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Waste and Recycling DTI PII Project

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Waste and Recycling DTI PII Project


Funding Scheme: Partners in Innovation

Funders DTI, 50% Funding, BRE, ASWS & NGS Contributions in Kind 50%

Total cost: £180,000

Lead Partner:

  • BRE Centre for Waste Management, Gilli Hobbs, Katherine Adams

Sub Partner:

  • Architectural Specification Writing Services: Brian Murphy,
  • National Green Specification: Sandy Patience


  • Waste Management Specifications &
  • Recycled Content Product Pages

Date: 01/01/2004 to 31/03/2006

Duration: 2 years

Fund Observer: Ian Cooper

Steering group: BIFFA, TGR, SALVO, Green Building Price Book, Bioregional Reclaimed, etc.

Press Release


The National Green Specification (NGS) in conjunction with the Building Research Establishment Centre for Resource Management (BRE CfRM) has secured Dept. of Trade and Industry (DTI) funding as part of the Partners in Innovation Fund (PII). The funding will be dedicated to supporting the new Waste/Recycling project jointly launched by the two organisations.  Matching funding was successfully secured by Katherine Adams of the BRE.

Participants and supporters of the project include:

  • Tarmac Group
  • Aggregate Industries (UK) Ltd.
  • Urban Mines Ltd.
  • SALVO Partnership
  • Peabody Trust
  • Anne Thorne Architect Partnership
  • Excel Industries
  • UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development (UK CEED)
  • Green Building Price Book
  • GAIA Research
  • Keane Demolition Ltd.
  • London Remade
  • Architectural Specification Writing Services

NGS director Brian Murphy commented ” This funding represents a significant boost to the provision of specifications and information related to recycled building components to the construction industry.”

April 2003


Project Plan Recycled Product Database content (no longer)

WRAP QUICK Wins publications

GreenSpec Website

NGS Outputs:

BRE Project Sheet

BRE NGS Project Sheet

4500 recycled content product into spreadsheet

250 GreenSpecProduct Pages added to GreenSpec Website (DTI PII funding acknowledged on page footers at time)

45 Hours of GBE CPD Powerpoint files

  • on waste management and
  • recycled content products
  • 9 GBS Specification Preliminaries & Works Sections
  • 15 Supporting Appendix

Update of BREMAP website (No Longer) (but not acknowledged on the website) (No longer) updated with links to GreenSpec Product Pages and Specifications

Project Reports

End of Project Seminar (Lead Partner permitted sub-partner 20 minutes to present 2 year project)


Press Release

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Waste and Recycling DTI PII Project



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Steering Group

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Information Contributions

WRAP QuickWins




GreenSpec Website

KN2121 National Green Specification FXB png

End of Project Seminar Invitation

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
27th September 2013 – 20th December 2019

Waste and Recycling DTI PII Project
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GBE Jargon Buster 

GBE Jargon Buster Theme:

GBE Jargon Buster Initials and Abbreviations

  • ASWS
  • BRE
  • NGS
  • SWMP

GBE Jargon Buster Terms & Phrases

  • Architectural Specification Writing Services (ASWS)
  • Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • National Green Specification (NGS)
  • Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP)
  • Waste Types

GBE Information

  • DTI SWMP VCoP 2004
  • SWMP Regulations (no longer)
  • Code for Sustainable Homes (no longer)

GBE Projects

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  • Waste
  • Resource Efficiency


  • Waste Hierarchy (CPD)
  • Waste Hierarchy 2011 (CPD)
  • Design to Reduce Waste

GBS Green Building Specification


  • A38 Waste Management Minimisation
  • A39 Packaging Waste Management Minimisation
Work sections
  • C13 Building fabric Survey/Pre-demolition/Pre-Alteration Audit
  • C20 Demolishing Structures/Deconstruction Resource Recovery
  • C90 Alteration Spot Items
  • C91 Alteration Resource Recovery/Waste Minimisation
  • D20 Excavation Waste Management Minimisation
  • Q29 Landscape Waste Management
  • Pending: WEEE Waste Management


  • APP AREWM Appendix: Approaches to Resource Efficiency & Waste Minimisation
  • APP ASR Appendix: Architectural Salvage Recovery
  • APP EWC Appendix: European Waste Catalogue
  • APP FFEI Appendix: Furniture, Fittings, Equipment
  • APP WEEE Appendix: IT Salvage & Reuse
  • APP LDN Appendix: Logistics Distribution Network
  • APP MEW Appendix: Material Exchange Websites
  • APP MRR Appendix: Materials for Recovery and Reuse
  • APP PDA Appendix: Pre-demolition/Alteration Audit
  • APP PPR Appendix: Packaging Producer Responsibility
  • APP ROMP Appendix: Recycling Operations: Materials & Packaging
  • APP SDOE Appendix: Site & Design Office Expendables
  • APP SPDQ Appendix: Schedule of Pre-demolition/Alteration Quantities
  • APP SWMP Appendix: Site Waste Management Plan Checklist & Datasheets
  • APP TBS Appendix: Take Back Schemes

GBE Links Topic

  • Waste (Links Topic) G#1876 N#1739

GBE Links

  • Aggregain (No longer)
  • BRE
  • BREMAP (No longer)
  • Demolition Protocol
  • Material Exchange
  • WRAP (No longer involved in Construction)

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