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  • M         Surface finishes
  • M1       Screeds/Trowelled flooring
  • M10     Cement:sand/Concrete screeds/toppings
  • M11     Mastic asphalt flooring/floor underlays
  • M12     Trowelled bitumen resin rubber-latex flooring
  • M13     Calcium sulfate based levelling screeds
  • M14     Clay based screeds
  • M15     Hemp/Lime based screed
  • M2       Plastered coatings
  • M20     Plastered/Rendered/Roughcast coatings
  • M21     Insulation with rendered finish
  • M22     Sprayed monolithic coatings
  • M23     Resin bound mineral coatings
  • M24     Clay plaster/finish coats
  • M25     Hemp-lime insulating plaster/render finish
  • M3       Work related to plastered coatings
  • M30     Metal mesh lathing/Anchored reinforcement for plastered coatings
  • M31     Fibrous plaster
  • M32     Glass Reinforced Gypsum
  • M33     Timber/reed reinforcement for clay plaster/finish
  • M4       Rigid tiles
  • M40     Stone/Concrete/Quarry/Ceramic tiling/Mosaic
  • M41     Terrazzo tiling/In situ terrazzo
  • M42     Wood block composition block parquet flooring
  • M5       Flexible sheet/tile coverings
  • M50     Rubber/Plastics/Cork/Lino/Carpet tiling/sheeting
  • M51     Edge fixed carpeting
  • M52     Decorative papers/fabrics
  • M6       Painting
  • M60     Painting/Clear finishing
  • M60.0  Painting/Clear Finishing: Generally
  • M60.1  Paint on timber
  • M60.2  Stains/clear finishes on timber
  • M60.3  Painting/Clear finishing: Ferrous Metalwork
  • M60.4  Painting/Clear Finishing: non-ferrous Metalwork
  • M60.5  Painting/Clear Finishing: Porous materials
  • M60.6  Painting/Clear finishing: Special purpose paints
  • M60.7  Painting/Clear finishing: Furniture finishes
  • M60.8  Painting/Clear Finishing:
  • M60.9  Painting/Clear Finishing: Refurbishment/Repainting
  • M61     Intumescent coatings for fire protection of steelwork
  • M65     Gilding

© CCPI 1987 & 1998

© ASWS NGS GreenSpec 1987-2013~
BrianSpecMan aka BrianSpecMan
10th January 2013 – 24th February 2013

GreenSpecJARGON BUSTER CAWS M Alphabetic

  • H70             Malleable metal sheet prebonded coverings cladding
  • H7               Malleable sheet coverings/cladding
  • A40             Management and staff
  • A32             Management of the Works
  • F                 Masonry
  • F3               Masonry accessories
  • M11            Mastic asphalt flooring/floor underlays
  • J21             Mastic asphalt roofing/insulation/finishes
  • J20             Mastic asphalt tanking/damp proof membranes
  • F51             Mathematical tiling
  • Y12             Mechanical cleaning and chemical treatment
  • X30             Mechanical document conveying systems
  • T                 Mechanical heating cooling and refrigeration systems
  • A43             Mechanical plant
  • Y32             Mechanical Plant and equipment Identification
  • Y40             Mechanical services control and monitoring systems
  • Y50             Mechanical Testing and Commissioning
  • Y30             Mechanical Thermal insulation
  • S25             Medical anaesthetic gas scavenging systems
  • S22             Medical Compressed air Supply system
  • S24             Medical Entonox Supply System
  • S29             Medical Gas Equipment
  • S2               Medical gas supply
  • S21             Medical Nitrous Oxide Supply System
  • S20             Medical Oxygen supply systems
  • S23             Medical Vacuum supply system
  • T30             Medium temperature hot water heating
  • H43             Metal composite panel cladding/coverings
  • L21             Metal doors shutters hatches
  • M30            Metal mesh lathing/Anchored reinforcement for plastered coatings
  • G30            Metal profiled sheet decking
  • H31             Metal profiled/flat sheet cladding/covering
  • H67             Metal single lap roof tiling
  • L31             Metal stairs walkways balustrades
  • L11             Metal windows rooflights screens louvres
  • G3              Metal/Timber decking
  • E10             Mixing/Casting/Curing in situ concrete
  • E1               Mixing/Casting/Curing/Spraying in situ concrete
  • B13             Modular constructions
  • Z21             Mortars
  • Y92             Motor drives electric
  • P23             Movement joints
  • W71            Moving message display systems
  • U33             Multi-zone air conditioning
  • W12            Music systems

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
24th February 2013

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