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  • T          Mechanical heating cooling and refrigeration systems
  • T1        Heating
  • T10      Heating systems
  • T10      Heating systems
  • T11      Coal fired boilers
  • T12      Electrode/Direct electric boilers
  • T13      Packaged steam generators
  • T15      Solar collectors
  • T16      Alternative fuel boilers
  • T2        Heat sources
  • T20      Gas and Oil fired boilers
  • T20      Primary heat distribution
  • T20      Gas and oil fired boilers
  • T21     
  • T22     
  • T22      Electrode and direct electric boilers
  • T23      Steam Boilers and equipment
  • T24      Solid Fuel Boilers
  • T25      Combined heat and power systems
  • T26      Solar Collectors
  • T3        Heat emitters
  • T30      Heat emitters
  • T30      Medium temperature hot water heating
  • T30      Heat emitting equipment
  • T31      Low temperature hot water heating
  • T33      Steam heating
  • T34     
  • T35      In wall piped heating systems
  • T36      Direct Gas Fired heating units
  • T36      Gas fired heating units
  • T4        Heating and cooling
  • T40      Heat pump systems
  • T40      Warm air heating
  • T41      Variable Refrigerant flow systems
  • T41      Warm air heating small scale
  • T41      Variable refrigerant flow systems
  • T42      Underfloor heating and cooling systems
  • T43      Climatic ceiling and beam systems
  • T5        Cooling
  • T50      Chilled water systems
  • T50      Heat recovery
  • T51      Climatic ceiling and beam systems
  • T6        Refrigerant plant
  • T60      Central refrigeration plant
  • T61      Primary secondary cooling distribution
  • T7        Specialist refrigeration
  • T70      Local cooling units
  • T71      Cold room Systems
  • T72      Ice pads
  • T73      Chilled ceilings
  • T74      Snow making systems
  • T9        Domestic heating- cooling and refrigeration systems
  • T90      Heating systems: Domestic

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© ASWS NGS GreenSpec 1987-2013
BrianSpecMan aka BrianSpecMan
10th January 2013 – 24th February 2013

GreenSpecJARGON BUSTER CAWS T Alphabetic

  • Y21             Tanks and cisterns
  • W10            Telecommunications
  • W30            Telecommunications systems
  • W20            Television and Radio distribution systems
  • A44             Temporary works
  • A11             Tender and Contract documents
  • A30             Tendering/Sub-letting/Supply
  • H90             Tensile fabric coverings
  • U43             Terminal heat pump air conditioning
  • U42             Terminal re-heat air conditioning
  • H751           Terne Coated Stainless steel Coverings/Flashings
  • F12             Terracotta/Faience walling
  • M41            Terrazzo tiling/In situ terrazzo
  • Y81             Testing and commissioning of electrical services
  • Y51             Testing and commissioning of mechanical services
  • H91             Thatch roofing
  • A2               The Contract
  • A20             The Contract/Sub contract
  • A1               The project generally
  • A12             The site/Existing buildings
  • V41             Three Phase power systems
  • K20             Timber board flooring/sheathing/linings/casings
  • K2               Timber board/Strip linings
  • Q27            Timber Decking
  • Q55            Timber decking
  • L20             Timber doors shutters hatches
  • Q42            Timber earth retaining walls
  • D33             Timber piling
  • H64             Timber shingling
  • L30             Timber stairs walkways balustrades
  • K21             Timber strip/board fine flooring/linings
  • H69             Timber strip/board roofing
  • H21             Timber weatherboarding
  • L10             Timber windows rooflights screens louvres
  • M33            Timber/reed reinforcement for clay plaster/finish
  • W73            Timing systems
  • U11             Toilet extract
  • Q28            Topsoil and Growing media
  • C21             Toxic/hazardous material removal
  • C53             Toxic/Hazardous waste removal
  • Y24             Trace heating
  • Y24             Trace heating tapes
  • Y67             Transient over-voltage surge suppression devices
  • X                 Transport systems
  • X90             Transport systems – domestic
  • X22             Travelling cradles/Gantries/Ladders
  • P30             Trenches/Pipeways/Pits for buried engineering services
  • M12            Trowelled bitumen resin rubber-latex flooring

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
24th February 2013

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