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Resource Efficiency Flooring Skills Project G#1275 N#1268

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Resource Efficiency Flooring Skills Project

Resource Efficiency Flooring Skills Project

Information dumped, reformatting started, to be completed

Resource Efficient Flooring Skills Project

  • Seeking Construction Skills funding
  • FSP, CFA with NGS & ABS
  • NGS National Green Specification
  • Tackle issues every which way
  • Whilst design is the source of waste NGS and other bodies continue to try to educate the design professions from the top down
  • The Flooring Sectors needs to come at the same problem from the bottom up
  • We might find some common ground in the middle

Executive summery

  • Proposal to provide CSkills funded training to assist flooring installers to improve their offering to contractors, designers and clients
  • To enable dialogue up their supply chain with main contractors, designers and clients on resource efficiency and cost issues in flooring
  • Provide ready made text to initiate the discussion and support the argument if not face to face
  • Develop a calculator to provide compelling evidence to persuade designers to engage.
  • CITB WRAP and DEFRA funding bid dead ends

CITB Construction Skills

  • The Sector Skills Council for Construction
  • Paul Gaze
  • Specialist Federation Supports Manager
  • John Carter
  • Specialist Account Coordinator
  • MS&DP Management Supervisor Development Program Funding
  • Dead end

Alan Best

  • Flooring, Chemistry and REACH expertise
  • FSP & CFA committees
  • CFJ Journal articles
  • Sales, HR & training background
  • Represents Global Flooring manufacturer

What will force change in your world?

  • Diminishing landfill capacity
  • EPD Environmental Product Declaration
  • REACH Regulation (driving out hazardous chemicals)
  • Promotional opportunity in journal

Brian Murphy NGS National Green Specification

Architect, Specification Writer
Greening up since 1999
National Green Specification launched 2001
DTI funded project with BRE on waste minimisation and recycled content
Website content, Specifications and Appendix
40 UK wide SWMP workshops with BRE, EA, WRAP, Envirowise, UKCEED, Kier, Simons
Develops simple Excel calculators
Runs seminars, workshops & lectures extensively
GreenSpec website since 2003
NGS website since 2012

CFA Contract Flooring Association
FSP Flooring Sustainability Partnership
Setup and initially funded by BRE, WRAP, CPA,
now funded by membership
Alan and Brian on Committees and spoke at events
Follow up action: this proposal
Not Representing

CRUK Carpet Recycling UK
This project is about flooring installers and installation resource efficiency
It is not about recycling since this is the domain of waste handling, carpet recycling, recyclate distribution companies and manufacturers
Waste Hierarchy 2011

EU and EA definitions & implications
Old Waste Hierarchy
old official definition & goal

Old Waste Hierarchy
The reality

Reuse & Recycle
Old Waste Hierarchy
GreenSpec definition

Rethink, Re-educate, Resolve, Refocus, Resource, Relate, Research, Refer, Refresh, Rename, Regard, Revalue, Remeasure, Reprogramme, Replan, Reconsider, Refuse, Reject, Return, Redesign, Regularise, Rehearse, Rationalise, Remediate, Reduce, Reserve, ReSpec, Register, Reuse, Reclaim, Repair, Retain, Remind, Recycle, Recover, Record, Report, Reward, Review, Revise, Refine, Restart
2011 Waste Hierarchy

Preparing for re-use
Other recovery

Designers think waste is a site issue not a design issue
Resource Efficiency (RE) and Waste Minimisation are No. 8 in their list of priorities
GreenSpec WRAP, BRE, EA and Envirowise attempt to engage with designers on this issue
And will continue to do so
CSkills Meeting

Discuss Training Grant Application
(from previous aborted application)
Limited aspiration then
1 event and 10 Architect audiences
(wrong emphasis for this funding)
Bigger scope possible
Passive and Proactive
What scope/time frame/budget should we consider?
CITB Construction Skills

1 of 25 Sector Skills Councils
Represent 100 trade associations
They Develop Standards
Manage Trade Card Schemes
Funded by levy on industry
£1m back into businesses: training
Grants scheme for training
Gatekeeper: ensure benefits from money spent
Funding each year: follow up projects or phases of same project possible
Budgets v outcomes:

Don’t focus on budgets, instead aim at:
Actions and outcomes
Actions: 6 events in 6 months,
EcoBuild via regional events to Harrogate
But this may be the wrong places for installers
Outcomes: 100 Installer companies engaged initially via estimators
Target: tonnes waste diverted from landfill
Evidence: participants diversion data
Follow up: is essential
Aim to support Micro SMEs

