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949: NGS NEWS 2013 Q2

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NGS NEWS April 2013

1: GreenSpecDOWNLOAD development continues

2-5: Windsor Walk Medical Centre
Development and completion of 1st Stage Tender Specification to 2nd Stage Tender Specification
Developing Keynotes into specification
Packages: External Cladding, Brickwork, Concrete Finishes, etc.

3: Breathing wall construction, non toxic paints and finishes D&B project
Architects: PTEa  
Telephone conversation to explore scope of service.


3: GreenSpecPASS Hand drier preview 

4: Skirting coving capping & Adhesive Specification finalised

4: Added Julie Futcher as Team member and UHIE Information & Consultancy

5-7: Windsor Walk Medical Centre
Development and completion of 1st Stage Tender Specification to 2nd Stage Tender Specification
Editing Drawing Keynotes into specification clauses

8: Loft Storeage Stilts
GreenSpecPASS and GreenSpecPRODUCT PAGE quoted and pending

8-12: Windsor Walk Medical Centre
Development and completion of 1st Stage Tender Specification to 2nd Stage Tender Specification
Editing Workmanship clauses

10: RIBA Publishing and BCT Bat Conservation Trust
Discuss sample layout proofs for Biodiversity book update


9: Urban Heat Island Effect & Julie Futcher

Discuss possibilities to bring GreenSpecCODE and GreenSpecPATTERS and UHIE into a project and seek funding for it

10: GreenSpec Steering Group Meeting Discussed:
GreenSpecPASS & TP Tick meeting next week
GreenSpecWEBSITE developments
GreenSpecPRODUCT PAGE SCHEDULE proposed content
other wishful thinking

15: CAP’EM COMPASS & +10% Meeting, GENT Belgium


16: CAP’EM Steering Committee, GENT Belgium

15-17: CAPEM+10% Match Funding Quest paper

17: TGR Steering Group Meeting


17: BrianSpecMan speaking at TGR BiteSized CPD ‘Resource Efficient Design’

Resource Efficient Design is increasingly needed to minimise the 77m tonnes of waste the UK construction industry generates each year, to avoid shortages in the future, to enable reuse of all materials at the end of life.
Brian Murphy will introduce a set of adoptable design principles and illustrate them with examples of their implementation and introduce sources of information. 
E.g. Design to Reduce Waste, Design for Deconstruction, Design to Reuse Reclaimed.


22: EcoConstruction Trumps
Joined in Online questionnaire asking for feedback.
Raised issue for ICE database as a source of inconsistent data and promoted CAP’EM as a potential source of consistent data.

22: Sustainable Materials Innovation, London: Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, InCrops, Kingston University London, and KTN Materials
Aimed at design companies, architects, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs in all 3D sectors, including built environment, automotive and interior design to a ‘Sustainable materials innovation’ event.
The event discussed opportunities for the implementation of innovative sustainable materials; examine the potential added value or novel functionality; and highlight the options for using bio-based materials and manufacturing processes for diversification or improving the sustainability profile of your company.
A fascinating glimpse into the world of moss, algea, food waste, etc. as a resource for material development and BioPhotovoltaics!

InCrops and Kingston University London also launched match funded Innovation Voucher schemes up to total value of £10,000 for future materials consultancy.
Invited to Incrops to discuss development of our databases and finding funding to do so.

22: Met Materials Council (Ex Foster and Partners Materials specialists) who are keen to bridge the chasm between manufacture and design; manufacturers with new material properties and communicating these in appropriate ways to designers. 

22: Remet Econovate (Papercrete Blockwork) who after years of prototyping, recipies and proving their products have succeeded in government and crowd funding and are assembling their manufacturing plant right now ready to go into production for sale.  Can’t wait to get them through GreenSpecPASS and onto GreenSpecPRODUCT PAGES.
Using LABC & BRE as their route to Product Accredtation.
We hope to see them for CAPEM LCA or GreenSpecLCA and EPD.

29: GreenSpecDownload Added Other diciplines and Self-build

29: GreenSpecROBUST SPECIFICATION SIPFIT fasteners schedule update and comment


30: GreenSpecDownload Added Other’s Blogs

30: GreenSpecPASS & PRODUCT PAGE & SCHEDULE Procedures
For workflow, marketing purposes, recording and monitoring 

30: CAP’EM +10% Extension Match funding quest organising meetings

Contact BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd March 2013 – 30th April 2013


NGS NEWS May 2013

2: CAP’EM +10% Matchfunding meeting GreenSpec & Renuables
Prepare & Update PowerPoint on train journey over before meeting BIC Innovation Bridgend Wales

Developing requirements and ambitions for imminent and future development to improve funtionality and useful outputs and interoperability with GreenSpecSTUDIO

3-10: CAP’EM Generic Materials & their Properties
Populating the LCA Tool:
scheduling where the generic materials get used in building elements
scheduling what fucntions the generic materials are used for
scheduling generic materials into material groups
scheduling generic materials and their properties


Mark up for splitting spec into seperate work sections


7: Travis Perkins GreenSpecPASS
Meeting at HQ to restart GreenSpecPASS leading to TP GreenTick

9-15: CAP’EM LCA Generic materials properties schedule


10: ‘Architects dont need LCA: PowerPoint to VIBE event organiser.
Designers and Specifiers going about their normal duties do not need LCA if they filtered out the bad stuff by judging ingredients, product and their application first’.

