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Green Building Encyclopaedia GBE
Who we are

  • GBE is being created by Brian Murphy (‘BrianSpecMan’) and a team of specialists.
  • Brian is a technician and architect by training, a specification writer by choice and an environmentalist by action.
  • Brian also teaches via lectures and in studio at various universities across UK
  • The GBE Team has complementary skills to provide well rounded, joined up content.


  • Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan (Team) G#896 N#916 Content Writer Editor
  • The Marketing Compass Nigel Temple (Disciplines) G#1727 N#1629 Marketing Strategy
  • Toto Websites WPNS WordPressNoStress Ben Temple (Disciplines) G#3852 Website
  • Sandra Hayward (Team) G#16622 Writer, Contributor
  • Ben Trundle (Team) G#16658 Updating Pages
  • Derrick Zorro Hill (Team) Navigation Icons, Overheating Images, Logos,
  • Emily C Hill (Team) Image conversion, Cropping, Banners, Loading, SEO, Updating Pages and Posts
  • Karolina Grygiel (Team) via Upwork: Data Processing
  • Charlotte Horrocks (Team): Content writing
  • Micaela Levachyov (Team) Outreach, Product Blog writer
  • Ali Dodds (Team) Product Blog writer

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20th October 2015 – 9th July 2019
BT, BRM: 7th January 2019