Business support

Joined up activity and learning

Business Development

Optimize, reduce safety margin %, reduce costs, more competitive tenders
PQQ: extra added value service offering
Or post tender pre-contract or site establishments meetings
Opportunities to reduce costs, waste, time,
Site Waste Management Plan workshops: enable engagement
Productivity, Waste reduction, Savings
Up-skilling, knowledge sharing
Build Value Added Service to designers
to standout from crowd, building relationships with them
Follow up: see if changes have happened and support ambitions
PMB: Pre meeting brainstorm

Focus on C Skills, FSP & CFA audience
Make use of Project partners
Build on past experience, projects, relationships
Build on existing resources and tools
PMN: Post Meeting Note

Aim to support SME and Micro SME
CFA Contract Flooring Association
AIS Association of Interior Specialists
Association of Shop-fitters
Two distinct groups

Domestic: work directly for client
Commercial: subcontract to main contractor
Challenge is to create a communication route up the supply chain past layers of management to the designers
Who my not be interested, or think they know better
Meeting at CFA

Richard Catt
Former Chair of SFA
John Butler
John Butler Contracts Ltd.
Tony Mathe
Director Hillside Contracts Ltd.

To present project proposal to the prospective audience

Explore details

Test the proposal

Check if it works for them


Executive Summery and 1st diagram only

Questions: Who in the SME?

Who will be the recipient of the training?
Who will use the software?
Who will present the RE arguments?
Estimators may be the right place to start
The may be able to see the wasteful design if they have drawings
They may be able to engage the installers
When will it be used?

We are expected to price the spec
We would irritate the Tender Reviewer
Tender stage is too late
Ideally sooner but no opportunities
Post Tender or In sub contract
Probably be the best time to address this
“Here are some potential savings”
“Can’t improve those, but can these”

Ideally (but exceptionally) discuss with designer, educate them in process, convert wasteful to resource efficient design

Project Partners
& Their Resources

Knowledge of own markets
Route to market
email lists
Rooms for events
Graphic Design departments
Marketing advice
IT advice
Construction Skills

Grant for training installers

Focused activity
Can this be the installing SME’s estimators?
Membership email addresses?

Training centers/Training venues
Training providers
Training AV creators
Meeting venues and room?


Flooring Sustainability Partnership
Initiatives & drivers
REAP Resource Efficiency Action Plan
Report 007
Website & tools
Diversion from landfill
EOL End of Life options tool

Contract Flooring Association
Champions for this initiative
4000 members install floors
Meeting room?
bre (formerly building research establishment)

Championing REAPs
BREEAM, CfSH, EcoHomes
waste statistics,
hand held computers
BREMAP Resource Efficiency Businesses Map website
CRWP Knowledge of wastage %
More sophisticated but slow version of WasteCostLite®
SWMP checklist tool
Meeting rooms

Waste & Resource Action Program
Championing REAPs
WRAP materials websites
Resource efficiency tools
Recycled content calculator
Waste Calculator
SWMP Checklist tools
Design to reduce waste guide
Meeting room?
WRAP Tools

Net Waste Tool

Waste To Landfill Reporting Portal

Design Of Waste Tool For Buildings

Design Out Waste Tool For Civil Engineering

SWMP Tracker


Construction Products Association

Championing REAPs

Member Associations

Manufacturing sector associations

Flooring sectors? Or materials sectors?

Member’s Members


Approved installers

Building Centre Meeting Venue and training Rooms

Need to approach

AIS Association of Interior Specialists

Membership group

Able to promote

Aware of REAPs

Engaged with Ska EAM

ASF Association of Shop-fitters

Membership Group

Able to promote


Flooring Industry Training Association


Training Venues


Approach them to find coaching expertise if we do not have them

Consider rolling out to larger audience


Constructing Excellence Clubs


Accessed via club activities

Topical meetings

Case Studies

RE on their agenda

RE Champions?

Endorse and promote the initiative

Speak at launch event?

Encourage engagement to their sectors

John Butler

John Butler Contracts Ltd.

Tony Mathe

Director Hillside Contracts Ltd.

