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Overheating Solution Provider Outreach

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Overheating Solution Provider Outreach

I am excited to tell you about Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE). We are going to be launching GBE shortly and I would like you to be the first to know about our plans for the future.

I would like to add you to GBE’s MailChimp email account to receive newsletters and other information;

  • (email recipients) but if you really don’t want to know, reply adding ‘unsubscribe’ to the subject box and you won’t hear from me again.
  • (website visitors) if you wish to be added to GBE’s MailChimp email account, email GBE adding ‘subscribe’ to the subject box and your contact details: first and last name, email address as minimum but job role and company will be helpful.

GBE promotes healthy, environmental, resourceful, appropriate, competent and effective materials, products, systems and buildings.

GBE is a work in progress only the first 1900 pages have been created so far out of 32,000 anticipated.

I am writing GBE Issue Papers: e.g. the first is on Overheating, a problem affecting over 20% of UK housing stock and many other buildings.

GBE challenges mainstream standard practices:

  • addresses global, regional, local, external or internal issues in GBE Issues
  • interrogates, understands and analyzes in GBE Problems
  • hypothesizes and identifies in GBE Solution Providers (Manufacturers, Suppliers, Installers, Servers)
  • shows their GBE Solutions (Products, Accessories, Systems, Services)
  • writes up detailed GBE Issue Papers gathering all this together
  • converting it into a GBE CPD Presentation for in-house seminars, university lectures and larger gatherings.

These GBE Issue Papers also become a part of GBE Website Encyclopaedia where many relevant pages are listed and linked, in both directions.

These links will be to and from GBE Encyclopaedia and include:

  • GBE Environmental Checklists (Including New-build, refurbishment, adaptation)
  • GBE Jargon Buster (Including: Abbreviations, Initials, Acronyms, Words and Phrases, Classifications)
  • GBE Case Studies (Including: Issue Pages, Case Studies, Evidence Based Case Studies)
  • GBE Products (Including: Products, Materials, Ingredients, Accessories, Systems and their Manufacturers, Suppliers, Installers, Service Providers)
  • GBE Calculators (Including: Equations, Data Sets, Product Data, Materials Data, Calculators)
  • GBE Robust Specifications (Including: Clauses, work sections, guidance, appendix)

In addition Website GBE Issue Papers will include:

  • GBE Issue Page
  • Content List Pages List
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Legend
  • Image Gallery
  • Revision Table
  • GBE Document Downloads: (Including: Issue paper DOCX or PDF, PowerPoint PDF or PPTX, Calculators XLSX)

Template pages are ready for fast efficient page production: 1 Column or 3 Column

The Prototype of this website with 1825 pages clocked up statistics for 2 years and generated 1.8 million page views in that time including 35,000 literature and specification downloads.

It has now been emptied and shut down all bar a link back to GBE Website.

GBE is a living learning resource for designers, specifiers and students, in all disciplines. They can come to a better understanding of the design principles, performance requirements and find competent products with appropriate properties. They can then make better-informed decision. With this greater understanding, specifiers are then more likely to defend a specification during value engineering, cost cutting and substitution processes.

I have presented this approach to designer audiences and manufacturers at a CPD and conferences recently. In addition to them ‘getting it’ immediately, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to this approach. It seems to match closely their own perspective on problem solving design, problem solving product design and problem solving specification sales.

GBE Issue Paper: Overheating: Problems and Solutions page has been loaded onto the GBE website and links will progressively be made to Solutions and Solution Providers.

If you are an Overheating Solution Provider with Overheating Solutions and would like them to be exposed to GBE considerable user traffic, I would like to hear from you.

Providers of healthy, environmental, resourceful, appropriate, competent, effective solutions, unrelated to overheating, are invited too.

GBE is a major project. The time is right. I hope that you can support us and get involved.         (0044) 01733 238148                   (0044) 07973 281024     (UK GMT 09:00-18:00)

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