes clauses for CDM Regulations developed by the CDM Committee.

Establish and maintain GMW SV Work Sections                       
Gradual and continuing updating of the GMW standard version work sections, starting with work sections already created and held on Macs for word-processing.

Provide a disk service to and from Team Secretaries
In an office predominantly using Mac’s, where specifications are still created by the non-SpecMan proficient teams or individuals, updated GMW modified NBS text is supplied on disk in RTF format and loaded onto team secretary’s Mac’s to process in ‘Word for Mac’.

Provide a disk service to QS’s preparing Preliminaries
Where the QS is preparing the Preliminaries, and the GMW clauses are required to be merged with those of the QS. Providing GMW’s preliminaries on disk converted to the appropriate format for the QS’s secretaries to word-process in their own offices.

Sun Life Assurance New Head Quarters Bristol                         Feb. ‘94 – to June 95
Value: £30m                                                     Design & Build          D&B Contractor: AMEC
Design Architect: SOM                                   Contractor’s Architect: GMW London
Assisted GMW in taking SOM text and generating package specifications, by adding to the GMW SV text in SpecMan and creating the Project and package texts from it. Created a Procurement level in SpecMan hierarchy to deal with D&B variations in text. Assisted other project Specifiers to complete package specifications.
Created new work sections including: A90 Performance Specification, H11 Curtain Walling, H91 Rainscreen overcladding, J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coverings, J34 Liquid applied surface sealer.

Nat West Tower Refurbishment
Value: Unknown                                              General Contract       Feb. ‘94 – to Jun. ‘95
Architect & Interior Design: GMW
Assisted team in preparing package specifications on SpecMan and manually. Informal specification audits of team’s specification.
ASNET member Richard Irving in full time contract to prepare specifications for team.

99 Bishopsgate Tower Refurbishment, City of London
Value: Unknown                                              General Contract       May ‘94 – to Feb. 95
Architects & Interior Designers: GMW
Assisted team in preparing specifications for selected elements by manual mark-up and on ‘SpecMan’: Ceilings, Liquid applied flat roofing, X22 Facade cleaning and access cradles, Joinery doors & Ironmongery, N15 Sinage.
Carried out informal Audit of specifications prepared by team members.

Syntha Pulvin Plus Specification Guide                                         May – Aug. ‘94
Manufacturer: H B Fuller Coatings Ltd.
Specification guide: Clauses and guidance notes: Syntha Pulvin Plus, polyester powder coating.
Structured around NBS Specification work section Z31 and the original Syntha Pulvin Specification using CAWS and CPI principles.
Published Sept. ‘94. (See later notes).



NBS Software training slides                                                           Jun. ‘94 – to date
In readiness for SpecMan training, slides were developed on Microsoft Powerpoint programme.
What is SpecMan? What does it offer? Features and Benefits, Inheritance, Hierarchy and Linkages etc.
The slides are continuing to be developed as the programme evolves and develops and training’s reveal needs for more information.

GMW SpecMan Staff SpecMan training:  Jun. ‘94 to Mar. ‘96
In order for GMW to get the best benefit from the software a weekly half day training was carried out with small groups of between 3 and 6 trainees.
The first part explains the features and benefits of using NBS clause library and SpecMan software, and how the program should be developed within a practice to simplify project specification preparation.
The second part demonstrates the software to the trainees.
Training is followed up by one hour of the trainee using the programme with guidance from the trainer. During the first 6 months 40 trainees were ‘processed’, in all over 60 were trained.

Facilities Management Specification Manager:                           July ‘94
Laing fm Ltd. Joint venture with ASWS
Facilities Management Specification was put to their market at the Premises & Facilities Management ‘94 exhibition at Olympia in July. BRM presented a snapshot of a Specification Library created by Martin Drake currently working with the Benefits Agency (DHSS).
The exhibition was a great success, visitors were very excited by the idea, and the potential link to an AutoCAD compatible spatial database management module ‘REMA’, developed by Elstree Computing Ltd. with Laing at Mill Hill, it was demonstrated by Steve Pittard.

GMW Technical Committee Meeting.                                             August ‘94 – Mar. ‘96
Invited to attend the TCM held monthly, and attended by the Technical Partner, and 18 of GMW’s Senior Associates, Associates and specialists, to give and receive feedback on all matters related to SpecMan and from others on all technical issues affecting the Practice.

GMW Information Resource Centre Dept. meetings:                 August ‘94 – Mar. ‘96
Invited to attend and participate in the intermittent/monthly meeting to discuss the future of the technical resources used by and in the IRC which includes Practice’s database, Library, QA and ‘SpecMan’.

Aquis House Reading City Centre                                                    August ‘94
Architect: GMW
Speculative Office Building
Assisted team specifier with SpecMan training and creation of H75.1 Terne Coated Stainless steel roofing and H14.1 Frangible pavement smoke outlet panels work sections.
Carried out a formal Audit (Peer review) on the Specification prepared by the team specifier.

GMW IRC Open House:                                                                       Sept. ‘94
Each month GMW hold informal evening events where departments present themselves or projects are reviewed. In a joint presentation all five of the department members made a presentation. on the Library, QA and Specification.
Using the latest projection technology simultaneous images were sent direct from the computer to a wall screen and also to the computer as a control panel.
The subject matter included ‘quotes’ on Information, QA, Risk Management, Specification, Liability feed back, used as a back cloth whilst people were arriving, and the main presentation was an introduction to SpecMan, both were using a MS Powerpoint presentation using graphic images.



Syntha Pulvin Plus Product & Specification Guide Launch      Sept. ‘94
Attended and presented the guide to managers and technical representatives of the powder applicator companies to explain the importance of use of this document, how it should be used in contract documentation and the importance of its use to exclude the competitions product.

Specification Disk Service:                         Nov. ‘94 Mar. ‘96
H B Fuller Coatings Ltd. Syntha Pulvin Plus Specification Guide Work sections.
Producing text files to be made available to all Practices on Disk for word-processing in house.
Added the Specification Guide to NBS Specification Manager, to be made available in data files on disk to “NBS SpecMan” subscribers requesting it. Disk duplication and virus checking for PC and Mac word-processing formats.

GMW IRC Newsletter with SpecMan News Supplement           Nov. – Dec. ‘94
To help keep 150 + technical staff informed of Information Resource Centre’s activities.
Updates on CPD, QA, Library accessions, SpecMan activities.
To be issued quarterly, or monthly interim issues. Supported by Technical Committee & IRC.

Shell Tower Refurbishment. Floors 21 & 22, South Bank, London            Jan – Mar ‘95
Architects & Interior Design: GMW               General Contract
Prepared majority of specification manuscript draft for inclusion in ‘SpecMan’ by BRM and team members.
Embellishment of GMW base text with additional clauses

Facilities Management SpecTor:               Feb. ‘95
Laing fm Ltd. have been disbanded Laing having decided not to go into the FM world after all.
BRM is now looking into the idea of developing the fm specification project independently, with the aid of European grant money or other sources, with the able assistance of a band of intrepid individuals, Keith McGivern & Richard Walton ex Laing fm Ltd., on FM know-how, Public Relations and Product Management. Martin Drake on clause library development, BRM on SpecMan clause library development and refinement, ABdata on product and company information, Petra Godwin on software training and Pauline Thorington-Jones of Graphicability on advertising, newsletter, manuals etc.
The specification Preliminaries have been developed to present to Solicitors.

Caxton House London                                  Mar 95
Interior Designer: GMW Interiors
Intermittent help to team specifier.

BT Delta point Croydon Surrey                  April 95
Interior Designer: GMW Interiors
Intermittent help to team specifier.

British Transport Police Training Centre Tadworth Surrey      April 95 – Mar. ‘96
Interior Designer: GMW Interiors
Intermittent help to specifier and drawing team with informal audits on spec. and drawings..

Greenwich Student Housing                       April 95 – Mar. ‘96
Contractor’s Architect: GMW                         Procurement: BOOT Build Own Operate Transfer
Intermittent help to team specifier.
Establishing isolated ‘instance’ of ‘SpecMan’ on Syquest drives to avoid inadvertent updating of project text by intermittent base text updating.



Invested in ‘ACi Performer’ portable                                              May 95
Invested in new lightweight modular portable computer with 486DX2 100 MHz. central processor, 8 Mb. RAM, 800 Mb removable hard disk, built-in TFT colour monitor, PCMCIA ports and Modem card.
Specification chosen to allow upgrading to Windows ‘95, installing more data, applications and multi-tasking, for more efficient and faster working, software training and public demonstrations, and Internet Networking via CompuServe.
Subsequent upgrades have included upgrading to 20 Mb RAM to maximum capacity and a second 800 Mb removable hard disk to run either Win 3.11 or Win ’95 by swapping hard disks, overcoming Win ‘95s incompatibility with Syquest drives.

GMW Interior Design Department SpecMan training:                May ‘95
Was invited by the ID Department to their monthly meeting to discuss the introduction of SpecMan to the whole department. Over 3 training sessions the Interior Design department (12 members of staff) received a specially modified and enhanced version of the training, with an emphasis on the issues concerning Interiors.

SMUG News newsletter:                              May ‘95
To be released in three parts IRC News, GMW Spec News & SMUG News (SpecMan User Group) SmugNews includes feed back on SpecMan training, problem pages, updates on SpecMan software, a JargonBuster for the computer & SpecMan illiterate.

Invested in Black Widow TV Encoder Professional                   Jun. ‘95
Allows simultaneous display on large TV, Colour monitor and portable computer, for software training and presentations.

GMW IRC News:                                              Jun. ‘95
Includes reviews of recently launched CD-ROM information services, BSI Construction Catalogue Index and other news from GMW IRC department.

NBS SpecMan software review                 Jun. ‘95
At NBS’s invitation BRM and two other SpecMan users at GMW reviewed the software as it stands with the understanding that NBS’s software authors were about to develop a new Database behind the application. This gave us the opportunity to propose suggestions for desirable improvements.
The review amounted to 5 pages of comment, criticism and suggestions.

GMW SpecNews: Staff Newsletter            Jun. ‘95
Includes a summery of the work done in SpecMan over the past year by BRM to help guide the users if there are specifications that could be added to SpecMan and a criticism of the software invited by NBS themselves.

CIIG Freelance group “CDM information Filing proposals”       Jun. ‘95
To assist in CDM seminars being held round the country it is proposed to develop a wall chart to describe how and where to file new H&S and CDM information, projects safety files etc. It will serve to promote the activities of CIIG.

CIIG Freelance group “Idiot’s Guide to the Internet”                  July ‘95
Research and creation of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to present to the group of independent librarians who needed to know what the Internet has to offer them.
Presented at a joint GMW/CIIG evening at GMW’s office, to CIIG (Construction Industry Information Group) Freelance group and GMW staff.
A joint effort BRM explaining Internet’s history, what it is how it works and what’s needed to get on, with Trevor Crout GMW’s Head of Model-making department ‘Surfing’ to show interesting services.



SMUG Meeting ‘SpecMan User Group’     Jun. ‘95
Called meeting with all GMW’s SpecMan users to discuss possible future policy with IRC Partner. Discusses QA issues, Syquest instances to avoid inadvertent updating of project text at base level etc.. Created the GMW Spec newsletter to advise users of all the work that had been done in the GMW spec text in SpecMan.

IT Sub-committee GMW                               Jun. ‘95 – Mar. ‘96
Prepared and submitted a page of proposed items for the future monthly IT sub-committee agenda.
3 IRC members have to share attendance at three monthly intervals.
First meeting attended in Oct. ‘95

CPD: European standards and quality assured products         July ‘95
Preparing a seminar for in-house GMW CPD events to discuss the Construction Products Directive, EC Marking, QA products, BSI Kitemark, BBA Agrement Certificates and European Technical Approvals.

King William Street, Facade retention and new office, London July – Sept. ‘95
Architect: GMW
Prepared specification in ‘SpecMan’ from team members drafts.
Carried out informal reviews of drafts as they were processed.

BSRIA Facilities Management Specification
Attended a half day conference and promotional exercise to recruit sponsorships money for the 3 year project to develop an FM specification.
Requires £1,000-£3,000 to participate. ASWS is hoping to fund involvement.

Practice Specification Budgeting Spreadsheet
Architect: AJPL
Inquiry received for preparing Practice specification wished, to receive budgeting for numerous options 1-4 years duration, some or all work sections, 1 or more versions of clauses for different preferred materials, and cross referencing to standard details.
Developed multi-layered Excel spreadsheet to recalculate at touch of button as brief is developed with client at computer.

Regis House London                                                                          Aug. 95 – Mar. ‘96.
Architect: GMW                                                 Value: not known      
Intermittent assistance to team Specifiers with training, package set-up and creation and embellishment of Z31 Polyester Powder Coating and Z38 Anodic Oxide coatings work sections, with input from Dr Clark coatings Consultant.

Peer review workshop                                                                       Aug. – Sept. 95
Architect: GMW
Software training for GMW’s Peer reviewer to prepare PowerPoint slide presentation to all technical staff to summarise the major faults in the Production information audited to date.

CDM Regulations & Preliminaries
Architect: GMW & CDM Committee                                                   Sept. 95
Co-ordinating feedback from CDM committee on proposed changes to GMW Preliminaries.

Alpha Duty & Tax Free shop London Heathrow                          Oct. 95
Interior Designer: GMW Interiors
Assisted team in preparing the specification for the Interior and shop-front, fit-out, furniture and Signage in ‘SpecMan’ software.



Citibank Poland                                                                                   Oct. – Nov. 95
Interior Designers: GMW Interiors
Software training and assistance for Interior Design team members in use of MS PowerPoint’s Organisation Chart Application for company tree structures, and MS Excel for multiple layer linked spreadsheets for staff and department furniture and floor area calculations for briefing documents.

99 Bishopsgate London, Wine Bar Alterations                           Dec. ‘95
Architects: GMW
Minor works
Terracing, liquid applied waterproofing, paving, Asphalt roofing, balustrades, treepits, M21 Insulated rendering, external lighting, H31 Metal copings, X22 External cladding cleaning equipment.

Lunch-time staff training workshops: GMW                                Dec. 95 – Mar. ‘96
MS Office 4.2
Workshops carried out in Client’s Offices.
PowerPoint presentations for staff training,
Word/Internet Assistant, (HTML editor) for Operational procedure files and Interactive CV’s,
Use of RTF files from ‘SpecMan’ in Word and across platforms to Apple Macintosh for use in Word for Mac,
Excel for Form, table and Schedule creation
Access Database creation and maintenance: for using Excel scheduled information more intelligently.

‘SpecMan’ System Manager Operational Procedures Manual
Architect: GMW                                                                                      Nov. ‘95
Whilst the practice was cutting down on manpower they required an Operating Procedure for their Technical Handbook to cover the management of the SpecMan networked application and the 3 PC’s in the IRC Specmen network.
In the event of having to let the System Manager go or reduce his hours significantly others could pick up the role with some training and the manual in hand.
This was later developed into an Interactive hypertext version.

‘SpecMan’ Interactive Hypertext Operational Procedures Manual
Architect: GMW                                                                                      Dec. ‘95
In order to simplify the use of the 45 page hard copy manual it was decided to develop the Operation Procedure into a hypertext file, to allow an interactive method of searching the files for the task involved.
MS Internet Assistant was used to create the Hypertext.

Specification Library Database                                                       Dec. ‘95
To simplify the process of determining which Specification library contains work sections for various trades I converted a MS Excel spreadsheet, prepared previously, containing that information into a MS Access database titled: “Who has published which work sections?” the same data will be used to develop other databases. Example: “Whose H11 Curtain walling specification is most up to date?” Additional data may be used to compare CAWS, CI/SfB, CABS, CSI, EPIC and UC/ci classification systems, BBA certification and BSI Kitemarks.

Globe House London Demolitions                                                   Dec. ‘95
Architect: GMW
Prepared specification on ‘SpecMan’ from team specifier’s draft.



Marathon House Marylebone Road London De-rating strip-out
Architect: GMW                                                                                      Jan. ‘96
Prepared specification on ‘SpecMan’ from team specifier’s draft. Modified C10 Demolition to strip-out text for de-rating before demolition.

