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GBE Issue Paper Overheating Content List

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GBE Issue Paper Overheating Content List
Table of contents:

Hypothesis (Jargon Buster) 1
Overheating Introduction 1
About the author (GBE Team) (BrianSpecMan) 3
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This paper on GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia website (Issue Paper) 3
Annotation used throughout the GBE Issue Paper: (Legend) 3
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Table of contents (this page) (Navigation) 5
Build Light, Insulate Right, Solar Tight (Slogan) 10
GBE Overheating Issue Paper (Executive Summary) 10
Zero Carbon Hub’s view: Energy Efficiency and Air-Tightness (Problem) 11
SOM Architect’s Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) survey report (Problem) 11
Back to basics: Leap frog this at your peril (Primer) 12
Understand the context first (Problem) 12
Heat sources (Problem/Solution) 12
Quality of light (Information) 12
Combined effects of Sun and Moon (information) 13
Orientation (Information) 13
Solar orientation of buildings (Information/Problem/Solution) 13
Solar orientation of the windows, roof lights and glazed doors (Problem/Solution) 14
Solar orientation of opaque pitched roofs (Problem/Solution) 14
Avoiding the heat (Solution) 15
Keeping the heat in one place (Solution) 15
Proving that heat comes in through opaque part of envelope (Information) (Survey) 16
Pitched roofs and solar reflection/absorption (Problem/Solution) 16
Glass roof tiles (Problem) (Blog) 17
Lightweight pitched roofs (Problem) 18
Lightweight insulation in lightweight timber pitched roofs and lightweight pitched lining (Problem/Solution) 19
New Build Pitched Roof Heel Trussed Rafters (Problem/Solution) 19
Heavyweight pitched roofs (Solution) 20
Heavyweight barrel vault roofs (Solution) 20
Lightweight New Upper Floor extension on Existing Roof (Problem) 20
Lightweight Upper Floor Roof: New Build: Inland Revenue Nottingham (Problem) 20
Build light, Solar tight (Slogan) 20
Shallow roofs and solar reflection/absorption (Problem/Solution) 21
Solar orientation and flat roofs (Problem/Solution) 21
Flat roofs and solar reflection/absorption (Solution) 21
Old flat roofs with asphalt roof waterproofing (Problem) 22
Flooded flat roofs (Solution) 22
Reminder “Build Light, Insulate Right, Solar Tight” © BrianSpecMan 2015 (Slogan) 22
New flat roofs with asphalt roof waterproofing (Problem) 22
Albedo effect (Solution) 23
Pitched roofs and renewable energy (Solution/Problem) 23
Flat roofs and renewable energy (Problem/Solution) 23
Incompetent design of renewables at BRE Innovation Campus (Problem) 24
Heavyweight flat roofs (Solution) 24
Lightweight flat roofs (Problem) 24
Heavyweight Inverted roofs (Solution) 24
Inverted roof thermal performance (Research Opportunity) 25
Lightweight Inverted roofs (Problem) 25
Build Light Insulate Right Solar Tight (Slogan) 25
BuildLightInsulateRightSolarTight (Hashtag) 25
Living roofs (Problem/Solution) 25
Living Roof Growing Media (Research underway) 26
Living roofs and renewable energy (Problem/Solution) 26
Panel orientation and pitch (Solution) 26
Solar Tracking Renewable Energy (RE) (Solution) 27
Solar Thermal (ST) panels (Solution) 27
Building Integrated Renewable Energy (BIRE) (Problem/Solution) 27
Building Integrated Solar Thermal (BIST) (Solution) 28
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) (Problem/Solution) 28
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) (Solution) 28
Solar access & surveys (Solution) 29
Solar light/heat gains (Problem) 29
Cold Roof & Warm Roof (Information) 29
Summer Hot Roof & Summer Cool Roof (Problem/Solution) 29
