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CobBauge Project

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CobBauge 1

  • The CobBauge Project team (based in UK and France) set out to run a long term project to understand Cob (Bauge in French) and to promote its use in the 21st century.
  • They sought Interreg funding to support the project.
  • Interreg in turn required the team to prove the viability of a traditional earth based building material and method during the first year to prove its technical performance capability, before releasing it with extra money for the remaining years.
  • The team have succeeded in the first challenge and and now funded to progress with the remaining 4 years.
  • The Phase 1 final event in December 2018 set out a plethora of evidence of the materials capability and the methods capacity to be a credible method of construction, compliant with the building regulations and numerous other advantageous properties.

Cobbauge 2

  • The Phase 2 workshop in July 2019 started an interactive process of involving stakeholders in brainstorming the detailing of the future Cob construction.
  • Phase 2 launch event 3rd September 2019 @ RICS London HQ

CobBauge Objectives:

CobBauge Goal:

CobBauge Partners:

Cob Bauge Partners Logos

Cob Bauge Partners Logos

CobBauge in GBE Website:

CobBauge after funding

CobBauge Project

CobBauge Inputs/Outputs

Phase 1

Phase 2

WP0 Bid Preparation


  • CobBauge Funder: Interreg
  • See Sponsors, Clients and Collaborators
  • CobBauge Partners & Match Funders table
  • CobBauge Scope of Proposal, Budget, Programme, Partners,
  • CobBauge Management Structure
  • CobBauge Working Groups
  • CobBauge Partners
  • CobBauge Map

WP1 LCA Life Cycle Assessment

A01 Benchmark

  • CobBauge Definitions

A02 Methodology

  • CobBauge Technical Partners
  • CobBauge Method
  • CobBauge Confidentiality Agreement with Manufacturer

A03 Software Specification

  • CobBauge GUI Brief
  • CobBauge GUI Specification
  • CobBauge Tenders (minus tender prices)
  • CobBauge Tender evaluation

A04 Material Selection

  • CobBauge Products Long List schedule from which to choose 30
  • CobBauge PQQ Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to help filter out manufacturers early
  • CobBauge Short List 30 products to be assessed to test method

A05 Software testing


A06 Method testing

  • CobBauge project
  • Case Study
  • CobBauge Software
  • CobBauge overview diagram
  • CobBauge Peer review against other methods in the market place:

WP2 Product Data

A07 Product Selection

  • CobBauge Product List Final: some dropped out and others stepped in
  • CobBauge: Manufacturer and Product List

A08 Products Data Collection

  • CobBauge Product Data Collection Sheet: for collection only
  • CobBauge Product Data Sheet Template: for product data dissemination
  • CobBauge Product Database: for holding information online
  • CobBauge Generic materials: shortlist
  • CobBauge Labels: Product Accreditation, Endorsement, Accolade & Labels Table
  • CobBauge DropDownLists:

A09 LCA Data Processing

  • CobBauge Products LCAs 100 products (results only)
  • CobBauge Generic materials 150 (regionalised data)

A10 Classification and GUI

  • CobBauge GUI Evaluation tool
  • CobBauge Functional Unit calculations
  • CobBauge Product Labels Logos
  • CobBauge Software/Tool
  • CobBauge Tool is an online tool for _.
  • CobBauge Tool is based on Life Cycle Analysis results of the project.

It enables the user to:

  • Find the construction products based on their applications
  • Find the construction products based on the user’s preferences
  • Compare them mutually and to conventional products
  • Filter the products based on the user’s location
  • Calculate the delivery to site footprint and show the results on the graph for better and easier understanding of the users.
Useful Documents:
  • CobBauge Method
  • Tool User’s Manual
  • Materials Manufacturers List
  • WIKI Compass
  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions PDF


A11 Market Approach

  • Promoting Eco-materials
  • Marketing Ecological Building Materials A Practical Navigators Guide
  • CobBauge Manufacturer’s guide booklet
  • CobBauge – Developing and promoting ecological building materials, published in Magazine

WP3 Communications

  • A12-A15 Communications Strategy
  • CobBauge Targets v Outputs
  • CobBauge brochure:
    • English – French
  • CobBauge Box
  • CobBauge Box Labels
  • CobBauge Mock-ups
  • CobBauge Events
  • CobBauge Exhibition Displays
  • CobBauge Exhibitions
  • CobBauge Exhibition Brochure
  • CobBauge Exhibition Website
  • CobBauge Pop-up Banners
  • CobBauge Film
  • CobBauge Videos
  • CobBauge Blog
    • Subscribe
  • CobBauge News
  • CobBauge Newsletters Previous Sign-up
    • (x language options)
  • CobBauge Social Media
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIN
  • CobBauge Presentations
  • CobBauge Website

WP4 Investments

  • A16 Design & Spec Buildings
  • CobBauge Exhibition Centres
      • Award
      • Video
  • CobBauge Mobile Exhibitions
  • CobBauge Exhibition Displays

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CobBauge Project

Fig. 1 EU Flag

EU Flag Logo

Fig. 2 Part Funders logo

interreg IVB LogoInterreg Channel Logo

interreg channel logo

Fig. 3 Project Logo

Interreg Channel CobBauge Logos

Fig. 4 Competition Entry

CobBauge RevioStars Flyer

Fig. 5 Project Partners and Match co-Funders Logos

The university of Plymouth logo

Cob Bauge Partners Logos

Cob Bauge Partners Logos

Fig. 6 Flyers for Events

CobBauge Phase 2 Start Flyer YellowCobBauge Phase2 Start Event InvitationCobBauge Phase 2 Start Flyer 3 Column

Fig. 7 Poster at Exhibition

Fig. 8 Partner’s CPD

Fig. 9 Presentation to __

Fig. 10 Presentation to __

Fig. 11 Project team Visit to __ Office

Fig. 12 Exhibition display

CobBauge ExhibitionCobBauge Test Blocks

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Name Project Template
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  • CobBauge 2 Launch Event RICS London 3rd September 2019
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GBE Jargon Buster

  • Bauge (French)
  • Cob
  • Decrement Delay
  • Earth Construction
  • Moisture Mass
  • Thermal Mass


Project Tools

Project Outputs:

GBE Video

GBE Projects

GBE Links

GBE Collaboration

GBE Services

Project Collaborate Services

  • GBE Product Data Sheet
  • GBE Tool: Adding products to the GBE Database
  • GBE Marketing
  • GBE EPD and LCA scoring the environmental impact of materials and products
  • GBE Detox using LCA data and Marginal Analysis to help manufacturers improve their products

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