Internet URL Listing for CIIG Newsletter                                              Jan ‘96 – to date
CIIG Newsletter invited surfers to identify interesting Internet sites for subsequent newsletter.
Regularly prepare lists for inclusion in column or page of the monthly CIIG News sheet.
Liaison with CIIG members including one in Prague providing international URLs and EMail addresses.

Outline Specification Guidelines                                                     Jan ‘96
Practice: GMW
No guidance existed for creating an outline specification, this was requested by a senior member of staff.
Prepared a report looking at references, purpose: covering Client’s, QS’s, PM’s, CDM PS’s Technical Resource’s needs and BREEAM assessment needs, responsibility for authoring, objectives; framework and methods.
Draft prepared and issued to TCM Technical Committee Meeting

File naming and folder hierarchy report                                        Jan ‘96
Whilst GMW is developing a practice wide Apple Mac server system it is essential to ensure that the existing file naming system which is used successfully in the hardcopy filing room, is adopted or adapted for the Mac Finder folders used on every Mac and server, to enable automated backups to occur and files still be located and retrieved, and allow any file to be found in the same location on any Mac in the office.
Hand in hand with file folder hierarchy goes file naming convention, to enable any person to determine the content and currency of any documents without having to open the file first.

Drawing numbering proposals                                                        Jan ‘96
It has been identified that the drawing numbering system used in the office is proving difficult to use and sketch numbers are being used for expediencies sake. The TCM has asked that we re-look a the system. It is hoped to develop a numbering system that grows in sophistication with the size of the project.

Electronic Document Management paper                                           Jan ‘96
Having attended a day long conference on EDM, work-flow software & hardware by PAFEC ltd.
I am preparing a paper to summarise the features and benefits to my clients.

Community Sports Centre, Stoneyard Lane Poplar High Street, Isle of Dogs, London.
Architects: Proctor Matthews Associates.                                        Mar – May ‘96
Client: For London Borough of Tower Hamlets/LDDC Social Accord
Specifications for the General Contract by Brian Murphy in SpecMan.



Bluewater Kent Regional Shopping and Leisure park               April ‘96 to Nov. ‘98
Value: £380m
Developer: Lendlease Projects (Australian retail developer)
Construction Manager: BCMT (Bovis/Lendlease) D&B procurement
Design Architect: Eric Khune (American)
Executive Architect: Benoy Ltd. (Architects & Designers)
Initial audits of 3 contract specifications.
One day briefing with all Zone Team leaders, IT System manager and Specification writer,
Subsequent establishment of Practice/Project/Package specifications on NBS SpecMan software to simplify and rationalise the creation of approximately 200 package specifications over the next two years.
Writing and auditing package specifications with Benoy’s specification writer.
SpecMan software training to London and Newark staff.
Preparation of QA procedures to ensure consistent methods between 3 in 1 office and between 2 offices.
Project is broken into many zones including 3 Anchor stores, the triangular Mall Retail Centre, 3 themed entertainment and food villages (2 now being carried out by other Architects), 13000 car park spaces on site and in 4 multi storey car parks, Landscaped grounds with activity centre and lakes.
144 package specifications prepared in first two years

Benoy Staff/Student Tutoring                                                           April ’96 –
Have been approached by numerous staff members for guidance on many issues and have assisted during lunch times and after hours including:
Part 2 student: Yachting Club with ship wreck imagery, Guidance on design and construction.
Modern Dance School in Deptford with sustainable development requirements (ongoing),
Part 3 student: Competition Entry: Buddhist Temple in UK (Winning scheme)
Part 3 PP foreign student: Audited Case Study and assisted with English language and structure. (Passed)
Part 2 & 3 students: Guided on Legal, Construction and technical issue research. (Passes).
RIBA: Considering Structural Adhesive Glass assembly for house extension. (Pending).

UCCI & EPIC Classification systems Draft Manual                      June & Sept. ‘96
I requested to be circulated with the Draft for public comment on the proposed classification system UCCI (Unified Classification for the Constriction Industry) intended to bring together the CI/SfB and CAWS (Common Arrangement of Work Sections) into a single coherent system.
Attended the RIBA presentation by NBS’s Marshall Crawford et al. on their two and a half years work on the now renamed UC/ci and the parallel development of EPIC (Electronic Product Information Co-operation) which is also to be brought into the single scheme.
Prepared a review of table M which represents the proposed revisions of CAWS.
Following the RIBA event the launch of the Draft manual occurred again at the RIBA now renamed Uniclass.

CIIG Internet Website & Homepages on Archinet Web Server                   Oct. ‘96 to April. ‘97
Presented proposals to CIIG committee on the nature of a Website and Homepages to be considered for CIIG and its members. Suggestion accepted and progress encouraged.
Issued a questionnaire to all 170+ members for their thoughts and fears, analysis and presentation of results issued for circulation in CIIG News sheet.
Design and launched the Website at a CIIG/Archinet event in February ‘97.
Have become the Webmaster to maintain the Website.
Will hold a CIIG Freelance meeting in January to show members how best to use the Homepage that each may have on the CIIG Website.
The Website was discussed at the AGM and is being reviewed for the AGM articles in the CIIG Review.

Metal Compatibility Chart and notes         November ‘96
Furniture designer: Simon Percival FDes RCA
Ex CSJW. Furniture designer for the New British Library
Simon designs and hand-makes bespoke garden furniture for individual clients and needed guidance on compatibility, durability and methods of protection and separation of different metals and timber.
Prepared a chart to show compatibility and vulnerability between preferred metals, timbers, soils, water and concrete, with reference notes linked to the boxes of the chart.
Arranged in Base to Nobel metal order for clarity.
Included notes on inappropriate Tropical Hardwood species to be avoided.

Bluewater Kent Mall Retail Interiors         Nov. ‘96 – Dec. ‘96
Design Architect: Eric R Kuhne (NY USA)  Executive Architect: Benoy London
Interior Designer: The Design Solution London,
Project Manager: Lendlease: (Australian),
Prepared outline performance specifications for market testing and value engineering exercises for three finishings packages: Vaulted ceilings, Stone Floors and Balustrading.
Subsequent to the Budget Tender these and many other finishing package specifications have been developed to full prescriptive specifications for Competitive Tenders.

Uniclass Events                                                                                   Nov. ‘96 – Sept. ‘97
Further refinements to UCCI (now Uniclass) were presented at a BSS (British Standards Society) BSG (Building Standards Group)/CIIG event.
The CIIG Freelance group also had a third event presented by NBS’s Committee on the new classification system to replace and encompass CI/SfB and CAWS incorporating the new EPIC Product classification to discuss the changes that occurred after the second RIBA event.
CPIC the Construction Project Information Committee (formerly BPIC: Building PIC) responsible for CPI (Co-ordinated Project Information) and CAWS (Common Arrangement of Work Sections) gratefully acknowledged receipt of the review ASWS submitted to UCCI, this and comments from ACE (Association of Consultant Engineers) has resulted in the creation of two sets of CAWS tables a revised CAWS for Building and a new CAWS table for Civil Engineering.
Many other comments from CIIG members have resulted in the evolution of the classification system.
I have requested other CIIG members reviews to add to the CIIG Review article.
As CIIG events organiser subcommittee member invited CIIG to Uniclass launch event. NBS SpecMan 4 for Windows ‘95: Beta testing                                                                            Dec. ‘96 – Dec. ‘97
Following my continuous feedback to NBS over the past 5 years of SpecMan’s existence and more recently the fault finding and reporting using Compuserve, NBS invited me and 12 practices to request participation in the Beta tests programme of the new version of the software.
I am now one of 6 carrying out the testing, prior to the Feb. ‘97 launch at Constuct IT.
NBS chose ASWS partly because we ‘do strange things with their software’ and because of the extensive ASWS library of work sections, the larger work sections of which have in the past caused the old programme to fail consistently.
Much of the original and invited criticism of the software has been taken into account and new features incorporated to solve them. Further details, demonstrations and sight of a full report and findings can be arranged.

Benoy Action Groups                                                                          Dec. ‘96 to date
Architects: Benoy London
The Directors are conscious that as Benoy grows rapidly there is a real risk the practice ‘trips over it’s self’ and they felt the best people to ensure this does not happen is the staff themselves.
They invited interested individuals to investigate what needs to be done to solve any problems as they arise. A number of Action groups were established to orchestrate these activities.
BRM was invited to contribute to the Technical Action Group (TAG) discussions and prepared an initial page report and later built it into 8 page report.
Other groups include: Design Standards, IT, Technical Information, Benoy Factors, Graphics, Interior Design.
The TAG is addressing Specification & drawings, Library, IT, Gurus, Dissemination of information.
TAG is now running CPD seminars by manufacturers, consultants, and staff, software training workshops and Open house events to provide a comprehensive CPD programme.
TAG now publishes a two monthly newsletter intended to keep everyone informed about the TAG activities, Benoy activities project news and gossip.
TAG is identifying Gurus in a range of subjects amongst the staff. Brian Murphy is now identified as the Specification and an MS Office Guru for the office, providing guidance, seminars and training.

Staff recruitment:                                                                                Dec. ‘96 to Feb. ‘97
Architect: Benoy London
Sought 4 candidates from ASNET and past colleagues for interview for an additional specification writer to join the Bluewater team.
Interviews and all negotiations to be carried out between Benoy and the candidates.
One member to join Benoy full time another to work on commissions 2-3 days per week.
Howard deMont joined full time Michael Allen commissioned.

Laxton Specification Library management and editing system:   Jan. ‘97
Laxtons specification in book form and on disk soon to be launched as a specification library.
It is written by the ex PSA General Specification authors Chris Bottomley and John Beardsall.
I have suggested it needs a means to help promote its sale in competition with NBS, NBS disk service, NBS for Windows and NBS SpecMan and the Architectural Press/EMAP spec.
Software author Michael Allan uses MS Excel to create an alternative to NBS SpecMan.
Attempting to bring the two parties together to consider joining forces.
This may also be an opportunity to develop an FM Spec. system.

Benoy Action Groups Software Training Workshops                Jan ‘97 to date
Architects: Benoy London
BRM held an introduction into the TAG activities combined with a ‘glimpse at specification’.
As a leaving present to a departing member of staff BRM has run a ‘Crash course in Specification’ attended by 8 of the RIBA Part 2 students.
Members of staff have asked for MS Word for Windows 6 training the Secretarial staff are first on the agenda, Brian will be running a series of workshops demonstrating some of the less frequently explored features of the software. This may be followed by a ‘Back to basics’ for non-users.
In interest has been shown in using MS Excel BRM may run workshops in this also.

Specification & CDM service for US based practice                         Feb. ‘97 – Sept. ‘97.
Architect: Peter Marino (New York USA)     Value: circa £1m
Project: Louis Vuitton (US Expensive luggage and accessories retailer) New Bond Street. Fit-out.
Scope: To review PM’s design drawings, carry out CDM reviews throughout project, prepare CAWS structured specification from US Master system structured outline specification, apply for Building Regulations, co-ordinate and review sub-contractor’s drawings, assist in site meetings.
ASNET members are working on this project together:
Chris Bottomley Associates (Specification).
Peter Slinger or Eidetic Ltd. (CDM, Building Regulations, Site visits, drawing reviews).
ASWS (contact point, co-ordination, Classification systems comparisons).
Submitted proposals in respect of CDM split of responsibilities, PII etc. and they carried out the work themselves.

CIIG on the Internet The Launch at Archinet                                 Feb. ’97
Brian Murphy and Susan Waller of GMJ prepared the Website for the official launch on Thursday 20th February at Archinet’s office which was attended by 7 members of CIIG and 4 from GMJ.
The Website is equivalent to 8 A4 pages of text, with hypertext links and 1 CIIG logo and took about 10 hours spread over 4 months to create, including CIIG committee meetings and many proof readings and adjustments. It was created in Word for Windows Internet Assistant.
The launch edition of our Website, was made possible by the support of our hosts Archinet and the interest of CIIG members.

AGM Internet Website demonstration at RIBA                             March ’97
Brian Murphy’s demonstration of the Internet Website was hampered by RIBA televisions technology and was not to be. Brian Murphy gave an outline of the past two years CIIG activities to the meeting.

Oracle Shopping Centre Reading                                                    April ‘97
Architects: Haskoll & Company
Mohammed Hussaine an ex. member of staff at GMW working on the project had some GMW/ASWS specifications and GMW had carried out an Audit on the design for the Developer.
Brought in to avoid any copyright issues and prepare two Precast Cladding package specifications.
ASNET Specification Writers Chris Bottomley and John Beardsall were given the task to prepare these over a period of 7 day.

Oxford Science Park Plot 4 B1 Office building                            April. ‘97 –
Value: £ 2m                                                      Client: Developer
Architects: Proctor Matthews Associates.
Invited to participate in collaborative project, preparing specification.
Attended multi-practice and client meeting to promote working methods.

WellHouse Arts Centre Midsomer Norton                                           April. ‘97 – Sept. ‘97
Value: £1.75m (Lottery funded)                    General Contract JCT 80
Architect: The Buck Goodliff Partnership Clapham London
Roger Goodliff a friend of Smith Roberts Bristol (Peter Roberts a past working colleague of BRM).
Preparation of specification. for 2 storey building.
Assisted by ASNET members Narendra Viadya draft spec., Tim Grey on SpecMan software and BRM auditing and finalising all output.



CIIG Committee                                                                                    April ‘97 –
Invited initially to discuss potential CIIG Website then invited to become Webmaster and attend intermittently, then became CIIG Events subcommittee member (team of 3).

Benoy Action Groups Intranet                                                          April ‘97 –
Architects: Benoy London
Zach Hill, Martin and Marie Patience individual members of TAG are now seeking to create an Intranet for dissemination of information in the office for staff and visitors alike to explore the Benoy’s Corporate Knowledge: including amongst many others, Case histories, office layout, staff CV’s, project documents, Jargon Busters and many other things. “The Benoy Corporate Knowledge from a single point of access.”
BRM has prepared a 2 page report outlining Zach’s and TAG’s vision for the TAG committee and the Directors and is actively assisting Zach Hill in getting approval to create the Intranet.
BRM created an 8 page ‘Jargon Busters’ on IT, Specification, and Information terminology and Acronyms etc. this was issued with the TAG Newsletter to keep staff informed. It will become part of the Intranet.

Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University Wales:                                May. ‘97 – Nov. ‘97
Architects: Smith Roberts Associates (Peter Roberts and Brian Murphy past working colleagues).
Value: £2.75m (seeking Millennium fund/Lottery money)
Extension and reuse of existing university buildings as Arts, Media & Theatre School.
Scope: Site visit, photographic survey, prepare specifications for Building, Finishes, Fittings, External Works.
Advanced works alterations in Great Hall Minor works specification by Brian Murphy.
Assisted by ASNET members Narendra Viadya draft spec and Tim Grey on SpecMan software.
Brian Murphy auditing all and finalising all output in SpecMan and Word.

Review BBA Agrément Certificate 94/3041 The Syntha Pulvin System: July ‘97
British Board of Agrément Invited me to complete questionnaire on product experience and performance.

Nayburn York Designer Outlet Centre                                            July – August ‘97
Architect: Design: Benoy Newark, Executive: Benoy London,      Developer: BAA McArther Glen
Advice to Project Architect on the creation of a Design & Build outline specification for the D&B Tender.
Audit on draft and provision of additional work sections to be added to draft.

Bluewater Kent Retail and Leisure Park: Site wide Signage    August – Dec. ’97
Signage Consultant: Henrion, Ludlow & Schmidt London
Prepared performance and prescriptive specification based on consultants document for market testing and value engineering exercises for the Signage package for Mall interiors, Welcome Halls, Car parking, Landscape and lake sides, Bus station, Entry and exit highways.
Co-ordination with and audit of two related packages: Bluewater Traffic Control System and Variable Message Signs packages.