Other resources

Responsible Solutions Loughborough

Envirowise Packaging guides

Packaging SWMP checklists and datasheet

Packaging Calculator

Packaging waste Toolbox talks

Responsible sourcing

Resource efficiency workshop model

Main contractors and their supply chain partners

Other resources

SWMP checklists & datasheets

Created by Constructing Excellence in SWMP workshops

Published by DTI in SWMP Voluntary CofP

Guidance added by GreenSpec

Made easier to use by non experts in workshops

Added calculators

Broadened scope to Packaging waste with Envirowise and Responsible Solutions

Published on Scribd


Website(s) Visitors 48,000/month Jan’12

Architects Specification writers,

Resource Efficiency & Waste background

WasteCostLite®, EE & EC calculators

Waste specifications & Appendix

Materials Specifications

NGS National Green Specification

Download Website

CPD, Specifications, Calculators

LCA/EPD, BIM, etc.

Bulk email facility with target filtering

10,000 email addresses

Good use of Scribd, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, etc.

Membership potential

GreenSpec CPD

800+ seminar papers over 13 years

45 hours on Waste

25 hours on Recycling Reuse Recovery

10 hours on Eco Retrofit

5 hours on Resource efficient design

design to reduce waste and to reuse

Ground floors PPT is the second most popular file

Jargon buster is the most popular file

Ground floors is the 2nd

GreenSpec Specifications

Waste management Specifications:

Construction, Alteration, Excavations, Demolition, Landscape, Packaging

Demolition Protocol

Bill of Pre-demolition Quantities, etc. calculators

SWMP Site Waste Management Plan checklists, data sheets, calculators

Appendix: Material Exchanges, etc.

GreenSpec Calculators Tools

SWMP checklists,

Datasheet Schedules that calculate

Demolition Protocol

Checklists, BoPDQ,

Schedules that calculate

Embodied Energy & Embodied Carbon calculator

WasteCostlite® calculator

GreenSpec WasteCostlite®

1 minute to input

Number of buildings, floor area, number of floors, type of construction,

Choose which waste to be segregated

Instantaneous output:

Cost of waste from building

Cost to segregate waste

Money saved by segregating



Resource Efficient Flooring Proposal

Particular Skills

Defra? project some years ago addressed this, check final phase activity: Installers

Give installers confidence to address environmental issues with their clients

Language to use

Arguments to adopt

Directives, legislation, campaigns, fiscal

Data to support arguments:

WasteCostlite® Floor

Focused on costs: a good starting point

Materials, accessories, labour, waste, tax


Raise awareness of resource issues

Empower Flooring installers and/or estimators to participate in a debate with their clients

Issues to debate

Counter arguments

Rehearse debates

Develop confidence

Provide a manual for future use

Record ‘Golden Nuggets’ for all to use

Provide compelling evidence

Create a waste calculator and report generator

Train Installers and/or estimators in its use

Installer’s Clients include:

Domestic (direct relationship possible)


Self manage/procure/build


(layers of management barrier)

Sub-contractor: if installer is employee

Main Contactor, D&BC, MC, CM, DMC, etc.

Quantity Surveyor or Buying Department

Estimators speak their language: £

Designer: Architect/Interior Designer

(exceptional opportunities to meet and discuss)

Source of training material

Take briefing from: (stakeholder meeting)

CSkills, FSP, CFA, AIS, ASF, FITA, Ska, BRE and RE Champions

GreenSpec existing material

800+ seminars

Cherry pick appropriate material

Update cherry picked material

Additional new material

Assemble unique combination

Different emphasis for different audience

New material from partners

Current data from partners

Resource Efficient Flooring Workshop


Resource Efficiency

Waste Hierarchy 2011

Waste Reduction by Prevention

Design to Reduce Waste

Surplus to Requirements, Return to Stock, Spares for repairs

Reclaim and prepare for Reuse

Sourcing materials

Design to Use Reclaimed

Design to reuse EOL materials

Material Exchange, Architectural Salvage, Construction Reclaim

½ W 2 L: Half waste to Landfill

Refurbishment for longer life

2011 Waste Hierarchy


Preparing for re-use


Other recovery


Awareness raising

Waste Hierarchy

Reducing landfill capacity

Waste to landfill reduction targets

Rising taxes and gate costs of waste

Landfill Tax Price escalator:

inert v hazardous

Hazardous waste

End of Life scenarios:

options & alternatives

Material Exchange

Reuse Social Enterprise

Content: Context

Respond to: available EAM credits

Environmental Assessment Methods

Ska Retrofit EAM


BREEAM & CfSH & EcoHomes

Little scope for serious engagement

Respond to Institution’s Syllabus

RIBA: national (but only partial application)