16-17: natureplus annual meeting, symposium & international LCA Confrence Gent

BrianSpecMan offered to present and proposal accepted: ‘Architects dont need LCA: Designers and Specifiers going about their normal duties do not need LCA if they filtered out the bad stuff by judging ingredients, product and their application first’. See GreenSpecPASS for beginings of this argument.





20: Meeting: Coporate Social Responsibility
John Bullock of GreenSpecLight, Jacqui Glass of APRES, Ian Nicholson of Responsible Solutions and Brian Murphy of GreenSpec to discuss opportunities

21: GreenSpecMEDIA PACK
Review draft


21: Architects Don’t Need LCA Powerpoint
Completed and issued to CAPEM, VIBE DropBox and GreenSpecDownload

22: GreenSpecINDEX
Product Page & Schedule Specification review  

23-24: GreenSpecINDEX many Hand Dryer comparison table
to calculate then sort order to identify lowest energy consumption, quietest operation, average performence product for GreenSpecPASS assessments


25-27: GreenSpecDOWNLOAD Meta Data file update


28: GreenSpecCompass testing invitation issued

28: GreenSpecINDEX GreenSpecPASS Hand Dryers

29: GreenSpecMediaPack review



30: GreenMaterials & CAP’EM Compass PowerPoint Updates


31: GreenMatrials & CAP’EM Compass Presentation at Build4
Presented to Interreg’s JTS & Interreg NW Europe’s Local Contact point representatives about CAP/EM Compass

CAPEM JTS Build4 Visit png


CAPEM 2013 JTS Build4 Cover png 

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
21st February 2013 – 5th June 2013

NGS NEWS June 2013

1-2: BrianSpecManDownload Meta data update

2: CAP’EM Compass Beta test and feedback



4-6: LSBU London South Bank University
Student submissions appraisle of Construction, Materials, Environmental Impacts
BrianSpecManCALCULATOR application to projects.

N13 Sanitary Appliancs Cropped 3 png

N13 Sanitaryware Appliances Hand Driers 

6: Carbon Buzz launch at GLA

CarbonBuzz Launch Logo png

7-9: GreenSpecPASS SERVE
N13 Sanitary Appliances Hand Driers 9 assessments at same time

9: Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday Logo png

H11 Transluscent Cladding
Kalwall & Kalwall+ Lumira 
Issued draft to manufacturer for review

11: GreenSpecPASS & Travis Perkins Green Tick
Preparation for meeting with Builders Merchant HQ

Created N13 Hand Drier Conclusions Sheet
Start 7 GreenSpecPASS product assessments


14: LSBU London South Bank University
Final Student submissions appraisle of Construction, Materials, Environmental Impacts

15: GreenSpecPASS Powerpoint update
For Travis Perkins HQ 

15: GreenSpecDOWNLOAD updates

17-18: CAP’EM Steering Committee Lille & CAP’EM+10% Extension Committee Lille
Discuss CAPEM Compass beta test feedback 



19-21: CAPEM Compass Pop-Up Texts
Developing all texts for pop-ups, dialogue boxes and drop down menus and potential links to other sources

19-21: GreenSpec & NGS National Green Specification Split
Brian Murphy decides to carry on with original ambitions in own capacity
NGS National Green Specification to be rekindled
NGS Logo png  


21: Video Gemini Skirting Solution Video


24-30: BCT & RIBA Publishing Book: Biodiversity for Low and Zero Carbon Developments: A Technical Guide
1st Proofread

25: NBS Create Software Training at PTEa 


26-27: SusStations Final Conference Belfast
Presentation: From energy efficiency to sustainable energy, the role of eco-materials: the CAP’EM Project BrianSpecMan 



26-27: From energy efficiency to sustainable energy, the role of eco-materials: BrianSpecMan, CAP’EMSusStations Final Conference Belfast


Sustainable Energy Workshop

Project end conference

Location: Belfast City Centre,

Date: 27th June 2013

Following on from the site visit to Antrim Integrated Bus & Rail Centre on 26 June, Translink, the SusStation Project and the Envireo cluster are delighted to host a workshop on sustainable energy in Belfast city centre.  

We are pleased to acknowledge support of the Interreg IVB North West Europe programme in holding thtis event.

Through the workshop we will tackle important questions in a participatory way: – what does “sustainable energy” mean?;  – what are the barriers to sustainable energy? and – what can we do to realise sustainable energy?

Findings from the event will be shared and disseminated.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided free of charge – but attendance is limited.

Registration: contact SusStation Project Coordinator Jo French by email


Boycott Monsanto.png

30: Boycott Monsanto

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
1st May 2013 – 27th August 2013

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