Bullring Birmingham Inner city shopping mall:                            Aug ‘97 – Aug ‘98
First phase of multi-phased development
Indoor Market and multi storey car park                                           Value £21m
Architect: Benoy London
Work complicated by initial work treated as packages in Management Contract but will eventually revert to GMP General JCT 80 contract.
Co-ordination of design team and specification 3 man team’s output, including audit of drawings and specification drafts, and specification writing.
Setting precedent for standards of specification of remainder of site phases. (£300m shopping centre)

CIIG Freelance group evening meeting ‘Website Hompages creation’    August ’97
In order for CIIG freelance members to benefit for the available space on our Website, I gave an explanation of some simple HTML hyper text mark-up language tags to enable members to create their own pages. This was supported by supplying a sample blank page on disk for members to complete themselves.

White City Shopping Centre London:                                                     Late ‘97 – Early ‘99
Value £480m                                                                                         June ’98 –
Architects: Benoy Newark and London       Concept Architect: Ian Richie
Developer: Stanhope                                     Construction Manager: Bovis
Reviewed Commissions and Contracts
Initial advanced works package for infrastructure to below ground underground train sidings specifications set up on SpecMan for Howard de Mont to process.
Anticipate preparing package specifications for Project during ‘98-’99

Benoy London Reception Area Ideas Competition:
Value £250,000
Designer: Brian Murphy                                 Collaborators: 6 Benoy staff
All staff members invited to submit entries to redesign ground floor reception area of building which Benoy now occupies 4 of 5 floors.
Our scheme proposed an Intranet for all Practice and Project information from a ‘single point of access’, a computer interface to the Benoy Corporate Knowledge. This proposal included Bonney the female face and voice the interface with the Intranet who can be asked questions and give answers about anything in her Intranet. Bonney welcomes and monitors visitors, reserves conference rooms for you, controls the linear induction motor lifts via Limmey the lifts ‘human’ interface, and all computer peripherals to ensure visits are fruitful and staff can work as efficiently as possible. The scheme included a touch screen to control a wall wide computer screen in the reception area. The proposal included a collage showing the proposal and a MS Powerpoint slide show with text, image and voices of Bonney and Limmey.
The scheme shared 1st prize with 3 others and feasibility studies were promised on those schemes.

CIIG Events Organising Working Group                                         Aug. ’97 – Dec. ‘98
Teresa Brown, Sarah Burgess & Brian Murphy agreed to run for one year.
Carried out postal survey to determine events of interest offering 50 topics and picked 10 most popular for first years events.
Globe Theatre                                                                                       Aug ’97
The London Research Centre                                                          Sept. ’97
RIBA Publications Uniclass Launch                                                Sept. ‘97
Internet Month at Benoy (see below)                                              Oct. – Nov. ’97
Brian Murphy gave 9 presentations over 5 consecutive Wednesday lunch times and evenings
John Edwards gave a presentation on RIBA Net
Department of the Environment Library                                        Nov. ’97
CIRIA Site Safety CD-ROM Preview                                                 Dec. ’97

Internet Month at Benoy with CIIG                                                   Oct – Nov ‘97
Brian Murphy prepared and held a series of events over a month, including a joint presentation with CIIG in the Benoy London office. Most of the presentation material already existed and only needed a little tweaking to bring it up to date. They were run over lunchtimes and evenings for 5 Wednesdays of the months of October and November. The majority of the events are intended to be introductory and educational and available to all staff members.
Internet: its History and what it is
how do I get on it and what is there
Websites and Homepages What are they used for
Internet Surfing: to relevant sites including CIIG and Archinet
HTML hypertext mark up language creation using Notepad
Word Internet Assistant and other HTML editors/browsers
Interactive Procedure Manuals, CV, Case Histories and Sales Aid, & Jargon Buster
RIBA Net: by John Edwards from the RIBA
RIBA’s own Internet community conference site. What is there for the profession & students?
Email; What it can do for a company.
Intranet: What are they, what they contain
Bonney Benoy’s Intranet (Benoy reception competition entry in detail.)

Oxford Science Park Plot 4 B1 Office building                            Dec. ‘97 – April. ‘98
Value: £ 2m                                                      Client: Developer
Architects: Proctor Matthews Associates.
Specifications for 4 specialist sub-contracts and the General Contract prepared by ASNET members Narendra Viadya preparing drafts, Tim Gray on SpecMan and Brian Murphy auditing and finalising all output in SpecMan and Word.

Bluewater Kent Retail and Leisure Park, Kent: Bus Station     Dec. ’97 – Mar ’98
Architect: Benoy London under eye of Eric Khune
Howard de Mont prepared performance and prescriptive specification for Bus station, link canopies and linear piers in SpecMan. The brief and consequently the drawings continued to change throughout the drawing and specification period. Brian Murphy audited and completed the specification in SpecMan and Word for Tender. Co-ordination with related specifications for same package: Structure and Below ground works, M&E services specifications.

IT Invested in a Portable Iomega Jaz drive with SCSI/parallel adapter
With 1Gb removable disk drive this enable me to back up the whole of the portable computer’s hard disk and also to reconcile my clients office server’s files with those on the portable without the use of floppies.

St Enoch Shopping Centre Glasgow Refurbishment                  Jan ’98 –
Architects: Benoy London
Alterations and extensions to an existing shopping mall whilst it remains open to the public.
A General Contract being subdivided into 150 packages for separate tendering.

Benoy Associates Meeting: Presentation on Specification strategy:                   Feb ‘98
In a bid to improve the efficiency of the specification group we have implemented a drive to gain greater involvement in the whole project process, Brian Murphy presented a paper on specification strategy. Issues raised include earlier involvement in process, early discussions on detail, involvement in the procurement process in discussions with other parties to the project, and awareness by the team of specification writers greater role etc. Some progress was made in the meeting.


Benoy TAG CPD seminar: Durability, Life expectancy, Product Quality and the HAPM manual.
Brian Murphy gave a lunch time presentation on the subject including Specification Substitution, Guarantees etc. followed by the authors of the HAPM manual presenting the Manual, the new ISO on building durability and auditing methods and how they relate to retail design.

Provided CV page for Benoy’s Submissions pack for future Projects     Feb ’98

The Broadway/Hartfield Road Wimbledon, Shopping                 Feb. ’98 –
Developer: Shearer Property Group & Hill Samual Property Unit trust
Architects: Benoy Ltd. London
Minor involvement setting up and guiding team on content and methods, Howard deMont prepared most of General Contract specification for shell-only, conservation area, infill site with two frontages.

CIIG Events Organising Working Group                                         Feb. ’98 –
Teresa Brown, Sarah Burgess & Brian Murphy agreed to run for another year.
Loss Prevention Council                                                                    April ‘98.
New British Library Euston                                                               May ‘98 & Oct ’98
Library and Information Show Industry & Commercial Libraries June 2nd – 4th ’98
Exhibition NEC CIIG will have a stand. Brain Murphy will man it.
CIIG Conference: Knowledge Creation and Lifelong Learning        June 3rd ‘98
LUL London Underground Ltd. library and a Cybercafe               June ’98
Arrival by river boat as alternative to the DLR, and drinks in the Canary Wharf.
BSRIA                                                                                                      July ’98
University of Westminster                                                                 August ’98
Construction Housing and Surveying Library and a visit to the Henry Simpson Library Archives Centre City of Westminster             Sept. ‘98
English Partnership                                                                            Oct. ’98
Environment Agency                                                                           Nov. ’98
CIBSE                                                                                                      ’99

Benoy Software training: MS Powerpoint                                            Mar ’98
Gave a Director a 2 hour training to create and show presentations on a Laptop computer.

Syntha Pulvin Product specification review                                        April ’98
Review specification to see if it needs to be updated.

Low cost housing, 9-25 Mile End Road, East End, London:       April ‘98
Architects: Proctor Matthews Associates.
Specifications for the General Contract. Client instructed no specification required.

Community Sports Centre, Stoneyard Lane Poplar High Street, Isle of Dogs, London.
Client: For London Borough of Tower Hamlets/LDDC Social Accord
Architects: Proctor Matthews Associates.                                        April ‘98
Since the original building was tendered in May ’96 the project brief has changed twice and the value doubled and now quartered. Rework the existing specification to correspond to the latest version of the project.
Specifications for the General Contract reworked by Tim Gray in Word and Brian Murphy auditing and finalising all output in SpecMan and Word.

Tweeds Quantity Surveyors: Outline Specifications                  April ’98
Brian Bulfin (Ex GMW) invited Brian Murphy to submit CV for possible collaboration on Project Outline Specifications.


RIBA Publications Product Selector Plus 5 User Group            April ‘98
Invited to join user group to review latest edition of CD version of Free 3 volume product index book, originally supplied as part of SpecMan software now a stand alone product.

Visit to BL CIIG and Benoy                                                                 May, Oct & Dec ’98
Arranged, attended and presented numerous informal and formal visits, tours and seminars for Librarians and Architects to the British Library.

CIIG at NEC 3 day exhibition and 1 day conference                     June ’98
Brian Murphy attended the Learned Knowledge organised Knowledge Management Exhibition at NEC representing CIIG on the Joint Forum of Special Libraries, and manning the stand for 3 days.
Brian also attended the CIIG Conference ‘Knowledge Management & Lifelong Learning’ held on day 2.
Having attended many seminar and presentation events Brian prepared a 2 page article reviewing the Exhibition and seminars for the CIIG Review read by all CIIG members,

Benoy TAG CPD seminar: Procurement Methods.
Brian Murphy gave 2 lunch time presentation on the subject including General Contracting, Construction Management, Management Contracting, D&B, DMC, BOOT etc.

Mermaid court Cardiff Bay                                                                July ’98 –
Architect: The Newark Office of Benoy                                              Value: £13 m
Met to discuss approach and scope of work, Brian Murphy & Howard deMont to prepare specification in SpecMan.
Since the project Tenders came in over budget based on drawings without a specification the specification drafts are to be rewritten to correspond to the Contract the Contractor has signed up to after a cost saving exercise initiated by them to cut £3.5m off the Tender sum.

Plastek Factory, Mansfield                                                                July ’98 – Sept ‘98
Architect: The Newark Office of Benoy                                              Value £3-4m
Met to discuss approach and scope of work, Brian Murphy prepared initial enquiry question and answer sheets to design team. Howard deMont & Brian Murphy prepared specification in SpecMan for half a dozen work sections covering the external envelope, the remainder being covered by PC Sum.

7 Bridges House Oracle Reading                                                    July ’98 – Aug’98
Architects: Haskoll & Co.                                                                     Vaue: £0.5m
Construction Manger: Bovis
This Class II listed building (Possibly Adam) had been allowed to fall into a state of serious decay, part of the planning gain on the site was to conserve the building and bring it up to use as an Office Building.
This was the first Conservation Quality specification ASWS have prepared, and the ASWS specification is substantially upgraded in the process.

Water Features at Bluewater Retail Centre East Village
Water Feature Consultant: Crystal Fountains                                       Aug ’98
Architect: Benoy
Audited the Consultants specification and prepared work sections to compliment their updated text.

Aberystwyth University Arts Centre                                               Aug ’98 – Sept ’98
Architect: Smith Roberts                                Contractor: Birse
Since the original scheme was tendered in Jan ’98 the Tenders came in considerably over budget, the QS was sacked, the project brief has reduced and a cost cutting exercise was entered into with the lowest Tenderer. Rework the existing specification to correspond to the latest version of the project.
Specification for the Great Hall advanced works diminished and combined into the General Contract.
Some work sections reworked by Tim Gray in SpecMan and Word; main specification reviewed and updated by Brian Murphy in Word.

Forman St Nottingham                                                                        Sept’98 –
Architect: Benoy Newark                                                                      Value: £50-100m
Prepared report to discuss approach and scope of work, Brian Murphy prepared initial enquiry question and answer sheets to Contract and design team.
Specifications are to integrate with the Developer’s own standard details and standard specification based on NBS text and CPI principals, but will also include construction methods not covered by this set of documents. Howard deMont & Brian Murphy to prepare specification in SpecMan.
Outline specifications prepared for specialist sub-contract pre-tender meetings by Brian Murphy in Word.
Audit the Newark office’s outline Development specifications.

Benoy TAG CPD seminar: Design Responsibility and Performance Specification.
Benoy London                                                                                       Oct – Nov ‘98
Brian Murphy to complete a series of lunch time presentations on the subject including in introduction to the A90 preliminaries work section of the ASWS library.
London Director has asked that the seminars on Procurement Methods and Design responsibility be offered to the Newark office of Benoy.

Bluewater Park Retail and Leisure: Operation and Maintenance Documents
O&M Consultants: Watts & Partners                                                 June ‘98 – Dec ’98
Architects: Benoy London
Review O&M documents from Trade Contractors and co-ordinate the comments of all Zone team leader Architect’s reviewers before returning to O&M Consultant to enter into FM Database.

Mixed use rebuild of 3 terraced houses in Portobello Road
Architects: Snezana Jackson Architects                                           Sept ’98 –
3 Houses with ground floor shops to become basement bakery, GF Restaurant and 3 upper floor flats.
Will prepare specifications for simple General Contract.

Bluewater Park Retail and Leisure: Loose, Fixed and Bespoke Furniture Schedule
Value: £0.75m                                                                                       Sept’98 – Oct ‘98
Interior Designers: Benoy London              Concept Architect: Eric Khune & JPRL (USA)
Attended furniture display and assessment meetings with Furniture Suppliers, Client, Concept Architect, Interior Designer and Construction manager to offer guidance during assessment.
Developed schedules in MS Excel and specifications in SpecMan.
Creating full range of furniture specification work sections for use on all packages on this project.


SpecNet: Internet based graphic interface product selector  Oct ’98 – April ’99
Sandy Patience a practising Architect with a mission in life, demonstrated a preview version of the SPECNET Web site he is creating to convert the ‘World wide car boot sale’ of manufacturer’s information on web sites into a ‘true product selector’ where you can pick a product by its colour and appearance or by its performance characteristics in a single visit to a single Website.
SPECNET combines the exactness of Barbour Construction Expert with the essence of the office product library or the Barbour Compendium, in a database with an interactive search engine where the Architect defines the parameters of the search and the software offers images of the products meeting the criteria for the Architect to compare and choose.
Once one of the product images is selected, close-ups can be viewed, images of the product in use in a building are available, it can be seen in a CAD view, in the colour of the architect’s choice and dictionary definitions can be explored by those wanting to know more about the method of construction.
I have assisted Sandy Patience in promoting it through members of CIIG making introductions to those members of CIIG who will be able to help it develop and offered assistance in developing the product and methods of organising the information contained suggesting EPIC from Uniclass. I have attended promotional events to potential investors and publishers.

Southfields School for Girls, Kettering: Re-cladding failed curtain walling
Value: £300,000 to £1.5m                                                                   Nov ’98 –
Curtain Walling Consultant: Paul Lorentzen (Ex PTP Birmingham – have collaborated on past projects)
Preparing bid seeking Phase 1 – 3 NDS funding.
To replace failed replacement curtain walling and extensive consequential loss damage.
Specifications for Asbestos removal, Concrete repair, Curtain walling and Rainscreen cladding, work at roof abutment, Laboratory plumbing, heating and electrical installation, Furniture, Metalwork and decoration.

Crisis? What crisis?                                                                           Nov ‘98
2 page article on the Millennium Bug for the CIIG Review.
Probably part of a series addressing the issues, the problems, self-help, solutions and providers.

Oracle Shopping Centre Reading Phase III                                          Nov ’98
Client’s Architects: Haskoll & Co.                                                      Value: £10m
Construction Manger: Bovis                          Contractor’s Architect: Benoy London
Tenderer/Contractor: McAlpine
Given 3 hours to reviewed the 100 mm thick double-sided Contract Specification for Benoy/McAlpine and prepare two page report for a mid-tender meeting to be attended by Directors.