Interior Design:

every course has own syllabus

Interactive Workshop

Plans of wasteful designs: tabled

Delegates identify wasteful practices

Promote resource efficient alternatives

Delegates introduced to and use WasteCostlite® Floor

Delegates input project data

Tool works out wastage %, m2, £, EE, EC

Then delegates negotiate with each other

as if contractor and designer/client

We critique the dialogue and advise any improvements to help lead to success

Cherry pick important messages and record

Issues to debate:

Reduction in waste in flooring layout

Costs of waste: materials, accessories, labour, skip hire, landfill tax, waste gate fee, waste treatment,

Embodied energy and embodied carbon in waste

Landfill burden

Resource Efficiency (RE)

Alternative uses for surpluses

Reuse of reclaimed

Counter Arguments

Invite designers to participate with their own arguments

Multiplicity of issues

Focus on what you do know and have answers for now

Develop Responses

Develop logic to create instant responses to new counter arguments

Record the best bits for later reuse

Rehearse debates in workshops

Let the delegates use their own words and arguments and counter arguments

Review their words and arguments and counter arguments

Offer guidance on better words, argument and better counter arguments

Don’t despair

It may take a few attempts before progress is made

Before designers are prepared to hear it or act upon it

They never admit they don’t know and can never be seen to be learning from craftsmen or artisans

The craftsmen are often regarded as unintelligent

Don’t despair or swear

Save it for the next battle

Its important that the issues has been raised with them,

now its rattling around in their brain,

next time they design, it might come out bite them,

and may be influential on the next design.

Recording the Nuggets

I believe that all actions including failure should lead to improvements

Wish lists: record the failures

Review Processes: fix the failures for next time

Templates include best practice and get reviewed and updated

Start the next job with the updated templates


All the arguments and counter arguments can be recorded in documents that the installer can use and edit according to the next job

It can include extracts from the WasteCost®lite FLOOR Report Generator

Turned into a report to accompany the tender up the supply chain to the client

If Designer are to read it then it needs to be graphic with illustrations

Resource Efficient Flooring Calculator

Provide compelling evidence

to support debate

Create a Calculator tool to provide evidence,

Provide training in its use

Give the tool away to delegates

On a USB stick advertising the FSP

New calculator:
WasteCostlite®Floor Inputs:

Floor plans: add room sizes into spreadsheet

Add flooring material sizes/direction for each room

Choose setting out rules applied:

edge, centered, diagonal, curvy-linear, +ve/-ve, etc.

Add material costs/m2

Add accessories costs/m2 /m run

Add labour costs/m2 costs/m run

Add minimum order quantity into spreadsheet

Modify or accept default waste category skip costs bands

New calculator:
WasteCostlite®Floor Outputs:

Calculate: waste £, %, m2

Calculate embodied energy, embodied carbon in waste

Calculate: labour costs of wasteful design

Calculate: waste costs: gate costs, landfill tax, segregation costs, segregation savings.

New calculator:
WasteCostlite®Floor Arguments:

Optimise materials sizes/length to better fit room

or visa versa

Optimise materials size/lengths to fit space to minimise waste

Minimise material choices to cut minimum order waste quantities in each

Challenge setting out from middle

Simplify curvilinear design

Develop calculator

BRE SMARTWaste & CRWP data

Link to BREMAP & FSP EoL tools

Site postcode: local resources

Make available on USB stick

Demonstrate it first

Hand out at exhibition seminars

Turn into iPhone/iPod/iPad APP

Other phones too: Android, Blackberry

Windows or Open Source APP too

RSS feeds to APP

Interactive link to central database

Resource Efficiency
Report Generator

Submit or present to clients

Data to support designers RE improvements

Waste Quantities: % & m2

Hazardous quantities: m3

Materials Costs: £

Waste Costs: £ & %

Embodied Energy in waste

Embodied Carbon in waste

Emissions from Hazardous materials and waste

Waste Reduction Opportunities: % & m2

Reduced Tender: £

Charts (easier to read than data tables)

Drawings (Architects need help with reading)

Resource Efficient Flooring Project


Getting bums on seats

Tradesmen: loss of income in down time

Estimators: is it different for them?

Visit them: Lunchtime+ CPD seminar, software and coaching

Capture them on other days out

Exhibition visitors

Big players, Management, tradesmen unlikely

Association Meetings?

Obligatory Training days?

