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1582: Sarah J Farmer

By 1 November 2014Uncategorized

Sarah see my profile for guidance on the approach to the CV and examples of content

Writing your CV like this will take time and won’t be easy

But you did have a go at Uni for a homework I set and it was impressive I remember  

Sarah Jane Farmer

 Sarah Jane Farmer Hair Down png Sarah Jane Farmer Hair back png 

Photos from internet: keep choose or replace with your own preferred


  • 7 or more bullet points
  • what makes you tick
  • what are your strengths
  • what is it you enjoy doing or are good at
  • e.g. passion for timber, if you cut me open you will find tree rings and sap


  • 7 or more bullet points
  • e.g. I am making this all up, it needs to be in your words
  • Ran the library at AA School of Architecture
  • Studied Architecture to enrich my knowledge and application of timber in buiilding applications
  • organised and created a timber merchant’s stock system and pricing APP for Tablet
  • Ran the IT, managed website and marketing for timber merchant
  • Climed mount Kilamanjaro
  • NB: If you can put numbers to this all the better
  • e.g. and saved £20,000 per annum in admin costs


  • 7 or more bullet points
  • Help Architects to choose appropriate species of timber for applications
  • Guide and advise …… Specifications, Applications,
  • Project managed Excel calculator with specilist developed user interface
  • Project managed Exhibitions, design, construction, assembly and logistics


  • 7 or more bullet points
  • Can apply IT know-how to create more Calculation or Design & Decision Tools and applications
  • Knows everything there is to know about timber and its application
  • On the _____ of Grown In Britain
  • Designed exhibition building to promote the use of timber
  • Design and set up IT at exhibtions as well as woman the stand
  • Has many ideas for APPs to help in the appropriate use of timber
  • Know that the official technical view of TRADA is not the whole story 


  • Keen to develop a Timber Embodied & Sequestered Carbon Calculator APP
  • Keen to create an Expert System to help choose timber species and its competent applications
  • Keen to create all the pages related to timber in the encyclopaedia
  • Keen to promote the use of timber in environmental construction
  • Keen to help broaden awareness of NGS GBE in my professional circles


EWT English Woodland Timber Logo png

Screen shot or EWT’s stock and pricing app

Grown In Britain Logo png


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NB change this to your details when you have completed it

© NGS Sarah Farmer aka ____
1st November 2014 – date Month 2014

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