CIIG Events Organising Working Group                                         Nov. ’98 –
Teresa Brown, Sarah Burgess & Brian Murphy agreed to run for another year.
New British Library Euston                                                               Dec. ‘98
Social meeting after British Library Visit                                          Dec. ‘98
PAFEC Ltd. Nottingham PAFEC software demonstration            Jan. ’98
Eco Centre Construction Resources                                               Feb. ’98
History of Architectural Photography talk/slides at RIBA           Mar. ’98
RIBA/Ti CIS updated software demonstration                                       Apr. ’98
City Business Library                                                                         Apr. ‘98
BAA Building Heathrow visit                                                             May ‘98
Social meeting                                                                                     May ’98
Thompsons Directories                                                                     June ’98
Archiving and storage/retrieval systems and colour tab systems     July ’98
CIRCA presentation by Janet Brown                                                Sept. ‘98
Specnet demonstration at Henry Simpson Memorial Library ‘98
English Partnership                                                                            ’98
Environment Agency                                                                           ’98

Have you backed it up?                                                                      Mar ’99
Following on from the Crisis? What Crisis? 2 page article on the Millennium Bug for the CIIG Review.
The second part of the series of 4 articles is about protecting your data before attempting to fix any hardware or software problems.
To be followed by hardware and software fixes in next two quarterly issues of CIIG Review.

CIIG AGM Events Review                                                                    Mar ’99
In addition to the usual spoken presentation on the previous years CIIG visits, I presented a slide show with dialogue on amongst others the 3 visits to the British Library, to PAFEC Ltd. to see a software demonstration, to the Harry Simpson Memorial Library at Westminster University and the Inland Revenue Office Nottingham.

CIIG Conference at NEC June 1999                                                 Mar ’99 – June ’99
I have agreed to chair the subcommittee to organise the conference titled: ‘Is your Professional Development Continuing?’ and to chair the conference as well. We have arranged for speakers and a panel debate with RIBA, LA, CPD in Construction, RICS, BIAT, IIP, CITB representatives.

Oracle Shopping Centre Reading Phase III                                          April ’99
Client’s Architects: Haskoll & Co.                                                      Value: £10m
Contractor’s Architect: Benoy London
D&B Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine
Following the 3 hour review of the Specification we are now commissioned to act as Contractor’s Architect and using Haskoll specifications, review and create any addendum specification text to support Haskoll/Benoy drawings for sub-contract tendering and construction.

Bullring Birmingham Inner city shopping centre market building:            April ‘99 –
First phase of multi-phased development
Indoor Meat and Fish Market and multi storey car park                       Value £21m
Architect: Benoy London
Following aborted project Aug 1997- Aug 1998, new team taking existing scheme, working drawings, specification, reviewing them, rationalising design, considering alternatives and progressing to Tender stage.

Green is the Colour: The Practical Application of Sustainability:   March ’99April ‘99
Building Design Conferences at RIBA
Paper on Building, Health & Safety Regulations & Specification in the use of Green materials.
Over an 8 day period of intermittent research in a client’s library and CD information service, I created a bibliography and chronology of environmental issues including; International Conferences, Public awareness, Green activists, Ethical financial activity, Legislation, Information and Guides, project case studies, publications and articles in the press.
I selected 35 mm. slides from my collection, went on reconnaissance with camera, I presented the show to my Client’s staff members, honed the chronology, created the seminar paper and slide show.
Presented the paper at the conference.

Public Declaration of Intent to work on Green projects in future   April ’99
I feel that it is all of our responsibilities to change and now. I now wish only to work with designers adopting sustainable approaches to building in the future.
I hope to be able to decline all other work as quickly as possible. In the mean time I will do all that I can to encourage the use of ‘Green’ and sustainable approaches in ‘Violet’ projects.

Senior Lecturer in Architecture (Technology)                             April ‘99
Application for post at Kingston University, Faculty of Design, School of Architecture and Design.
Responsibilities could include the teaching of principles of technology and sustainable design and managing the technical and environmental input into the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Potentially developing new modules and their integration with design in Architecture and Landscape courses.
Turned down and feedback was ‘no academic track record’.

SpecNet: Internet based graphic interface product selector  April ‘99 – May ‘99
As part of the promotional exercise Sandy, other software authors and myself are developing a demonstration Website to demonstrate the ability of the software, including 5 manufacturer’s product ranges.
We are adding manufacturer’s information into a database whilst software authors are refining the software and including our database in the software along with illustrations and guidance notes.

New Portable computers                                                                  July ’99
Had to replace 5 year old portable with broken hinge, whilst hoping to make it to the Millennium, the motherboard completely fused and the change was forced early.
ACi Aspect Pentium II 466 MHz, 10 Gb drive 64 Mb RAM, Windows 98, Office 97. Second machine for ASNet members use: ACi Aspect Pentium II 366 MHz, 4 Gb drive 64 Mb RAM, Windows 98, Office 97.
All claimed Millennium compliant hardware.
Windows 98 proved to be problematic with SpecMan 4 but the Win 98 Second edition solved this.
Eventually both motherboards replaced during Mar/April 2000 due to intermittent problems.

Holmes Place Islington, Alteration                                         July ’99 – Nov ’99
Architect: Walters and Cohen                                                   Client: Holmes Place Health Clubs
New Health Club into existing part-occupied office building in residential area, including acoustic improvements to prevent noise outbreak to adjacent tenancies and residential neighbours.
Structural alterations, changes to external envelope, interiors, furniture, external works and soft landscape.
W&C’s librarian is a member of CIIG and librarian at Conran & Partners, she made the introduction.
Specification and drawing audit followed by rewriting of specification into NBS/ASWS format.
Additional complications with transfer from PC to Mac and use of Rotis font and versions of Word.

Comax Nursery, RAF Farnborough                    July ’99 – Dec ’99
Architect: Walters and Cohen                   Client: Comax Nursery Schools
New single storey two mono-pitched winged steel framed building on an existing wooded site.
External envelope, interiors, furniture, external works and soft landscape.
Review drawings and provide NBS specification from SpecMan.
SpecNet members Ian Adamson prepared raw NBS draft Tim Gray processed in SpecMan and BRM reviewed and completed all.
To enhance their already child safety conscious approach the practice took my advice and visited CR and immediately adopted suitable materials for floor and wall finishes.
Linoleum was specified in place of Vinyl.
External works included recycled timber logs from the felled woods as gabion wall filling.
Developed D40 Gabion Specification to include log filled Gabion wall.
Practice set out to adopt a breathing wall, with unseasoned, untreated, unfinished English hardwood cladding.

Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 2                                          Aug ’99 – July ‘00
Architect: Proctor Matthews
Important commercial/social housing project setting standards for other 21st Century speculative housing for sale and social housing for rent.
Standards include Parker Morris, Safety by Design, Lifetime Homes, Egan industrialisation and innovation, Sustainability etc.
Introduced Architect to Ecological Building Centre and pursued the use of Steko timber building blocks as an alternative to traditional timber frame construction.
After meeting EBC and manufacturer, developed new work section G21 Structural Timber Blockwork.
Package specifications for Windows, Show Flat, Roofs, Terraces, Walls, Metalwork, Stairs, Envelope cladding, etc.
Carried out audit on tender for traditional timber frame cassette panels used on site.

State of Kuwait State Audit Bureau Headquarters Building     Aug ’99 – July ’00
Architect: J S Bonnington & Partners                                                Value: £34m.
Preparing specifications based on NBS but using the USA CSI classification system for its subdivision instead of CAWS NBS’s chosen classification.
Ian Forsyth retired ASNet member and ex Director of JS Bonnington gave introduction.

Holmes Place Canary Riverside                                                      Nov ’99 – Jan ’00
Architect: Walters and Cohen                                                             Client: Holmes Place Health Clubs
New Health Club into new purpose built shell by others, in residential area, including acoustic improvements to prevent noise outbreak to adjacent tenancies and residential neighbours.
Completing internal face of external walls, interiors, furniture, finishes, etc.
Reviewing the existing specification and drawings and developing an NBS/ASWS based specification in SpecMan 4 and Word for Windows 6 for use on the Mac in Word 6.0.1



Peter Jones Refurbishment Sloane Square                                       Nov ’99
Architect: Bamber & Raddan Architects                                           Client John Lewis Partnership
Duration: 5 years                                                                                  Value £80 m.
Proposal to create package specifications in SpecMan software possibly job sharing with Narendra Vaidya, (Ex Benoy employee) introduction, he had also previously applied for post..
Brief was too open-ended and cautious proposal was not accepted.

Interbuild 2000 CIIG Conference Nov ’99 – May ’00
Initiated the CIIG conference subjects, based around Egan and Sustainability, I suggested Theme and speakers and joined the sub-committee to develop the proposal.
I spoke briefly on the subject of the professions need for topical information and its accessibility.
BRE, CBPP, M4I, T2K presented papers and CR’s Richard Handyside presented Green materials available in the UK meeting Egan requirements to protect contractors.

Low cost housing, 9-25 Mile End Road, East End, London:       Dec ’99
Architects: Proctor Matthews.
In April ‘98 the Developer/Client instructed no specification required, some problems occurred with acoustic performance of walls in courtyard terraces.
Prepared specification for the brick and blockwork on the later Mile End Road terrace.

CIIG Events Organising Working Group                                         Nov. ’99 –
Sarah Burgess & Brian Murphy agreed to run for another year.
BAA HQ Building at Heathrow visit                                                   ‘99
NBS HQ Newcastle visit                                                                      ‘99
WICADD Bristol visit                                                                            Sept. ‘99
History of Architectural Photography talk/slides at RIBA           Oct. ’99
CIIG Xmas meal/drinks                                                                       Dec. ‘99
Ove Arup Library Information Service visit                                          Jan ’00
Feb ‘00
Social meeting after AGM                                                                  Mar ’00
Millennium Dome visit                                                                        April ’00
CIIG Conference at Interbuild                                                            May ’00
Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern                                               July ’00
BA London Eye flight                                                                           Aug ‘00

Millennium bug precautions                                                                Dec ’99 – Jan ’00
The two new PC laptops are claimed Millennium compliant but some of the software being used needed to be updated to avoid problems:
Old version 5 of Intuit Quicken (Accounts) upgraded to Quicken 2000.
Lotus Organiser 2 (Diary) upgraded to Organiser 5.
Took the opportunity to repurchase the now Symantec WinFax Pro 9.
Precautionary back-ups up to midnight, the computer sailed through new years eve midnight without any problem and so far no problems have shown up since.
The second hand table top PC has already got a dead clock battery and so is stuck in 1996, it may have a Millennium bug problem but it will be some years before they show up.
10/01/2000 Computer failure caused by corrupted Registry. Was it a virus?

AECB Association of Environment-Conscious Building        June ’99
Having been advised that AECB is not just for builders I took up membership of the Association in order to develop my understanding of the issues to be addressed in building design and specification.

CIIG Visit to BRE                                                                                   Jun ’99
Brian organised a visits to 3 parts of BRE: Environment Building, Wood Library and Integer House.

Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 2a Blocks 11-20 & Live/Work units                      Aug ’99 – July ‘00
Architect: Proctor Matthews
Important commercial/social housing project setting standards for other 21st Century speculative housing for sale and social housing for rent.
 Standards include Parker Morris, Safe by Design, Lifetime Homes, NHBC standards, Egan industrialisation and innovation, Sustainability etc.
BRE are monitoring and guiding choices of materials and has indicated uncoated aluminium can readily be recycled and is therefore acceptable as a green solution so long as it is not coated.
Novel methods are tempered with the need to comply with the Construction Products Directive.
The site uses a heavily polluted ex gas-works Brown-field urban site, with a gas resistant membrane 1 meter below site level and passive gas venting system using expanded polystyrene void formers.
The scheme uses CHP with on-site thermal storage, passive vent humidity control, increased U-Values and high performance Scandinavian windows.
I introduced PML to Construction Resources the ecological building centre and pursued the use of Steko timber building blocks as an alternative to traditional timber frame construction.
After meeting CR and the manufacturer, I developed new specification work section G21 Structural Timber Blockwork.
Despite Steko’s fast construction, the project brief required more off-site prefabrication as well as fast site assembly.
Carried out audit on tender for traditional timber-frame cassette panels used on site.
Metal stud and plasterboard has been used as a non-loadbearing infill panel in later stages.
I argued for the use of rubber as a single layer roofing membrane in place of PVC and built up felt, which has been used on roofs but not terraces.
The Project has achieved BREEAM “Excellent” assessment, BRE Has also been monitoring waste from the site and 50% reduction in the quantity of waste material leaving the Phase 1 site has been achieved.

Lunchtime CPD @ Libraria                                                                Jan ’00 and ongoing
Joyce Chidlow of Libraria and Brian Murphy are running a series of lunch time CPD seminars from Libraria’s Covent Garden premises at 11 West Street, (Just off Cambridge Circus) Covent Garden, London WC2H 9NE.
Initially they will run at monthly intervals 3rd or 4th Wednesday of each month, between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. £5.00 will be charged to cover the cost of a buffet lunch.
Subjects so far:
January                       Gabion Walls                                                   Macafferri Ltd.
February                      Safe Access Latchways                                 Latchways plc.
March                           Solar shading                                                  Levolux Louvre Blind Company
April                              Psychology of Colour
May                               Slide Library Management                            Sylvia
June                             Green Materials available in the UK today Lucy Pedler of the CR
July                               Designing to reduce water demand           Cath Hassell of the CR

CIIG AGM Events Review                                                                    Mar ’00
In addition to the usual spoken presentation on the previous years CIIG visits, I presented a slide show with dialogue on amongst others the 3 visits at BRE to the Environment Building, Wood Library and Integer House, BAA Heathrow HQ, Christmas do and others.

Artists Studio Peterborough                                                                   Sept ’00
Client: Dr. Ho Law PhD
 Psychologist & Artist met on train whilst commuter invited Brian Murphy to design studio for garden
Architect: Brian Murphy                                                                               Value: £10,000
The final scheme envisaged the use of unseasoned, untreated Oak frame and boarding, breathing wall, clay plaster, clay roof tiling, solar powered/electrical storage lights, using harvested rainwater for brush cleaning and a reed pond to clean the water.
The scheme was realised in untreated unseasoned and unfinished green oak panel stud framed and weatherboarding clad building avoiding preservative chemicals, by a garden shed maker, the building is some what smaller than the original design for half the budget.
My client attended Cath Hassell’s seminar at Libraria to learn about harvesting rainwater water.

The Green Register of Construction Professionals                          Oct ’00 –
Attended the launch meeting at Construction Resources.
Developed current CV and Project list emphasising commitment by my clients (architects and designers) and myself to environmentally sound construction into a new Green CV.
Attended 2 days training course at CR in Feb ‘01
Interviewed and accepted as a member of The Green Register.

CAT Centre for Alternative Technology                                          Nov ‘00
Took up membership with the centre and started purchasing books.
The most important and used almost daily is:
The Whole House Book – Ecological building design & materials, by Pat Borer and Cindy Harris.
I provide all my clients with a copy of the book so we have a common point of reference.

Royal Docks Nursery, East London                   Nov ’00 – Jan ’01
Architect: Walters and Cohen                   Client: Nursery Schools
New single storey mono-pitched 3 winged steel framed building on a Brown field industrial urban site and adopts a Gas resistant DPM.
Review drawings and provide NBS specification from SpecMan for External envelope, interiors, furniture, external works and soft landscape.
Practice intends to set out to adopt a breathing wall construction including breathing sheathing board, recycled paper insulation, untreated unseasoned English oak boarding and screens.
Carried out research on materials to prepare specification for Breathing wall, Masonite structural walls and flat roofs, Cellulose fibre insulation generally, Formaldehyde Free boards in linings and furniture, FSC approved source timbers, steel rain water goods internally, rubber and carpet floors.


Forum Queensgate Building Science Museum London             Nov ’00
Architect: MacCormack Jamieson & Pritchard                                      Client: Science Museum
7 storey building and external works including 50 seat Forum, meeting rooms, study bedrooms for visiting students and lecturers, offices and Directors Flat.
Typed 300 page specification describing components and materials in Word file and 175 page workmanship file from SpecMan using NBS text.
Project includes a substantial external solar shading installation.
Created new work section N17 for Internal anti-glare and blackout solar shading blinds
Rewrote and incorporated manufacturer’s schedules and specifications, Acoustic Consultants requirements.
Some team member at MJP are already well versed in choice of the Green materials which is most encouraging, but some times the building details prevent the use of the greenest material.
CFC-free insulation is specified but due to tight construction dimensions use of HCFC-free insulation was not possible despite its availability.
FSC approved hardwoods are required.
Internal linings include recycled gypsum and water from Scandinavian electricity generation industry reinforced with timber fibre from forest thinnings.