Capture them on site

Tool Box talks on sites: make them more than ticking boxes

Café van visit small sites: tradesmen not estimators

Estimators on post-contract first site meeting

Assume Marketing wont be easy, may be 1/3 of budget

Project Promotion Opportunities

Members and Email lists

Emailing to each partner’s email lists

Mail shots

Website marketing

FSP Banner, all other logos in footer

Industry events to tap into


Eco Construction

EcoBuild March 2013 possible for the launch

Does not attract the installers

EcoShowcase (6-12 UK wide)

GreenBuild Manchester

Grand Design (2 London & NEC)

100% Design Sept 2013

NEC Interiors 2013

Self Build

Many regional events (10 UK wide)

Self Build Centre Swindon (Permanent exhibition, Occasional Events)


Harrogate Sept 2013

this is a retail show it wont attract installers


GreenDeal (1)

Workshops at Exhibitions

FSP will not have a stand

Members will

Book seminar space

Run launch seminar(s)

Leaflet drop on members stands

Pop up banner on members stands

Software loaded on member’s stand displays and introduction provided to exhibitor

USB stick: intuitive software handed out

Exhibition Seminar Promotion

Collect business cards of interested parties

From members stands

Add into SMS list

Invite to event

SMS text advanced warning of seminar

SMS text seminar starting

Project promotional material

FSP (banner head logo)

Construction Skills (footer logo)

CFA (footer logo)

GreenSpec (footer logo)

BRE (footer logo)

WRAP (footer logo)

CPA (footer logo)

RE Champions (footer logos)

FITA (footer logo)

CE (footer logo)

(not calculated, prediction)

Preparation: 33% 25%

Calculator & Presentation material

Marketing: 33% 25%

Promotion of launch and rollout

Bums on seats (less emphasis)

Delivery: 33% 50%

Speakers & Premises & Refreshments

Visiting Installer companies estimators

Resource Efficient Flooring Project
Follow up

Follow up delegates

Offer in-house meetings, seminars, demonstrations

Use tool to collect data and generate reports

Aim must be to reduce waste to landfill

Evidence based statistics from users

Follow Up: Tools

Develop Calculator into a mobile APP

Training Trainers in Training centers

to train craftsmen

AV audio visual tools (stand alone)

Toolbox talks for sites

To replace tick box exercise

Focus on what to do with excess to requirements?

Probably the wrong time and focus

Phased development plan

Each could build on the previous

Certificates of attendance could be issued

Complete set should be the aim

Project Ambitions

Take Briefing (stakeholders)

Develop Calculator

Phase 1: in Excel

Phase 2: Phone APP

Develop Presentation material

Phase 1: for Events

Phase 2: for trainers and training centers

Phase 3: for AV toolbox talks or webinars

Develop Interactive knowledge sharing exercise

Phase 1: for events

Phase 2: for trainers and training centers

Phase 3: for AV toolbox talks or webinars

Develop Templates

Phase 1: for events in Word Template

Phase 2: for Phone APP

Test run, edit, roll out

Phase 1: 6 events, 100 companies

Phase 2: 10 training venues, 10 sites toolbox talk

Phase 3: 30 sites Toolbox talks

Project Ambitions Phase 1

Take Briefing (stakeholders)

Develop Calculator in Excel

Develop Presentation material for Events

Develop Interactive knowledge sharing exercise for events

Develop Templates for events in Word Template

Test run, edit, roll out

1 launch event(s), 100 companies

5 Membership club presentations

Project Ambitions Phase 2

Develop Calculator Phone APP

Develop Presentation material

for trainers and training centers

Develop Interactive knowledge sharing exercise

for trainers and training centers

Develop Templates for Phone APP

Test run, edit, roll out

10 training venues, 10 sites toolbox talk

Project Ambitions Phase 3

Take Briefing (stakeholders)

Develop Presentation material

for AV toolbox talks

Develop Interactive knowledge sharing exercise

for AV toolbox talks

Test run, edit, roll out

Say 30 sites Toolbox talks

Potential Outputs

Presentation material

Seminars/interactive workshops

Toolbox talks: to replace tick box exercises

Its too late to be useful here

Training materials

Trainings/Hands on practical workshops

Project Design Guidance

Specification & Guidance

Tools: Calculator and Report generator

Websites & Webinars

Few installers have time for internet

Handouts: Design guidance for future use

Hand to designers

Resource Efficient Flooring
Wider promotion
Not necessarily CITB Construction Skills funding eligibility

Presentation material

Presentation material

Interactive workshop materials


Training materials

Posting on websites (passive)

Promotion of them (active)

Presentations (active)


Presentation Materials

Existing material enhanced

New material

Stand alone webinars?