100% Glass facades (Problem) 30
Over preceding decades office facades have evolved (Problem/Solution) 30
100 % glazed facades and solar light/heat gains (Problem) 31
Solar Exclusion/Rejection: Walls (Solution) 31
Rejection v Removal (Jargon Buster) 32
Solar absorption (Problem) 32
Attics require moisture vapour ventilation (Solution) 32
Breathing/Breathable Roofing Membranes (BRM) (Problem) 32
Moisture vapour management in framed insulated construction (Problem/Solution) 33
GBE Future Action: (Research Complete) 33
Intelligent air and wind tightness membranes for roofs (Solution) 33
Historically building were made to be air leaky (Solution/Problem) 33
Wind and Air tightness: Targets (Solution) 34
Wind and Air tightness: Risks (Problem) 34
Wind and Air tightness: Build Tight Ventilate Right (Solution/Problem) 35
Layering of construction and services (Problem/Solution) 35
What are the benefits, if any, of attic over heating? (Solution/Problem) 35
Can an overheating attic be exploited? (Solution) 36
Attics need vents specifically to release solar heat gains: (Solution) 36
Attic water storage tank insulation integrity (Solution/Problem) 36
Attic Hatches insulation and airtightness (Solution/Problem) 37
Attic access walk/crawl-ways and storage platforms (Solution/Problem) 37
Repeating Thermal Bridges (information) 38
Luminaires (light fittings) mounted in ceiling linings (Problem) 38
Infrared Thermal Imaging or Infrared Thermography (IRT) (Problem/Solution) (Survey) 39
Infrared Thermography (IRT) External Surveys Heat Loss (Problem/Solution) 39
Infrared Thermography (IRT) External Surveys Heat Gain (Problem/Solution) 39
Infrared Thermography (IRT) Internal Surveys Heat Loss (Problem/Solution) 39
Infrared Thermography (IRT) Internal Surveys Heat Gain (Problem/Solution) 40
NHBC Understanding Overheating Where to Start NF44 (Problem) (Publication) 40
Roof, ceiling and upper floor temperatures (Research Opportunity) 40
Attics need windows for light and ventilation (Solution) 41
Attic windows, rooflights or roof window orientation (Solution) 41
Solar light/heat gain & greenhouse effect (Problem/Solution) 41
Low emissivity (Low-E) glazing (Problem/Solution) 41
Internal solar shading (Solution/Problem) 42
Encapsulated blinds (Solution) 42
External Blinds (Solution) 42
Solar gain & thermal mass in floors (Solution/Problem) 42
Low thermal mass in floors or finishes (Problem/Solution) 43
Solar gain & thermal mass in wall finishes (Solution/Problem) 43
Thermal mass in external walls and internal partitions (Problem) 44
Thermal mass (Problem/Solution) 45
Effectiveness of short term thermal mass (Solution) 45
Effectiveness of mid term thermal mass (Problem) 45
Effectiveness of long term thermal mass (Solution/Problem) 46
Serviced Heat Stores (Problem) 46
Domestic Hot Water Cylinders and overheating (Problem) 46
Domestic Hot Water heat store (Solution) 47
Heat Store for Central Heating (Solution) 47
After Heating comes Domestic Hot Water (Problem/Solution) 47
Uninsulated central heating pipes add to overheating (Problem) 48
Uninsulated domestic hot water pipes add to overheating (Problem) 48
Lagging pipes or insulating ducts (Problem/Solution) 48
An incompetent workforce for future-facing adaptation (Problem) 48
Domestic Building Hot Pipe Lagging (Problem) 49
Commercial Hot Pipe Insulation & Labelling (Problem) 49
Accessible services (Problem/Solution) 50
Suspended timber floor insulation (Solution) 50
Heat sources: Surrounds 51
Urban Climate Issues including Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) (Problem) 51
Trees create coolth in urban areas (Solution) 51
Heat sources: People/Pets (Problem/Solution) 51
Heat Generating Services for living (Problem/Solution) 52