Construction Best Practice Club Cambridgeshire    Dec 2000
Following on from the CIIG conference on Egan I have taken up membership of the discussion group, an offshoot of the CBPP.
April 2000 included an evening discussing Sustainability in its broadest sense.

CIIG Events & Visits Organising Working Group                                Nov. ’00 –
Tony Howarth, Sarah Burgess & Brian Murphy
Selected events planned
Environment Building & Integer House                                            Feb ’01
Greenwich Millennium Village & Sainsburys Store                                July ’01
BedZED Beddington Zero Energy Development                                  Aug ’01
BRE Environment Design test Facilities                                          Sept ’01
London Development Agency                                                            Oct ‘01
Environment Agency                                                                            Nov ’01

Great Notley Discovery Centre M41 Demonstration Project        Feb ’01
Visited Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales                                 Mar ’01
Cambridge CBPP Club Discussion: Sustainability KPI due for launch soon         Mar ’01
Cambridge CBPP Club Discussion around Sustainability          April ’01

Penthouse flat interior The Effra Site, Vauxhall, London     Jan ’01
Interior Designer: The ADM Consultancy, Stamford (Interior Designers and Project Managers) Developer: St George South London Ltd.                         Value £5m
Prepared a Workmanship clauses only specification to support a set of heavily annotated drawings and schedules, clauses were added to address the particular concerns of the practice in relation to poor quality labour carrying out work on recent projects.
The practice is very keen to be educated in choice of green building materials, and to embark on educating its developer clients, who will, in turn take advantage in promoting the green aspects in its sales literature.


Digital Camera                                                                                      Feb ’01
Invested in a Kodak DC 280 with a 96 Mb compact flash card capable of taking between 158 and 1100 shots depending upon picture quality and image resolution settings.
Images saved as *.jpg format for easy use in Powerpoint presentations, exhibition display, email and Website.
Using a PCMCIA Type II carrier the compact flash card plugs directly into the side of my portable computer to down load the days shots, formatted and ready to start all over again.
Avoids the use of chemicals in photographic processing.
Uses rechargable Ni-MH batteries which can be topped up without the memory problems of other types of battery.

CIIG Review & AECB Green Pro                                                        Feb ’01
Invited Keith Hall of AECB to prepare an article for inclusion in a themed issue of CIIG Review, focusing on Information Provider’s CD or Online services.
An opportunity for the Green alternative to be seen in context with other predominantly Violet information systems.
The publication goes to 300 individuals, mostly librarians, in offices of all disciplines in the Construction Industry.

Attended TGR events
BedZED visit (Southwark Building Inspectors visit)
Talk by Jon Broome of Architype                                                        Mar ’01
BedZED and other ZED projects Talk by Bill Dunster
Green Dragon Housing Covent Garden visit                                         April ’01
Peter Rickarby 21st Century House                                                   May ’01
Solar Century visit                                                                                 June ’01

Car engine size reduction & Electric Bicycle:                                     Mar ’01
Since most of our car use is for short town runs (12 mile round trips) with infrequent 160 or 400 mile round trips to clients in remote parts and infrequent 1000-2000 mile touring holidays, we felt a greener future is in the form of a smaller engined car.
Despite a desire and tendency to run a car until it is no longer viable, we have decided to replace the 2 litre engined G reg. Mazda 626 early with only 77,000 miles on clock, with a W Reg. 790 cc Daewoo Matiz SE+ with 9,000 miles on clock.
This is complimented by the electric (rechargeable battery and motor) bicycle we purchased last summer for Maggie to use during the warmer weather to go to town, etc.
Maggie’s joints will not let her cycle without this additional assistance.
12 mph and 35 mile range on single charge, Cost: £676, UK manufacturer.
I will continue to use a pedal bicycle to get to the local railway station in all but the worst weather when visiting London Practices.
Investigating a foldaway PV panel for charging electric bike.

Planning to design/build our own EcoHouse               Mar ’01- ’06
Having searched intermittently for the past 4 years for a suitable bungalow for 3 with room for an office at a maximum price of £100,000 (possible in Peterborough) in a suitable location, without luck.
We have decided to build our own.
Our first bit of research was to visit the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales for Maggie to get a flavour of what an EcoHouse might look like and to get an introduction to the many issues addressed at CAT.
The building plans are well developed with initial ideas for phased progression from binuclear bungalow for parents with semi-autonomous accommodation for 24 year old son, with provision for self catering flats in attic space for a small income in the future.

Specification workshop at the AECB AGM/Conference                    June ’01
Invited by Lucy Pedler of Archipeleco to run a Specification workshop, on Sources of Eco-materials and Information to assist in writing specifications for Eco-materials.
Ran workshop twice, Friday and Saturday.

66-68 Sclater Street, Whitechapel, London                Mar ’01-June ‘01
Architects: Pastina Matthews Architects (Chris Matthews is brother of Andrew Matthews of PMA)
Jacqueline Pastina works with a number of land and building owners who have no specific proposal for their sites, works with the local community to determine their needs and finds a solution which best keys into site restraints and building envelope.
A local Agenda 21 in action.
This projects brings back into use three empty floors above a pair of shops with under utilised basements, as 3 No. 2 bedroom flats and 2 shops.
The basements are to be given better access and light with stairs in the shop window space to enable them to become retail space rather than only storage.
Brian Murphy joined the survey team analyzing the building, then wrote the specifications

City Lofts Hoxton Square Shoreditch, London                        Mar ’01 – Aug ’01
Architects & Interior Designers: Conran & Partners                 Client: City Loft Developments
Value: £6.4m
Brian Murphy wrote specifications for new design and build
Challenged the M&E engineer to do something sensible in place of 24 hour heat extraction from bathrooms
This project was too close to tender date for a full specification to be prepared by ASWS, however a service is being provided to write prescriptive clauses only and wrap them up in a Performance Specification framework for a Design and Build procurement with the designers being novated to the contractor.
The A90 performance Specification included such issues as Egan initiative for prefabrication of infill cladding panels, waste management and use of green products in insulation and other products.
The D&B Contractor decided save money, not to step and lower a suspended slab, so the external works was flush with the internal floor finishes. The first rain saw flooding of the ground floor apartments.

City Lofts Argus House, Robert St. Brighton                                 Mar ’01, Aug ’01 – Dec ’01
Architects & Interior Designers: Conran & Partners                      Client: City Loft Developments
82 residential and live-work units above multifunctional community uses including fringe theatre and exhibition spaces at ground and basement floors.
The proposal brings back into use a neglected and fire gutted Victorian print works, an Edwardian building and replaces two ’60’s buildings with new bookend buildings to complete the block.
In a Conservation area with 3 existing planning permissions including 40% social housing.
The Cast Iron and steel framed brickwork building suffers from flooding of the basement floor, thought to be tidal.
ASWS have written prescriptive clauses only and wrapped them up in a Performance Specification framework for a Design and Build procurement without Bill of Quantities, with the designers being novated to the contractor.
The A90 performance Specification included such issues as Egan initiative for prefabrication of infill wall and roofing panels, waste management and use of green products in insulation behind render, carpets, paints and other products, refurbishment of existing timber windows rather than replacement.
The Design and Build negotiated tender has virtually removed all of the green products on the grounds of cost but negotiations were still under way with Construction Resources.
The project is electrically heated and used 24 Hr. mechanical ventilation extracting from bathrooms, numerous team members had pushed the Services Engineers to review this without luck. I managed to get the reluctant M&E engineer to review his proposal for permanent mechanical extraction in conjunction with electrical heating after three previous attempts by other team members, after I proposed three possible alternatives one heat reclaim scheme was implemented that saved each flat £300/annum in heating costs.


Ark Nursery and Women’s Day centre, Southwark London           Apr ’01 – Dec ’01
Architect: Walters & Cohen     Client: Ark,                                                                                 Value £_m
The existing building required interior strip-out and new, lift, ramps, escape stairs and accommodation pods constructed insitu to provide a comprehensive mix of rooms and toilet/kitchen/utility facilities.
The Specification made use of all demolition and alteration materials including building fabric and services, maximising waste separation and recycling on and off site.
Green Materials for linings, floor and wall finishes and paints were included in the Specification.

6 Penthouse flat interiors, Eaton House, Canary Riverside, London         Jun ’01 – Jul ’01
Architect: Walters & Cohen
Developer:               Value £_m
Materials and Workmanship Specification for Fit out of two top floors of tower.
This project originally set out to use thermal energy via heat pumps from the Thames as renewable heat source, costs were used to justify changing to Electric Heating. Some natural materials were specified.

Attended GAIA Sustainable Construction Series
Materials Selection                                                                                     Jun ’01
Lighting and daylighting                                                                             Jul ’01

Joined EDA Ecological Design Association                                         Jul ’01

Joined ZEN Zero Energy Network at Hockerton Housing Project
Prepared first of a series of articles for the First Members Handbook on specification related to Green and Zero Energy development materials, the first is on the contractual and legislative framework around Specification Substitution and suggests measures to control and mange it to the buildings advantage.
This will be followed up in future editions with other specification related papers.

CPD events
Welsh Civic Trust Awards Cardiff Millennium Stadium Aberystwyth Arts Centre    July ’01
CBPP/M4I/CITB at BRE Construction and Demolition Waste     Aug ’01
Self Build Exhibition Alexandra Palace                                             Sept ’01
WSSBT Self Build Conference                                                           Oct ’01
WSSBT Segal Self Build Seminar                                                     Nov ’01
BRECSU & Sussex CC Energy efficiency drive                                     Dec 01

AECB VISITS ORGANISER:                                                                 June ’01
I volunteered to arrange visits throughout the year and was elected onto the AECB Committee at the June ’01 AGM.
Will co-ordinate with Lucy Pedler on The Green Register visits.
Preparing for the NGS launch has been an obstacle to progress.
Making Buildings In Aberystwyth                                                       Nov ’01
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Crafts Council, Centre for Alternative Technology and Smith Roberts Associates.
Centre For Alternative Technology: New Environment Information Building.
Guided tour with Cindy Harris and Pat Borer, followed by NGS Presentation.                                                   Feb ’02
ZEN, TGR and AECB Joint meeting at Hockerton Housing         Spring ’02
Walter Segal Self Build In Brighton                                                   Spring ’02
BRE visit                                                                                                 Summer ’02
Natural Swimming Ponds                                                                  Sept ’02
Encouraged Peter Roberts of Smith Roberts Associates is providing the Guest Lecture on The Evolution of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre and its Construction, it was planned to coincide with The Crafts Council touring exhibition MAKING BUILDINGS and Centre for Alternative Technology’s special children’s education project which explored different materials and methods such as rammed earth and straw bale construction.

NATIONAL GREEN SPECIFICATION                                                   April ’01 – Nov ’01 – on going
NGS is to be a readymade Specification primarily for all Construction Industry’s Design Professionals: Architects, Interior and Furniture Designers, Civil, Structural and Services Engineers, Landscape Architects,

It also has the potential to be of value to: Building Commissioners, Owner/Financiers, Developers, Builders and Sub-contractors, Home owners, Self-builders, Owner/Occupiers, Facility Managers, Operators, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Builder’s Merchants,

NGS will describes all materials, products and methods of construction available in or from the UK which have Environmental Credentials which are better then the conventional materials in general use in the industry today.
These will include a diverse range including:

  • salvage and reuse of demolition materials e.g. aggregates in concrete;
  • materials protection and waste management to minimise waste generally;
  • recycled materials e.g. newspaper as thermal insulation;
  • repair & reuse exiting building stock & insitu component repairs using green materials & methods;
  • traditional trades: e.g. thatch;
  • modern interpretations of traditional techniques e.g. rammed earth walls;
  • healthy alternatives to common products e.g. natural paints.
  • Novel products e.g. loadbearing timber blockwork,
  • use of underused materials e.g. sheep’s wool as thermal insulation;
  • sources of products within x miles of building sites,
  • materials for building, structure, interiors, services, landscape, etc.

All descriptions will be in the form of ready made Specification clauses ready to include in Project Contract Specifications.
NGS will be available as:

  • Word-processing files, Database files for popular specification editing programmes,
  • Hardcopy loose leaf sheets in binders,
  • Books to suit different markets.

NGS hopes that with the help of Landfill Tax Credit Scheme LTCS the first issue will be available free in order to distribute it to the biggest number of people, on a CD on the front cover of many professional’s and industry wide and domestic magazines, and from the website.
NGS hopes the initial cost of producing the specification will be paid for by an annual ‘club’ membership fee enhanced by grant Moines, membership will access user groups, feedback, draft reviews, news on progress, etc.
 LTCS appears to offer the best prospects for success.
Assuming LTCS Moines are no longer available after the first issue, subsequent updates could be available on paid subscription.
The building industry generally is on the brink of conversion to Greener practice and greener building.
NGS will be a great asset to those wanting to change but not having the know-how, time or the resources to find, scrutinise information, assess materials, to design with them or to describe them adequately for contract.
Much information exists in diverse formats and much research has been carried out and published, but most of this is unavailable to the vast majority of one-man-bands that makes up the majority of Architects practices.
It is hoped that the many Greenies who already know and use these materials will be recruited to write and edit the many chapters (work sections) of the NGS to provide a comprehensive specification.
It is hoped NGS which will be compatible with existing industry standard National Specifications NBS and NES used by the Violet (non-green) majority of the industry.
NGS was launched at CR on the 21st November 2001 which required promotional leaflets distributed throughout London, an exhibition display screen and PowerPoint show. Five presentations were run over the day with special events for CIIG and TGR. I am actively seeking funding and applying for Grants and have posted a survey of current specification practice on the website, to determine what the industry and professions require. During 2002 I am taking the NGS presentation to the country running as many events in conjunction with AECB & CAT, one at Centre of Alternative Technology Wales, and numerous with RIBA regions.

New Office Block 64 Great Suffolk Street, Southwark              Oct ’01 – Feb ’02
Architects: CCCP Ltd                                      M&E Engineer: Atelier 10
Client: Real Studios Ltd. (Interior Designers and Exhibition Designers)
Garath Wilkins is a friend of Chris Matthews (Pastina Matthews Architects) who passed my details on.
CCCP adopt Green approaches and seek out Green Consultants to work with.
This building uses an open topped staircase to allow low velocity mechanical ventilation using fabric ducts and opening windows to occur within the stair core protected from the road and rail noise. An exposed cellulose fibre Class 0 fire board is proposed as a rain screen for the stair wall, timber or metal stud, cellulose fibre insulated and plasterboard is used to support the rainscreen. Very low flush toilets come as standard working with Atelier 10.
Quality service and sensitivity to the design are rare commodities in M&E Consultants, they have all of this and are proactively Green to boot. This has been good to work on, is near to CR and could be the subject of a TGR visit.

Public House Refit, New 4 Flats in upper floors and 6 New maisonettes            Nov ’01 – Jan ’02
Architects: Walters and Cohen                                                           
Specification for Surveys, salvaging materials and components, reuse and repairs to existing building and demolition for new build. New work interiors and existing work fitting-out are consistent to maximise repetition and minimise costs.
Green materials were specified extensively but it is expected many will be filtered out at tender stage.

Attended TGR events
Hockerton Housing Project                                                                Nov ’01
Mile End Park, Green Bridge and Earth Sheltered Build              Dec ’01
Urban Nature Talk by Andre Viljoen                                                  Dec ’01

AECB AGM Conference 2002 Sub-committee                                     Jan ’02
Joined 4 person sub-committee to determine and arrange the workshops and speakers for the two day annual gathering of AECB members. My initial submission to the committee for consideration:
How To Green Up Your Act
National Green Specification
Natural Swimming Ponds
Bio Engineering (Next year)
Green Landscape (not this year)
Construction And Demolition Waste Management & Use Of Second Hand Materials
Industrialised Construction Processes (not this year)
Brownfield Site Issues (not this year)
Forest Stewardship Council Scheme (not this year)
Segal Method And Segal Approach
Timber Buildings Without Preservative Treatment
Grant Funding Of Green Projects (not this year) (Leaflet?)
Visual Review Of AECB Visits (AGM)

Mungo TGR member’s Magazine                                                     Jan ’02
I was invited to prepare a 250 word mini biography about my role in the green world to appear in the first edition of the new member’s magazine.