Standalone PPT or PDF

Handout versions

Trainer versions


RIBA Manufacturers CPD seminar accreditation (aimed at designers)

Expensive & 2 year Renewal cycle

but limited scope

RIBA Accredited (presentation materials)

NGS & TGR have SBS course accredited

Resource Efficiency is part of that

This material could be accredited

Not essential

CPD network accredited speaker not presentations

Training material

Train the trainer

Trainer version presentations

Core material

Encourage additional dialogue

Bespoke RE Case Studies

Feedback loops

Posting presentation materials (Passive)

300 files uploaded

245,000 reads

move to NGS website

tasters left there long term

NGS National Green Specification

CPD Presentations,


Specifications & supporting Appendix



Resource Efficiency


Jargon Busters


Rules of Thumb






Construction Skills

Flooring Sustainability Partnership


Contract Flooring Association


Promoting presentation materials (active)





Higher Education

Regional college course

University courses

Promoting presentation materials: Internet (active)

Scribd > 200 followers

> Twitter > Facebook

Twitter > 1775 Followers

> Lists > 50+ lists > 8700 members

> Twibes

> Favstar

> Topsy

> AOL Lifestyles

> Linked In > 990

Facebook (BrianSpecMan & GreenSpec)

Others: many not exploited yet

Promoting presentation materials: Email (active)

Participating organisations

NGS 10,000 email addresses

NGS Download: email service

RIBA membership CPD email (35,000+)

National or regional or local

Other institutions

Interior Designers


Estimators (RICS?)

Presentations (active)


Exhibitions (UK, Flooring, Eco, Self Build)

Trade groups events:


Universities (want free seminars)

Technical Colleges/Craft Colleges: ???

Sustainability Training centers:

SmartLIFE, SusCon, UEA, BRE, etc.

Institution Regional/local membership events


Membership groups local CPD events

AECB, TGR, others

Different Audiences

Contractors/Sub contractors/Artisans/Estimators

Engagement with designers/clients

Consider the options

Waste reduction, segregation, money saving

Material Exchange


Emphasize they create the waste by their designs

Very graphic

Explicit examples

Practical: example layouts waste generated alternative designs, alternative sizes, alternative materials,

Ensuring equivalency of specification

Avoiding substitution with inferior

Report generator
2 Documents

Might not be paper but part of the APP


How to engage with the clients/designers on resource efficiency issues

What statements to make

What questions to ask


How to engage with installers on resource efficiency issues

How to respond positively to the challenge

Design Guidance

Design Principles

Tables of standard sizes (like Brick Development Association brickwork tables)

CAD 3D BIM additional intelligence

Waste warning built into materials

Materials as ‘objects’: know their own size

so awareness raised when applying

Warning when wastage factor is high %

Specification Guidance

Specification Clauses

Includes sizes available

Roll width and length

Guidance Notes

Tables of multiples

Appendix of reclaim sector

Lists of materials exchanges

SWMP & Waste clauses

‘Not-new’ clauses permit reclaim and reuse

Resource Efficient Installers
Wider roll out
CITB Construction Skills funding eligibility

Other trades

This project can be recreated for all other trades/sectors

WasteCostlite® OTHERS

Same activities with different content

Resource Efficient Flooring Skills Project

Construction Skills funding


© GreenSpec

Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist)
Architect by Training
Specification Writer by Choice
Greening up my act since 1999
Founder of greenspec website

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
21st November 2013 – 28th October 2016

Resource Efficiency Flooring Skills Project


Contract Flooring Association

NGS Logo png

National Green Specification


Alan Best Sustainability

FSP REAP 1 Trade Skills png

Scope of Project



NGS WasteCost Calculator 

Proposed WasteCostFlooring Calculator

WasteCost Flooring 1 png

Flooring Waste Parameters

WasteCost Flooring 2 Parameters png

Adding value to Sub-contractors’s offering

NGS SWMP Checklist Guidance

SWMP Checklist Guidance Notes 1 png

NGS SWMP Checklist Guidance

SWMP Checklist Guidance Notes 2 png

NGS SWMP Data Sheet

SWMP Data Sheet Guidance 1 png

NGS SWMP Arisings & Waste Prediction Chart

SWMP Prediction Chart png

Project Follow Up

FSP REAP 3 Follow Up png

Other REAP Opportunities

REAP Other Opportunities png

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
21st November 2013

Resource Efficiency Flooring Skills Project
See Also:





  • Flooring Sustainability Partnership (FSP)
  • BioRegional Reclaimed
  • Salvo
  • Supply Chain Sustainability School

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
21st November 2013 – 28th October 2016

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