Plugged-in Equipment/Appliances (Problem/Solution) 52
Appliances that are off and plugged in are still on (Problem/Solution) 52
Home/Office and Offices (Problem/Solution) 53
Living rooms (Problem/Solution) 53
Kitchen/Utility (Problem/Solution) 54
Bathrooms/Dressing/Bedrooms (Problem/Solution) 54
Circulation spaces, doors and partitions between them and rooms (Problem/Solution) 55
Open Plan Stairwell in Living Rooms (Problem) 55
Stairwells and stack effect (Solution/Problem) 55
Porches/Lobbies (Problem) 56
Conservatories (Problem/Solution) 56
Balconies within the volume of tower blocks and slab blocks (Solution/Problem) 57
Internal secure clothes drying in summer and winter (Problem/Solution) 57
SunSpaces (Solution/Problem) 57
SunSpaces: Hocketon Housing Project (HHP) (Solution) (Case Study) 58
SunSpaces: BedZED (Solution/Problem) (Case Study) 58
SunSpaces: Integer House at BRE, Design team: 1NTEGER (Problem/Solution) (Case Study) 59
SunSpaces: Galleons Housing Association Thamesmead, London (Solution) (Case Study) 59
SunSpaces: EcoCentre Swaffham Wind Turbine Visitors Centre (Problem) (Case Study) 59
SunSpaces: Keyworth Building, London South Bank University (Problem) (Case Study) 60
Overheating in Student Accommodation (Problem/Solution) 60
Government Soft Landings (GSL) (Solution) (Jargon Buster) 61
Facilities Management with gusto: Suffolk County Council HQ: Ipswich (Problem/Solution) (Case Study) 62
Communal Services (Problem) 62
Communal and District Heating (Problem/Solution) 62
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) (Problem) 62
Communal space heat pipe distribution (Problem/Solution) 63
Consumer Interface Unit (CIU) (Problem/Solution) 63
Communal Space or Area Heating (Problem/Solution) 64
Compartment walls in communal areas (Problem/Solution) 64
Passive Ventilated Open Plan Offices with Atrium/Atria (Problem/Solution) 64
Fabric First: (Solution) 66
Regulation preoccupation: U values (Problem) 66
Regulation missed opportunity (Problem) 67
Assessment Tool Misconceptions (Problem) 67
The overheating check in SAP (Problem) 67
Heat Properties (Information) (Jargon Buster) 67
Insulating Paint (?Solution?) 68
Conduction thermal insulation (Solution/Problem) 69
Radiation resistant thermal insulation (Solution) 69
Convection thermal insulation (Problem) 69
Which types of thermal insulation do you use? (Problem/Solution) 70
Competency (Problem/Solution) 70
Quality (Quotation) 71
CAPEX + OPEX = TOTEX (Solution) 71
Monitoring, Metering and Control: Knowledge is everything (Solution) 71
An open and shut case (Problem) 71
Overheating of warehousing (Problem/Solution) 72
Overheating of chilled warehousing (Problem/Solution) 72
Overheating of retail warehouses (Problem/Solution) 72
Overheating of Food retail (Problem/Solution) 73
Overcoming overheating of attics and top floor accommodation (Problem/Solution) 73
Thin conductivity Insulation: a preoccupation of manufacturer’s advertising (Problem/Solution) 73
Lightweight external walls: Combining conductivity & solar radiation resistant thermal insulation (Problem/Solution) 74
Lightweight external walls: thicknesses of conductivity & solar radiation resistant thermal insulation (Problem/Solution) 74
Lightweight external walls: Conductivity thermal insulation and vapour open/closed? (Problem/Solution) 74
Mixing Hydrophobic and Hygroscopic insulation (Research Opportunity) 75
Lightweight external walls: Relative positions of conductivity insulation & solar radiation resistant thermal insulation (Solution/Problem) 75
Mixing materials with different properties (Research Opportunity) 76
IRT surveys of roofs (Research Opportunity) 76
Modern Methods of Construction (Solution) 76
Thin Wall Insulation in Modern Methods of Construction (Problem/Solution) 76