Attended GAIA Sustainable Construction Series
Water and Sewage treatment                                                            Jan ’02
Heating, NGS Display at Exhibition                                                   Jan ’02

Attended AECB events:                
Centre for alternative technology: new environment information building. Feb ’02
Guided tour with Cindy Harris and Pat Borer, followed by NGS Presentation.


Attended TGR events
Attended 4 additional in depth TGR seminars at CR          Feb ’02
XCO2 Connisbee Talk by Robert Webb                                           Mar ’02

Green Tariff Electricity Supply to Home and Office                     Nov ’01
Changed from Eastern Gas and Eastern Electricity, via Scottish Power (since discovered they are big users of Nuclear Power) to Powergen Gas and Green Electricity supply.
By accepting gas and electricity from Powergen they make profits on gas to enable cheap green electric supply.

NATIONAL GREEN SPECIFICATION                                                   Jan ’02 and ongoing
As part of the NGS launch I invited anybody with a location and an audience to contact me.
10 tentative discussions with Architects, Local Agenda 21 Officers, Green organisations AECB, CAT, GAIA, EDA, SEDA about running events between February and October 2002.
Actively seeking funding by applying for Grants.
Negotiating opportunities to work on greening-up Practice Specifications or NBS formatting Green Practice’s own specifications and negotiating copyright licences to use the specifications created as core material for NGS.
Considering attending Interbuild 2002 and other industry shows to promote NGS with display and presentation.

NGS Promotional Activity:
Green Drinks Peterborough, UK CEED                         Dec ’01 and monthly
GAIA Heating event, NGS Display at Exhibition, short presentation              Jan ’02
Building for a Better future Guildford Sussex CC, Display at Exhibition       Jan ’02
WRAP event Cambridge                                                                     Feb ’02
HECA event Godmanchester Fenland DC, Display at Exhibition                  Feb ’02
Greater London Authority visit to discuss funding                                Feb ’02 (more below)
Invitation to be a Peterborough Ambassador (UK CEED link)           Feb ’02
Attended Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Construction Committee            Feb ’02
Peterborough Environment Cluster Launch, Display at Exhibition               Feb ’02
AECB event: NBS Launch in Machynlleth Wales at CAT                     Feb’ 02
Cambridge CBPP Club, Cambridge University Building Programme         Mar ’02
CIIG AGM Years review of events and visits including NGS launch  Mar ’02
Marketing & Sustainability Construction Products event, NGS Display        Mar ’02
Recycled Plastics Are you missing out? Recoup Peterborough       Mar ’02

GAIA Environmental Audits for Manufacturers and Products  Feb ’02
Have agreed to invest £5000 in kind into a DETR PII bid project to disseminate information on manufacturers and products having achieved an Environmental Audit on their operation and manufacturing processes.
This is an opportunity for reciprocal benefits for the project and for NGS and will allow products to be specified in NGS and via ASWS consultancy.

Anne Thorne Architects                                                                     Feb ’02
I met Zana Dean at the AECB AGM/Conference and Francis at a Walter Segal Self Build Conference. I was later invited to do project Specification Writing when I was too busy to accept the commission. I followed up a hint that they might want to create a Practice Specification from their existing project specifications.
In the meeting we discussed the possibility that ATA could pay NGS to do the work for ATA; if ATA gave up Copyright for NGS to use then NGS would offer a 40% discount to ATA for the privilege. Thus ATA get a specification cheaply and NGS is underway.

Greater London Authority visit to discuss NGS funding                   Feb ’02
Samantha Heath the Chair of the Environment Committee recently addressing Waste and now Energy, attended the NGS Launch and invited NGS to meet and discuss the prospect of NGS submitting a bid for Monies from the Single Pot of funding from many London Organisations and Authorities.
Submitted a 5 page outline of NGS intentions and objectives for a three year programme to create NGS, with a guess of approximately to £1m. to achieve this. A more accurate budget is being prepared to submit in May/June.

Architects Can’t Read                                                                        Mar ’02
Event: Marketing, selling & sustainability in the construction products industry
Organiser: Joint LTA and CPA event, held at the Building Centre.
Architects can’t read, Technicians want facts and figures, Specification Writers want it done for them, and Builders don’t want yours, they want your competitors, so where do you pitch your literature.
My paper will be about the differing needs of different team members of the design and construction processes.
The title is prompted by the over-generalised view that Architects learn a great deal more information from diagrams, charts, illustrations, diagrams, cartoons, pictures than from any amount of text, and they communicate with drawings, other members of the team need different information.
BRM spoke to an audience of Manufacturers about selling products and difficulties selling sustainable materials.
This will be an opportunity to promote NGS directly to manufacturers. NGS exhibition also displayed.

Paul Davis & Partners Staff Training CPD evening                     Mar ’02
Alec Howard (Ex Benoy) and Elliot Carter (TGR member) invited me to talk about the basics of writing specifications, with the view to follow up events, in more detail. The talk included a critical review of recent project specifications by the Practice, highlighting weaknesses and solutions.
The first follow up meeting planned is to discuss how PDP can help to fund NGS and benefit with a PDP practice specification of the back of the NGS Specification. Similar issues on funding to the ATA suggestion were suggested in a pre-meeting letter.

76 Sclater Street, Whitechapel, London                                        Feb ‘02 – April ’02
Architects: Pastina Matthews Architects (Recently joined TGR)
This new build projects completes a terrace of 3 storey empty and derelict terraced houses brought back into use by the same practice and client with 5 stories of flats at one end.
The local authority Planning Officer is particularly interested in the project since the building is within a Conservation Area quality detail and materials will be adopted.
All materials and services will be green in this project from the outset, budgeted accordingly.
ASWS will prepare a complete specification.

Urban Mines, Halifax, West Yorkshire                                           Mar ’02
They are a Landfill Tax Funded Environment Body helping small business to build around recycling and reuse of materials from Domestic and Municipal Waste streams. One of their projects is to build a Sustainable Growth Park including Business Innovation Centre, Civic Recycling Centre, Reprocessor starter units, Commercial and Domestic Waste Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF), Wood chipping site, Composting facility, Settlement and treatment Lagoons, Aggregate Recycling, etc.
They see a need to help stimulate this activity by creating a demand by encouraging designers to think recycled and second hand and ensure there is a supply to match demand.
Specification is the way forward and Fiona Ellwood invited NGS to discuss NGS’s potential to help this initiative and possible future funding of NGS.

NBS SpecMan Standard and Advanced, SpecWriter & NBS Landscape Software Training              Mar ’02 – May ’02
I intend to attend the training to learn about the more detailed features of these programmes, to see and confirm details of how NGS can best exploit these 3 programmes to integrate NGS and NBS and provide a simple solution for the existing NBS Specification writers, and a simple platform to use NGS. An opportunity to meet potential users of NGS and promote NGS to them.

Health Club for Bank’s own staff                                                     Mar ’02
Architects: Walters and Cohen                                                          Client: to be advised
After the initial telephone enquiry on budgets I prepared a page of notes on services strategy for energy saving health club addressing CHP heating and power generation, water use reduction and heat recovery from water and air, and submitted it to the Architect.

City Lofts Manchester                                                                        April ’02
Architects & Interior Designers: Conran & Partners                             Client: City Loft Developments
80 residential units above Restaurant/retail unit
ASWS prepared prescriptive clauses only and wrapped them up in a Performance Specification framework for a Design and Build procurement without Bill of Quantities, with the designers being novated to the contractor.
The A90 performance Specification included such issues as Egan initiative for prefabrication of infill wall and roofing panels, waste management and use of green products in insulation behind render, carpets, paints and other products.
The project is electrically heated as are many housing schemes of late.
Introduced specification for domestic waste segregation at kitchen sink and communal bin store using colour coded 2 and 4 wheel bins.

Jupiter 4 Birmingham Residential development                                                                    June ’02
Design Architects: RMA Architects London                                Developer: Redrow Homes Midlands
Production Architects: Ruddle, Wilkinson & Partners, Peterborough
Value: Phase 4 £15m of £60m
Initial enquiry to review drawings and prepare budget. 
Will prepare a proposal for Architect, Client and QS consideration outlining possibilities to green up this project.

Peterborough Innovation Centre                                                     April ’02
Architects: Ruddle, Wilkinson & Partners                                        Client Briefing: UKCEED,
The Client Briefing body has referred the Architects to NGS and insisted the building is as sustainable as possible using the best Green materials available.

AECB Visits Organiser:
Agreed to co-ordinate with TGR’s visits organisers.
Walter Segal Self Build In Brighton 2 site visits                                    May ’02
ZEN, TGR and AECB Joint meeting at Hockerton Housing         Spring ’02
BRE Visit                                                                                                Summer ’02
NATURAL SWIMMING PONDS                                                          Sept ’02

NGS Budget meeting with Collaborators                                       April ’02
In order to finalise the detailed budget for NGS creation over the first 3 years and one year of maintenance and subscription service, NGS called a meeting at Construction Resources to show the 3D Excel spreadsheet that has been developed so far by way of email correspondence and correct any assumptions and receive any feedback.
Collaborators identified so far include, Green Architects, Builders, QS, Service Engineers, Educators, Researchers, Technical Authors, Specification Writers, Librarians, Information Suppliers, Database Creators, Visual Basic Authors, Authoritative Bodies, Marketing and Fund Raising, Trainers.

Cambridge CBPP Club, National Green Specification Workshop  18th April ’02
Invited to run an evening workshop at the Construction Best Practice Programme Cambridge Club on the NGS to try to do some Market Research into what is needed by many disciplines across the industry.
 Set up syndicate groups to Brainstorm and return with top 5 topics which prevent progress towards a more sustainable industry.

Wakehurst place Visitors Centre                                                    May – Jul ’02
Architect: Walters and Cohen                                                             Value: £1.75m £1,184/m2
Client: Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, Wakehurst Place and the Millennium Seed Bank
Fee proposal accepted, prepared a 17 page report reviewing scheme with detailed proposals indicating materials, methods of construction and services to be avoided and suggesting others for consideration, steering team towards more sustainable high performance building, structure and services.
Submitted for the first design team meeting.
Preparation of Prescriptive Specification to follow.

NGS Brochure                                                                                       May – Aug ’02
In order to source large funds it has been suggested NGS should prepare a Brochure suited to financial Institutions, funding bodies and Grant funding agencies. The brochure text is being prepared.

NGS Presentation to London RIBA and CLAWSA                        Jun ’02
Evening CPD event

NGS, BPG and HAPM                                                                           Jun ’02
Building Performance Group invited NGS after attending CLAWSA event.
Discussed possibility to join forces with BPG, HAPM, SPON (publisher of HAPM and BPG CLM)
NGS desires to include CLM (Component Life Manual’s Guaranteed Life and failure mode information.
Possible inclusion of HAPM audit guidance ‘Nuggets of information’ in NGS.
Discussed development of A90 Performance Specification since most government-funded projects take away final specification from Architects. Will review clauses on Design Life, Component Life, Durability and Guarantee.
Will take the opportunity to prepare A90 for publication and subscription service to give NGS the kick-start required.
See later DETR PiI Fund Applications.

NGS and BRE CWR meetings                                                            June ’02
Meeting with Centre for Waste Recycling to discuss possible collaboration and LTCS Grant applications.

CIIG 40th YEAR CONFERENCE & AECB Green Pro                                Jul ’02
Presented AECB’s GreenPro product database now web based at and I will man the AECB exhibition stand at a themed conference focusing on Information Provider’s CD or Online services.
An opportunity for the Green alternative to be seen in context with other predominantly Violet information systems.
The audience will be mostly librarians, in offices of all disciplines in the Construction Industry.
Other speakers will include Building Centre, NBS, Barbour, RIBAP, TI, TSO, etc.

AECB SUMMIT 2002 COMMITTEE, AGM & CONFERENCE                  Jul ’02
One of 4 sub-committee proposing and selecting venue, speakers and subjects.Proposed 10 subjects 7 selected including: National Green Specification, Walter Segal Self Build, Construction and Demolition Waste Management, Recycled Products, Natural Swimming Ponds, Bio Engineering, How To Green Up Your Act. An opportunity to present the NGS proposal to members and do some market research which will feed into the discussion on How To Green Up Your Act. Helped with organising Speaker’s IT,
Displayed NGS screen with other exhibitors. Presented two work sections from NGS relevant to speakers topics.



White City Retail Development
Value £600m              Jun ’02 – May ’03
Executive Architects: Benoy                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Concept Architect: Ian Richie
Developer: Chelsfield                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Project Manager: Second London Wall
The brief indicates a Green and Sustainable design, Benoy require advice on these aspects.
Asked to comment on a proposal in respect of use of 50% recycled materials to be used on the project.
Asked to help with Project Specifications for whole project using ASWS specification in SpecMan.
This requires a Copyright Licence to ASWS specification and the project represents an opportunity to progress NGS at the same time as the Project.
Brian Murphy lead team of specifiers for new build back of house and LU yard.
Brian Murphy lead audit team working with Ian Ritchie Architects on front of house, external works and refurbishment

Laing Homes Central Procurement
Invited to help rationalise Group Supply Agreements       Jul ’02 – Oct ’02
Work includes Specifications; suggested NBS format and with LH desire to improve waste management and use green materials, there is scope to bring NGS into play.
Potential for Sustainability/Environmental Consultancy to LH.

Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 2b                                       Jul ‘02 – Oct ’02
Architect: Proctor Matthews Ltd.
Continuity from phase 2a since Aug ’99, 
 Brian Murphy wrote package specifications
Carried out audit and update of core text for each trade package which are, in most cases, to be repeated with the existing constructors on phase 2a.
BRE Has also been monitoring waste from the site and well in excess of 50% reduction in the quantity of waste material leaving the site has been achieved.
Architectural metalwork and External Joinery packages.

RIBA Enterprises Specifiers Network                                            Jul ’02
Further to the CIIG conference I was asked to attend the review of RIBA Product Selector, PS+ CD (issue 14) and PS Website content and format.

City Lofts Piccadilly Basin, Rochdale Canal, Manchester                Jul ’02 – Nov ’02Architects & Interior Designers: Conran & Partners                                                                                                                 Client: City Loft Developments
Medium rise block of flats with Lift and stair access.
ASWS prepared prescriptive clauses only and wrap them up in a Performance Specification framework for a Design and Build procurement without Bill of Quantities, with the designers being novated to the contractor. The A90 performance Specification include such issues as Egan initiative for prefabrication of infill wall panels, A38 Waste Management and use of green products in carpets, paints and other products,
The project is electrically heated as are many housing schemes of late.
Investigating domestic waste segregation in multi storey building with refuse chute and communal bin store.

Queripel House, Duke of York, Cadogan Estate, London                  Jul ’02 – Nov ’02
Architects: Paul Davis Architects                     Value: £5.5m
Client: Cadogan Estate                                                          Construction Manager: Laing
Façade retention and 3 new elevations, Retail, Office and medical Centre.
Phase 2 of 3 chase project, rationalise Phase 1 specifications and outline specification.
Opportunity to introduce clauses to implement guidance given in PDP’s NBS Environmental Advice Sheets created from ECD’s Greening of NBS report.
Experience Northumberland at Woodhorn                                          Jul ’02
Project: Mining Museum Exhibition design                   Interior Designer: Real Studios Ltd.
Initial enquiry: Indicated interest in offering Specification Service and Sustainable/Environmental Consultancy and possible role as partner in project.
Sustainability is important part of brief as is BS EN ISO 14001 accreditation.
Prepared a report on issues for Design Studios taking steps towards accreditation in their daily operation and in their design role.

Green Construction and NGS Presentation to Ryder Architects    Jul ’02
Late afternoon/Evening Staff CPD event 3 hours informal presentation.

