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We communicate with the UK based environmental construction-focused community, self-builders and the public.

The GBE brand includes GBE Encyclopaedia, Checklists, Jargon buster, Problems > Solution > Solution providers, CPD, Specifications, Equations, Datasets and Calculators; Newsletter, Live events, CPD and Training programme.

In addition, the brand extends to thousands of followers and connections within the social networks.  GBE is an active member of industry and attends and report on many important events.

If you wish to be seen by designers and specifiers, this is an ideal opportunity for your company to reach this ready to select and ready to specify, well served and informed audience. In comparison to print advertising and other ‘corporate’ websites (with diluted audiences), we offer long term presence, focus and value for money. There are many options, including:

  • Appear in our GBE Incubator whilst being evaluated / screened before entry into GBE Solution pages
  • Appear in our GBE Incubator list in GBE Newsletters
  • Sponsor the next GBE Newsletter and have your Product, Company or Service Pages featured
  • Be linked to a GBE Issue Paper e.g. Overheating with Problems > Solutions > Solution Providers (See GBE Collaboration below)
  • Appear in our GBE Solution Providers company pages: Manufacturer, Supplier, Installer, Server
  • Appear in our GBE Solutions pages: Materials, Products, Systems and Services pages
  • Appear in relevant GBE Navigation or GBE List pages, with products in equivalent applications
  • Write GBE Encyclopaedia pages: article(s) focusing on materials, methods, design principles, problems or solutions linked to corresponding GBE Solution Providers lists: ProductsSystems or Service pages
  • Write a GBE Blog entry that will later be developed into a GBE Page and linked up to relevant pages
  • Sponsor a planned topical GBE Blog entry or series of entries
  • Promote your open CPD seminars or company events in GBE Future Events List page
  • Post your CPD files on your GBE Company or GBE Products pages
  • Sponsor and exhibit at one of our topical GBE Live events
  • Provide a speaker at one of our topical GBE Live events
  • Sponsor any page relevant to your product or service; linked to your page

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