Thin Internal Wall Insulation in Innovative Methods of Construction (IMC) (Solution/Problem) 77
Thick Wall Insulation in Innovative Methods of Construction (IMC) (Solution) 77
Grant funded insulation works (Problem) 77
Solar radiation resistant thermal Insulation is available in the UK market (Solution) 78
Solid Walls: Hard to treat? (HTT) (Solution/Problem) 78
External Wall Insulation (EWI) the details that fail (Problem) 78
External Wall Insulation (EWI) solutions lay in details (Solution) 78
Solid Walls: Breathing walls need Breathing Insulation (Solution) 79
Easy to treat inadequately (Problem) 80
Inside, within or outside or a combination (Problem) 80
Party Walls: Cavity Construction (Problem/Solution) 80
Party Walls: Solid Walls (Problem/Solution) 81
Solar orientation and ventilation or shading (Solution) 82
Passive Ventilation (Solution) 82
Active Ventilation (Solution) 82
Build tight ventilate right (Slogan) (Solution) 83
Compromised envelope (Problem/Solution) 83
Passive Ventilation with heat recovery (Solution) 83
Active Ventilation with heat recovery (Solution) 84
Passive or Active Summer Solar shading (Solution) 84
External solar shading to walls, windows and doors (Solution) 84
Living Walls as external shading to walls and potentially roofs too (Solution/Problem) 84
External brise soleil to glazed parts (Solution/Problem) 85
Venice and Venetians (Solution) 85
Adjustable external brise soleil to glazed parts (Solution) 86
External blinds, awnings and umbrellas (Solution) 86
Light shelves (Solution/Problem) 86
Solar shading to flat roofs (Solution) 86
Solar shading of pitched roofs (Solution?) 87
Decrement Delay (Solution) 87
Phase Change Properties (Solution) 87
Evaporative cooling (Solution/Problem) 88
Diminished insulation performance when moist (Problem) 88
Phase Change Materials (PCM) (Solution) 88
Thermal mass (Case Study) (Solution) 88
Thick walls, deep sloping window reveals (Solution) 89
Thermal mass combined with Phase Change Materials (PCM) (Solution) 89
Effective Phase Change Materials (PCM) (Solution) 89
Ineffective use of Phase Change Materials (PCM): BRE Campus Innovation Park (Solution/Problem) (Case Study) 89
Use of Phase Change Materials (PCM) in core of roofs (Case Study) (?Solution/Problem?) 90
Phase Change Materials at thermal saturation (Research Opportunity) 90
Beneficial or problematic solar heat gains (Solution/Problem) 90
Purging of heat from thermal mass overnight (Solution) 90
Purging of heat via windows and vents (Solution) 91
Good windows for purging of heat (Solution/Problem) 91
Windows that may or may not work for purging heat (?Solution/Problem?) 91
Bad windows for purging of heat (Problem) 92
Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) complicates purging and cross ventilation (Problem) 92
Reasons why windows will not be left opened during the day or night for purging (Problem) 92
Alternatives to windows for purging heat (Solution) 93
Alternatives to windows for purging heat (Case Studies): 93
Consequence for Building (Problem) 93
Consequences for Staff and Management (Problem) 93
Consequences of Overheating on Business (Problem) 93
Air conditioning uptake in domestic dwellings (Problem) 94
Consequences of Overheating on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) (Problem) 94
Consequences of Overheating on Health (Problem) 94
Who is at health risk? (Problem) 94
How big is the death risk? (Problem) 94
What can be done to help the vulnerable? (Solution/Problem) 95
Consequence of Overheating on low-income families (Problem) 95
What next? (Solution) 95
GBE Overheating Images 95
GBE Overheating See Also 96
Revisions Table (Metadata) 97

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