BENOY Staff CPD Event:
Green Specification and Retail Developments
           Sept ’02
Howard de Mont (Specification Writer) and Andrew Maryniyak (TGR member) invited BRM to talk to the Practice about NGS. An opportunity to discuss how a practice concentrating on commercial developer led large retail developments, can green up its act and adopt more sustainable approaches to product selection.

Pre-Johannesburg Summit Conference                                       July ’02
NGS exhibition and Attend Conference Birmingham International Conference Centre

NGS and NBS meeting                                                                        Jul ’02 – 
Meeting in Newcastle with Richard Waterhouse NBS’s new MD to explore any opportunities for collaboration between NBS and NGS with NBS.
Opportunities potentially exist in many aspects of NGS production:
Software training in the use of NGS as a template within SpecMan and SpecWriter, (1200 and 3000 subscribers) and the newly launched Scheduler (500 subscribers already).
Understanding the future developments NBS software which is becoming more intelligent and less prone to poor specification writers generating poor contract specification.
NBS have a printing/publishing house which can be used to create binders and content for NGS (NBS has 2700 hardcopy subscribers).
NBS uses Newcastle University for generating its software and updating services.
See DETR PiI Fund Applications.

NGBPB National Green Building Price Book                                        Aug ’02
Alistair MacConnocie a Contract QS with an MSc in Sustainability is interested in creating a Building Price Book for Sustainable construction.
NGS is keen to see this develop and is doing all to assist and encourage Alistair to carryout feasibility study and budgeting for his project and NGS will investigate opportunities to fund NGBPB.
Have reviewed reports by Alistair by email and added suggestions about scope and detail.
Arranging meetings with BRE CfRM Centre for Resource Management.
Attended joint meeting with Tarmac Recycling division Wolverhampton.

GRANT APPLICATIONS                                                                       August ’02
Prepared Applications to NESTA and DETR PiI funds for Grant monies.
Joint application with BRE CfRM making application.
NGS will do a substantial part of the work on this project in partnership with BRE.
This project consists of:
To write a specification clause for 1920 recycled products and suppliers and add them to the NGS Website with manufacturer’s literature as PDF files for downloading by users.
To feed this into the new BRE Geographical Information System.
Convert a number of BRE publications on waste management and use of recycled materials into specification clauses.
Joint application with UKCEED on a Local Waste Recycling initiative to be promoted to other counties.
PiI Focus applications: both successful at stages 1 & 2.
PiI Application for Performance Specification passed stage 1 failed to submit 2nd stage
NESTA application rejected.

TGR Expo 2002

TGR induction Seminars

Resigned from AECB Committee in support of TGR’s Lucy Pedler

BRE WRAP Certified Recycled Building Products


WRAP Aggregain

NGS Website replacement                      April 2003 – 
Sandy Patience recent director of Causeway and inventor of SpecNet, joined forces with NGS to develop a new Website for NGS, Sandy is an Architect, experienced information user and keen to see Sustainability brought to the masses.
Sandy is now developing the new Website to offer a simple easy to use interface of drop down menus to CAWS and Uniclass tables. The site is in the early days of including manufacturers product information, specifications, Checklists, Design Guidance, Articles, Bibliographies, Links and Image bank.

RIBA Sustainable Futures Committee                                             April 2003

Ethical Consumer World Exhibition Wembley Conference Centre

Groundwork LASEER                                                                          June 2003

NGS and BRE CSC meeting                                                               ’03
Planning a meeting with Centre for Sustainable Construction to discuss possible collaboration, copyright licences to use Environmental Profiles, EcoPoints/BREEAM, EcoHomes, data.

NGS User Group Meetings                                                                 Autumn ’03
The purpose of the meeting(s) will be to carryout the survey that was intended for the NGS website, to ensure that NGS is what is required.

Royal College Street Apartments Kentish Town London          Nov ’01 – Jan ’02
Architect: Walters & Cohen                                                                 Value £_m
The existing Public House required interior strip-out for reuse in other public houses, new flats were created in the upper floors squeezing three floors into two. A new 4 storey terrace of 6 maisonettes with ground floor gardens to replace a redundant church hall and function room. Communal access and stairs are included.
The Specification made use of demolition and alteration materials including building fabric and services, maximising waste separation and recycling on and off site.
The buildings use cavity masonry walling and precast floors, Green materials include, damp proof membrane, insulation, cellulose board insulated render, linings, floor and wall finishes and paints FSC approved timbers.
The Green Register Workshops
TGR is a Web based register of Consultants and Constructors offering sustainable solutions to building projects. TGR offer a two day course of seminars to introduce new members to the basics of environmental design and further in depth workshops on subjects for delegates to select from. The courses are run 3 times a year in London and increasingly around the country in partnership with Local Authorities. NGS offers 2 of the detailed workshops on Waste Management and NGS GreenSpec.

Kingston University’s Recycled by Design
A survey or Architects and Designers on use of Recycled Building Products. NGS participated in the survey and was invited to speak at the Salford seminar to disseminate the survey results. NGS gave a visual presentation of alternative recycled construction materials and products for use in building, interiors, landscape and infrastructure.

East of England EofE Sustainable Construction Strategy
The Government Office of East of England invited NGS to participate as a member of the Task Group, in the development of the EofE Sustainable Construction Strategy. The Task Group has organised and run 4 events to invite industry to determine the details of the strategy, a public consultation process, refinement and publication of the strategy and follow up events to add detail, invite industry commitment and organise a programme of events to disseminate and learn.
NGS developed and presented two Matrix: issues and sustainable solutions and presented case studies from the region.

‘Exploiting the value of (local) demolition and construction Waste’
UKCEED’s DTI funded project ‘Exploiting the value of (local) demolition and construction Waste’ exploring the details and difficulties of achieving joined up thinking and actions. NGS is on the steering group, participating in reviewing development. NGS developed graphic representations of on-site, off-site and landfill, good, better and best practice in construction and landscape waste minimisation and management to present to designers and contractors.
NGS participated in 10 regional events presenting ‘The big picture’ on waste statistics, ‘Expanded Waste Hierarchy’ looking at 10 topics and many opportunities to reduce waste generated.

SITEwise Waste Campaign
The Environment Agency’s Anglian Region and Constructing Excellence invited UKCEED and NGS to participate in its SITEwise campaign initially tackling Construction Waste Management and Minimisation, at 6 events in the Anglian region.
NGS presented graphic representations of on-site, off-site and landfill, good, better and best practice in waste minimisation and management and case studies.

Design Guide to Using Reclaimed Equipment, Components and Materials in Buildings
Buro Happold and BSRIA are developing the Design Guide to Using Reclaimed Equipment, Components and Materials in Buildings.
NGS is on the steering group, participating in reviewing drafts and promoting the method of classification and structure of the guide. NGS is also contributing information to guide the authors and suggesting case studies.

BSRIA seminar
NGS and Buro Happold were invited to participate in a BSRIA seminar on the same subject.

BRE Certification of Recycled Building Products:
BRE Centre for Resource Management and WRAP held two events to promote and summarise the WRAP funded 50% grants available to manufacturers of recycled construction products to have BRE Certification carried out on its products. NGS was invited to speak at the first event about Regulations, third party accreditation, certification issues and NGS facilitated a workshop.

A38 Construction Waste management/minimisation Preliminaries
BRE Partnered with NGS to secure DTI Partners in Innovation funding to develop NGS GBS A38 Construction Waste management/minimisation Preliminaries and C20 Demolition/Deconstruction Resource Recovery/Waste Minimisation Specifications; 12 supporting Appendix, C13 Building Fabric Surveys.
400 recycled construction product pages and specification clauses and conversion of BRE publications to specification clauses.
D20 Excavation/Filling Resource Recovery/Waste minimisation and Q29 Landscape Resource Recovery/Waste minimisation to follow. recycled database in its Phase 2
NGS shared data with recycled database in its Phase 2 development.
Links built from their website into NGS website waste and recycling GIS website
NGS shared data with BRE to improve the content of the website.
Links built from their website into NGS website

Identifying the Potential for Recycled Content in Project SLAM
Scott Wilson and NGS partnered in a WRAP funded project with Defence Estates “Identifying the Potential for Recycled Content in Project SLAM” (Single Living Accommodation Modernisation) 250 page report created.

NGS have initiated a number of other proposals to develop other parts of NGS.
BRE, NBS (National Building Specification) and NGS are discussing the opportunity to develop a Partnership where BRE information is incorporated in NGS product pages, clauses and guidance and these clauses be added to NBS specification software.
NGS Other topics to be addressed:
Energy saving materials and services, low embodied energy and high thermal mass materials
Water saving, harvesting and recycling services, appliances, porous construction and SUDS
Housing materials and services
The remainder of the 6000 products identified to be added to the NGS website.

Fund application to EEDA East of England Development Agency to assist with NGS development:
Offering options on more recycled products, green products or EofE manufacturer’s products or all

Development of the definitive sustainable timber specification and FSC Certified product clauses.
Discussions have started with TRADA and FSC-UK.
Will speak at members FSC AGM August 2005

DTI Launch of the SWMP Site Waste Management Plan
NGS spoke and presented Waste Graphic diagrams.
Two subsequent events for LA in Sussex.

WRAP AggRegain Website development of two modules as partners with other parties:
Sustainability Module with Golder Associates and Demolition Module with EnviroCentre
Reviewing drafts and contributing information.
Links built from the Demolition Module to NGS website

Application for WRAP Education and Training Programme:
Joint venture with Kingston Uni, West Focus, The Green Register and National Green Specification NGS. To introduce Recycled material selection and specification to many sectors.
 WRAP decided to run the events themselves.

British Waterways annual meeting of sustainability officers from UK wide
NGS Spoke about how NGS can specifically help the inland waterway network.

Development of Eco-Refurbishment products pages and clauses.
Discussions have started with Hastoe Housing Association and a joint application will be prepared for HC funding.
Levitt Bernstein offering to contribute their Housing Refurbishment Specification in return for developing it into NGS with funding from other parties.

Developed and presented Eco-Refurbishment Presentation:
for TGR Seminar at Kingston University

Joined the SDRT Sustainable Development Round Table Water Group in GO East Offices Cambridge.
Part organised an all day event on East of England Water Shortage for Developers, Planner and Designers, joint venture with TGR.

Invited to be on the Code of Sustainable Building Draft review panels
Attended the Materials panel, other two postponed.

Developed and presented Landscape Reclaim/Reuse Refurbishment/Recycling

Organised speakers and spoke at one day seminar and ran workshops for Groundwork Merton
Planned around St Helier a series of open spaces forming a large public park in south London. To initiate discussions between local design consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and constructors. The scheme is to maximise on number of reclaimed and reused products and recycled materials.

Initial discussions started in setting up a Specification Subscription Service
4 practices interested with project specifications, practice specifications and many others in a subscription service.
Initial Discussions with Gensler and Bennetts Associates

Invited to review BRE’s Proposed development of Green Guide to Specification

Speaker at Constructing Excellence London HQ Breakfast meeting
Subject: Sustainable Specification.

Initiated discussions with Olympics Master Planning Team:
Wanting to offer to joint design team on sustainability advice, material selection and specifications.

Speaking at the FSC Professional members Annual Conference Aug 2005
NGS will present a proposal for the creation of a definitive timber specification and show what NGS has done so far in developing sustainable timber guidance, product information and specifications.

Prepared presentations for the Buro Happold Guide on Reclaim/Reuse or Recycling Sept 2005
Events with CIRIA and BSRIA postponed because of London bombings.

Fund application to EEDA East of England Development Agency to assist with NGS development: 2005-7-
Offering options on more recycled products, green products or EofE manufacturer’s products or all
EEDA required a Partnership with a larger organisation, joint application with BRE.
Developing 600 product pages and specifications
Organising NGS Training and CPD programme for Designers/Specifiers: 
Organising NGS events for Manufacturers
Organising NGS events for key stakeholders to encourage uptake of Green materials
Offer consultancy to manufacturers in selling to Designers review literature etc.

Invited to speak at a BRE Demolition Event in Birmingham Sept 05:
Will present the A38 Waste Management, C13 Pre-demolition Audit, C20 Demolition/Deconstruction Resource Recovery Specifications and their appendix.

Joining a BRE CfRM bid to WRAP, CE, EA, Envirowise to run 12 more SWMP workshops Sept-Dec 2005:
NGS, UKCEED CE, EA & Envirowise ran similar events with in past, joining with BRE will bring added information and statistics from SMARTwaste and a waste/recycling dedicated team.

Organising a workshop on SWMP for EMBEC E Midlands Business Environment Club Sept 2005:
Organising speakers and programme, workshop content, developing and demonstrating a Site Waste Management cost savings spreadsheet, showing the more waste streams you have the more money you save, preparing information pack content.

Organising an NGS User Group meeting Mid-October 2005:
Hold at BRE visit Innovation Park, Integer House and Environment Building

Organising NGS with BRE joint conference on DTI PII funded Project Nov 2005:
Suggested speakers and papers (research projects that NGS is involved in), running order, will speak and prepare papers for the NGS presentations, suggested exhibitors. Will run the event around the country.

Joined BRE in bid for Defra Project 2005
National Waste Statistics, SWMP Checklists and more

Joined Scott Wilson on WRAP application for Recycled materials and Waste Management:
Setting a requirement for recycled content in standard PPP/PFI contract templates for waste management infrastructure.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link  Jan ’00 – ‘June ’00
Joint venture: RLE Rail Link Engineering, Bechtel, Arup, Union Railways, Railtrak
Architect: Ove Arup Partnership (Architectural) Value £400m
Approached by Narendra Vaidya a member of ASNet to join the specification team for the 3 zone single specification work at St Pancras station.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link First task: Gas Facility Building adjacent to St Pancras station: Carried out audit on existing drawings and specification, written by another now left, it was based on an earlier project specification and still contained remnants of that project not relevant to this one.
Rewrote to an acceptable standard, checking each item with the manufacturers.
Minimum embellishment and checked against NBS base spec. All carried out in Word.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Second task: Lineside building generic spec
With Tim Gray wrote a spec of the first of a series of railway tunnel ventilation headhouses along the Section 2 north of the Thames, this became the template for many contracts for similar buildings. Started in SpecMan, transferred to Word and converted to a template in the RLE Rail Link Engineering templates with further added features.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Termini Third task: Temporary Station at St. Pancras station
Carried out Audit of an existing specification for the temporary decanting of the station function for Midland Mainline and Thameslink to the station extension platforms during the rebuilding of the existing Barlow Shed Roof to the original design.
This was originally written off the back of a specification for a Major Public Building for Opera, a very strange place to start for what was to be a 2 and a half year design life, temporary building consisting of a large number of Yorkon/Portacabin prefabricated buildings.
Rewrote it as a performance specification for a Design and Build temporary project.

CIIG AGM Events Review                                                                           Mar ’00
In addition to the usual spoken presentation on the previous years CIIG visits, I presented a slide show with dialogue on amongst others the 3 visits at BRE to the Environment Building, Wood Library and Integer House, BAA Heathrow HQ, Christmas do and others.


Redevelopment of St John Reade Hostel Redland                      May ’00 – Oct ’00
Architect: Ferguson Mann Architects Bristol. (Member of Acanthus group)
Developer: Edward Ware New Homes
Introduction: Roger Goodliffe now an Associate with FMA (worked with Roger at Buck Goodliffe and Smith Roberts)
Invited to prepare specifications from scratch for this high quality housing development with a design practice and developer who both desire to adopt sustainable development principals.

12-16 City Road London                                                                     July ’00 –
Architect: Walters and Cohen                                                             Value £0.5m
Roof extensions and alterations to all floors of existing buildings with mixed use Retail and Office with residential above.
Intermediate NBS specification to be developed with Architect.
The Architect wishes to introduce green materials where feasible.

Albert Pier Housing Jersey                                                               July ’00 – Sept ’00
Employer: The Waterfront Enterprise Board Ltd.                            Value £22m
Design Architect: Nigel Biggar & Partners Jersey
Production Information Architect: John S Bonnington Partnership St Albans
Introduction: Peter Fishwick of JSBP
Second stage of a 2 stage tendering process leading towards 100% GMP contract.
5 specification work sections have been started in NBS Intermediate version, required to audit the drawings and other documents and complete the specification for Architectural and Landscape Elements.
ASWS initial audit of drawings and existing specifications includes a review of materials to reconsider greener alternatives.

Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 2a                                       Sept ’00 –
Architect: Proctor Matthews
Second stage of the site has a slower design phase which will allow a more rigorous review of methods and materials, but where first stages are successful, specifications will just be updated to suit scope of the stage.
Package specifications for: close tolerance Metal stud framed external wall panels within concrete frame structure, Windows, Roofs, Walls, Metalwork, Stairs, Envelope etc.

Apprentice Centre Warrington
Client: Charity supporting abused and disturbed teenagers
Brian Murphy invited by Lawyer to sketch ideas for a waste segregation apprenticeship centre
Clients 3 representatives all very impressed with understanding of their needs.
Client became unwell and project did not go ahead

Peterborough Innovation Centre
Architects: ADC Architects Design Consortium
Brian Murphy joined design team for new build competition adding environmental expertise

Sandbanks Poole, £1m Private House on beach
Architects: Allies & Morrison
Brian Murphy specified new build project

Colchester Housing Specification
Architects: Proctor & Matthews
Brian Murphy wrote new build specifications
D40 Extensive use of Gabions walls and fences in landscape
H21 Detailed Relief Weatherboarding

  • DTI PII Waste and Recycling Project 2002-2003
    Lead partner: BRE, Partner: ASWS and NGS
    Brian Murphy wrote specifications for construction refurbishment, landscape, packaging, demolition/deconstruction, excavation and many supporting appendix waste management
    First applied to Greenwich Millennium Village and all sites subsequently.

Hastings Commercial Development Specification
Architects: Proctor & Matthews
Brian Murphy wrote new build package specifications

Pembrokeshire Landscape Gallery extension at St Davids
Architects: Smith Roberts
Brian Murphy wrote extension specifications

  • BCT Bat Conservation Trust
    Biodiversity and Low to Zero Carbon Building Book
    Brian wrote or produced 50% of the book, hand drew building sections for others to CAD up to 2D sections.
  • Cambridge Housing site 2012
    Architects: Proctor & Matthews
    Brian Murphy wrote new build package specifications

Leeds Sustainability Institute Green Vision 2012 Specifying Green Seminar
Brian Murphy spoke about Green Building Encyclopaedia, CAPEM LCA Method and CAPEM Compass

WWMC Windsor Walk Medical Centre   2013
Architects: Agenda 21
Brian Murphy managed Howard de Mont Specification Writer writing new build package specifications

  • Sommerfield one off houseCase Study DOCX
    Architects: LBR near Norwich
    Invited Brian to attend meeting with Client to brainstorm project and suggests changes to project, methods of construction and materials

Orchard Park Cambridge Co-Housing
Architects: Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd.
Invited to become part of the design team

Napier University BIM seminar at Edinburgh Zoo
Brian presented ‘From alphabet soup to holy grail – A Specifier’s Perspective on BIM’

AECB East meeting with:
Schools extension presentation,
Visit to Burt St Edmonds College EcoExhibtion
BIM SketchUp Demonstration by Dan Ward

  • Sustainable Built Environment East (of England)
    Brian is a committee member, quarterly meetings
  • AECB East Launch seminar
    Brian presenting NGS & GBE activity
  • Flooring Sustainability Partnership (FSP) Committee
    Visit to Anglo Recycling Carpet Underlay

CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group
Brian Murphy attended launch

  • National Self Build Centre
    Brian Murphy on Q&A panel about thermal insulation with Self Builders in audience
    Brian Murphy on Expert Alley offering environmental advice to self builders
    Met manufacturers discussed literature by Brian Murphy
  • BRE Crossing Borders
    Attended CPD: EPD and EN 15804 seminar
  • EC PEF Pilot
    European Commission Product Environmental Footprinting Thermal Insulation
    CAP’EM has been selected to participate in the EC PEF Pilot Product Environmental Footprinting Thermal Insulation
    Brian Murphy attends meetings in Brussells

Peterborough EcoHub
Architects: ADC Architects Design Consortium
Brian Murphy joined design team for refurbishment competition adding environmental expertise
Our team won the competition but the project failed to progress, client sold building.

Cross Keys Housing Head Quarters site Shrewsbury Avenue Competition
Architects: ADC Architects Design Consortium
Brian Murphy joined design team adding environmental expertise for refurbishment and alterations of office and Industrial site adding residential and rationalizing exiting buildings.
Our team won the competition but the project failed to progress.

Bug-life Visitors Centre in Great Fens Reflooding Project
Architects: ADC Architects Design Consortium
Brian Murphy joined design team adding environmental expertise for new-build centre
Project failed to progress.

One New Change Retail and Offices
Executive Architects: Sidell Gibson
Led 2 man team working on specifications Howard de Mont 5 day week, Brian Murphy 2 day weekend for 6 months to complete £200m project spec. for building and landscape but excluding façade.

Cambridge University Facilities Management Building
Architect: Oliver Caroe
Brian Murphy prepared the specifications for refurbishment

Ripon Cathedral Bronze Internal Porch/Wind Lobby
Architect: Oliver Caroe
Brian Murphy prepared the specifications for new build from Drawing Keynotes

Ripon Cathedral’s New Narthex Entrance

Roof Refurbishment Hippodrome London
Architect: CAR Ltd & Oliver Caroe
Brian Murphy prepared the specifications for roof refurbishment

Conservation quality farm house restoration and new build out buildings and landscape
Architect: CAR Ltd. Cambridge
Brian Murphy prepared the specifications for old and new and hard, soft and wet landscape

Country House refurbishment
Architects: Oak View Studios, Kent. Bob
Brian Murphy developed specification from Architects keynotes.

CAP’EM COMPASS launched in Loos en Gohelle France Brian Murphy presented

LSBU Architecture RIBA Part 2 Year 1 2010-16 Energy And Resource Efficiency Course

Contract Flooring Association Annual Guide to Specification & Sustainability
Brian wrote Article
on flooring waste

Private House Milton Keynes
Architects Smith Roberts
Brian Murphy wrote specification for new build

Public WC Block at St David’s Wales adjacent to Visitors Centre Extension
Architects Smith Roberts
Brian Murphy wrote specification for new build

Dance Studio Centre Extension to Aberystwyth University Arts Centre
Architects Smith Roberts
Brian Murphy wrote specification for new build and alterations

Shrewsbury Private School Humanities Block                                                                                                                       Dec ’13-April ‘14
Architects: Adrian James Architects
Brian Murphy wrote the Employer’s Requirements with extensive prescriptive specification

Octavia House Nottingham                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jan’14-Feb ‘14
Architects: Adrian James Architects
Re-fit from Office into IVF Clinic
Brian Murphy wrote the specification for the Refit including the Clean Rooms

A94 Airtightness Testing Specification
Brian Murphy wrote specification for new build and alterations

A95 Infrared Thermography Survey Specification
Brian Murphy wrote specification for new build and alterations

P14 Air/Wind Tightness System Specification
Brian Murphy wrote specification for new build and alterations
Based on German manufacturer pro-clima, and 20 of their products in many permutations of system applications and details.

M50 Resilient Flooring Details Specification
Brian Murphy wrote specifications for Gemini Adhesives Group for their polymer-migration free adhesive and phthalate-free carbon black-free PVC coved skirting and capping and other sections to produce a risk free solution to all PVC flooring.

M50 Resilient Flooring Details CPD
Brian Murphy wrote and presented a CPD seminar for Gemini Adhesives Group to present with the manufacturer at Architects Office Lunchtime Seminars.

M50 Resilient Flooring Details CPD at 6 EcoShowcase venues
Brian Murphy wrote and presented a CPD seminar for Gemini Adhesives Group to present with a Solicitor addressing liability at EcoShowcase Lunchtime Seminars.

GBE Issue paper: Cement Sector                                                    May ’15 – Sept ‘15
The Cement Sector has challenges in reducing its environmental impacts, Carbon Dioxide in particular. It cannot see blended low carbon cement as a solution but as a competitor undermining its market share. GBE wrote a response to a students PhD research.

GBE Issue paper: Circular Economy Resource Mapping           July ’15 – Aug ‘15
Brian Murphy prepared a proposal for GBE development

GBE Issue paper: Overheating                                                         Aug ’15 – Sept ‘16
Zero Carbon Hub have failed to understand the main cause of overheating (solar gain through opaque building fabric, roof in particular) Brian Murphy wrote an 80 page paper explaining all of the issues and solutions.

GBE Issue Paper: External Wall Insulation Thermal Bridges Jan ‘16

GBE Issue Paper: External Wall Insulation Thermal Bridges Executive Summary Jan ‘16

Project Logistics Architects
3 Project brainstorm considering performance and appropriate materials

Elekta new office building Crawley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            April ’16-June ‘16
Architects and Interior designers: T P Bennett
Brian Murphy reassembled the CAT A Contractor’s Proposal to NBS format and order ready to complete with Design team.
Merged in selected items from the Architects CAT A Specifications.
Developed sub-contractor’s cladding and roofing proposals into this specification.
Developed BBA Certificate extracts into specification clauses.
Developed manufacturers literature into specification clauses.

83-34 Wimpole Street, London May’16-June ‘16
Architects: Adrian James Architects
Re-fit from recently façade-retention re-built Office into IVF Clinic
Brian Murphy wrote the specification for the Refit including the Clean Rooms sub-contract

Senior Lecturer in Architecture (Technology & Environment) June ‘16
Application for post at London South Bank University, Faculty of the Environment, School of Architecture and Design.
Responsibilities could include Studio and teaching of principles of technology and sustainable design and managing the technical and environmental input into the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Potentially developing new modules and their integration with design in Architecture and Landscape courses.

Ska Higher Education Scheme -June ‘16
Brian Murphy is a Member of the Development team
Launched scheme June 2016

Healthy Building Specification                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            June ‘16 – Sept ‘16
Following up from EcoBuild discussion to develop Healthy Building Specification and Healthy Building Encyclopaedia as part of GBE with BBA Building Biology Association and Gale & Snowden

  • Bat Conservation Trust: Bat workers guide to Buildings June ‘16
    Brian attended Initial brainstorming meeting about potential booklet.

Project Logistics Architects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       June ’16 – Sept ‘16
Considering a Practice Template Specification
Brainstorming project detailing

GBE Issue paper: Climate Change Urban Risks                           July ‘16
Started with a TGR The Green Register Blog and focused on façade design then posted on LinkedIn

Lecturer Series in Architecture Technology & Environment   Aug ‘16
Submitted a proposal to London South Bank University, Faculty of the Environment, School of Architecture and Design.
Ambition to provide a Technology lectures through 8 years of Part 1 2 & 3 undergraduate, postgraduate courses, and professional practice.
Teaching of principles of technology and sustainable design.

English Welsh and Scottish RIBA approved courses                 Aug ‘16
Wrote to English Welsh and Scottish RIBA approved courses to offer lectures to their courses.

Unintended Consequences of big Home Extensions                 Aug ’16 – Oct ‘16
#DontCookYourClient Planned and promoted Seminar with Highgate Society, Postponed

  • LoftZone StoreFloor Calculator Aug ’16 – Jan ‘17
    Loft Top-up insulation U value and support thermal bridge and bypass Psi value calculator
  • LoftZone StoreFloor Literature Audit Sept ’16 – Dec ‘16
    GBE LitAudit on Website instructions, Instruction manual, instruction video,
  • Zero Waste Scotland bid with Enscape Sept ‘16
    Model Clauses, bid came second
  • Bio-based Building Specification Sept ‘16
    Discussions to develop Bio-based Building Specification and Bio-based Building Encyclopaedia as part of GBE with Agrodome in Holland.
  • GBE wins LSI RISE Award 2016 Sept ‘16
    Leeds Sustainability Institute, RISE (Research Innovation Sustainability Enterprise) Awards 2016, “Celebrating Research and Development”
    Strand 3: Sustainability
Award, 7: Category: Behavioural Change, and the WINNER is Green Building Encyclopaedia
  • K43 Raised Storage/Access Decking System Sept ’16 – Dec ‘16
    Brian Murphy wrote new specification work section for LoftZone for their StoreFloor support system
  • LiftZone StoreFloor Literature Audit Sept ’16 – Dec ‘16
    GBE LitAudit on Manufacturer’s CPD seminar
  • NGS Wins Build News Sustainable Building Award 2016 Sept ‘16
    Category: Best Green Building Information Platform – UK
    And the winner is National Green Specification Ltd.
  • Zero Waste Scotland bid with Enscape Oct ‘16
    Design Out waste Guide, bid came second
  • GBE Issue Paper: Internal Wall Insulation Oct ‘16
    Started a paper that will take a while to develop to address all the issues
    It is likely to intertwine with other Issues Papers, Q&A and Defects pages

Enviroform Solutions Ltd Product Data Collection                      Oct ’16
Collecting data for 1260 cells of schedule about company, product and service


From this end in reverse date order (recent first oldest last)

LoftZone StoreFloor Product Data Collection                               Oct ’16 – Jan ‘17
Collecting 600 out of 1260 cells of data about company, product and service
Outputs include GBE Incubator, PASS, Method Statement, Robust Specification, BIM and COBie Data Sheets, etc.

LoftZone StoreFloor Method Statement                                        Oct ‘16
GBE Product Data Collection with Method Statement as an output to help convince housing developers to adopt their system

  • LiftZone StoreFloor Literature Audit Nov ’16
    GBE LitAudit on SpecifiedBy website

LoftZone StoreFloor CPD                                                                   Nov ‘16
GBE LitEdit updating of manufacturers CPD readying for an Architectural Audience

NGS wins Acquisition International Excellence Awards 2016   Nov ‘16
Category: Most Outstanding Green Building Information Platform
Certified Winner: National Green Specification Ltd.

GBE Environmental Checklist K43                                                   Dec ‘16
Wrote the do’s and don’ts for this new work section

GBE Issue Paper: Squashed Loft Insulation                                 Dec ‘16
Written as part of GBE Encyclopaedia to support LoftZone Store Floor

GBE Issue Paper: Performance Gap                                               Dec ‘16
Started a paper that will take a while to develop to address all the issues
It is likely to intertwine with other Issues Papers, Q&A and Defects pages

GBE Nomination: Landscaping & Gardening Awards 2017       Jan ‘17

GBE Product Data Collection (Collaboration Service)                       Jan ‘17
Collecting on average 600 out of 1260 cells of data about company, product and service
Outputs include 35 tables for GBE Incubator, PASS, Method Statement, Robust Specification, BIM and COBie Data Sheets, etc.

GBE Product Data Collection (Collaborate) G#14563

GBE Members Newsletter No.7                                                              Jan ‘17

Critique of ‘Specialists in Sustainable Architecture’                                                                                    Jan ‘17

  • On behalf of family subjected to overlooking by one of their building designs on neighbours property. ‘Architectural Designers’ claiming to be ‘Specialists in Sustainable Architecture’,
  • BrianSpecMan checked the credibility of statement, checked currency and membership claims suggested by logos on website.
  • Found their website to misleading, erroneous and found no evidence of output sustainability, only greenwash and business as usual continuity.
  • GBE Greenwash (Navigation) G#734 N#756

GBE Members Newsletter No 8 LoftZone StoreFloor Special                     Jan ’17-Feb ‘17

GBE Q&A Barn Conversion Roof Thermal insulation                  Jan ‘17

  • Considering lower cost alternative materials to dense wood fibre insulation in roof client wanting to use expanded/extruded plastic board
  • Stone Barn Conversion Thermal Insulation (BrainStorm) Q#14897

GBE Q&A Barn Conversion External Wall Thermal insulation Jan ‘17

  • Considering lower cost alternative materials to dense wood fibre insulation as internal wall insulation
  • GBE Question + Answer (Navigation) Q#14864

Fertility Clinic Chelmsford                                                                  Feb ’17-April ‘17
AJA Architects

Ska Technical Committee                                                                

LSBU Lecture series

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