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Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan G#896 N#916

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Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan BRM @ Build4 CAPEM Showroom

Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan

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Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan


  • He spent the first ten years of practice in small firms, working on a wide range of new and existing buildings, getting a thorough grounding in building technology and studying day release ONC and HNC Construction.
  • He went on to work with talented Architects whilst studying day-release Architecture (part-time), the solid background giving him the freedom to ‘fly kites’ with his designs, unrestricted by lack of construction know-how.
  • He was recognised as a top student in his year, commended at BSc and awarded a Distinction with Honours at PG Diploma.
  • The technical background led him back to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the building design process: Specification writing, where he felt he could make the best contribution to a project’s final outcome, with sensitivity to the aspirations of the designer and the ability to contribute to the design process in the minutiae of the details.
  • He is passing his general and specialist knowledge in this and related fields back to the industry via CPD (continuing professional development) practice’s staff development seminars, university lectures, workshops, conferences, software training and individual tutoring on project design, building construction, materials, specification and professional practice.
  • In April 1999 he made a public declaration of intent to work with designers adopting sustainable approaches to building in the future and to influence others in this area.  He was lucky that most of his existing clients welcomed the opportunity to green up their act.
  • Set out in April 2001 launched National Green Specification (NGS) in November to create an Encyclopaedia of Green Construction.
  • 2003 Joined by Sandy Patience to create ‘GreenSpec’ website, describing products with the right environmental credentials and performance characteristics available in or from the UK.
  • 2008 – 2014 joined a NW European team to carryout Interreg funded CAP’EM project to develop an intelligent tool to select appropriate products for any building application and compare short listed product’s Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)
  • September 2012 started creating this new website to relaunch NGS and Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) that he set out to do in 2001 but failed.
  • 2013 left GreenSpec behind to focus on GBE and achieved 1.8 million page views in 2 years.
  • 2014 Initiated processes and funding applications to develop GBE 3D VIEW an interface to GBE where the user touches any object in a virtual building and it interrogates the encyclopaedia and delivers information in concertina windows on screen.
  • Prepared briefs and specification for many other applications to be created once GBE becomes financially autonomous.

Key Achievements

  • Brian has established a specification consultancy ASWS Architectural Specification Writing Services over the past 33 years, been self-employed 33 years and has >40 years experience in the industry.
  • Successful commissions have included:
    • new build, alteration, extension, conservation quality refurbishment, fit out
    • Project Clients: government, public, private and speculative developers,
    • Procured by: general contracting (GC), construction management (CM), management contracting (MC), design & build (D&B), Design manage Construct (DMC), Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT).
  • Project values carried out range from £50,000. to £511m.  Package values range from £10,000 to £12m.
  • Total Specified Projects to date £2415m.
  • Client list includes architects, interior designers, furniture designers, exhibition designers, landscape architects, facilities managers, builder’s merchants, self-builders, manufacturers, fabricators, suppliers and universities.  Whilst he has worked with D&B Contractor’s Architects, he was keen to work directly with contractors and successfully worked with Kier Group to develop their internal supply chain specification.

Project Roles

  • Reviewing drawn, written, and scheduled information including briefing notes, outline specifications and production information from participating consultants, giving feedback on buildability, compatibility and quality; offering advice on alternative methods, materials and sustainable alternatives.
  • Run Sustainability Design Reviews and Site Waste Management Plan Workshops round table brainstorming with the design team, Client, Contractor and Quantity Surveyor to review proposals and seek out opportunities to improve the use of site, methods or construction, choice of materials, services and use of resources in a cost effective manor to afford sustainable solutions.
  • Reviewing Tenders for compliance with project documents and highlighting any short falls, reviewing any further submissions.
  • Project List

Relevant Experience

  • He is not a practising architect so does not normally design buildings, his commitment is to influence the architects and other project team members he works with to consider and adopt appropriate green methods and materials, carryout any research to support a change and then specify them.
  • 1999 Organised a visit to Construction Resources showroom for CIIG members to get a taste of Green construction where we met Lucy Pedler who went on to set up TGR membership and training.
  • 1999 Invited to talk at ‘Green is the Colour’ Conference at RIBA on legislation driving Green
  • 2000 Attended The Green Register’s Sustainable Building and Services course became a member and then delivered 2 workshops on Day 2 and joined the steering group.
  • 2000 Attended Association of Environment Conscious Building annual conference, joined and became part of the Steering Committee
  • 2001 Launched the National Green Specification NGS in November 2001
  • 2003 ‘GreenSpec’ website launched at
  • 2004 BrianSpecMan invited to join GOEast developing and launching their East of England Sustainable Construction Strategy
  • 2004 BrianSpecMan joined EofE Sustainable Development Round Tables on Construction Waste and Water
  • 2004 Brian SpecMan joined UKCEED, Constructing Excellence, Environment Agency, BRE, Envirowise, WRAP, NISP, Kier Easter, Simons Construction, Responsible Solutions in running over 40 Site Waste Management Plan workshops across the UK
  • 2006 BrianSpecMan wrote many waste management specifications as part of  PII project with BRE
  • 2006 BrianSpecMan created WasteCost® Lite calculator and invited BRE to do it better, 3 years later they did.
  • 2007 BrianSpecMan was invited to lecture at London South Bank University which continued until 2018 finishing with a 12 week Energy and Resource Efficiency in Design Module which included creating whole building Energy, Carbon, Waste calculators in Excel.
  • 2008 BrianSpecMan invited to become part of the CAP’EM Interreg Project to develop an LCA tool that chooses product that are healthy, environmental, resourceful, appropriate, competent, effective before choosing their LCA.
  • BrianSpecMan has written and presented well over 1000 PowerPoint seminars on sustainable construction, specification and professional practice
  • BrianSpecMan has supported The Green Register of Construction Professionals as a speaker on their SBS Sustainable Building and Services courses, Waste conferences and on their steering group.
  • BrianSpecMan acknowledged by the RIBA Journal as a top 10 CPD provider whilst with GreenSpec
  • None of this was acknowledged or promoted on GreenSpec website; it all needed another website.
  • 2009 Adopted a space on Scribd website over 300 CPD and specification files loaded there 267,000 page reads, then counter reset to zero and the site started charging users; time to move on.
  • He has also written many specification work sectionsproduct clauses and supporting appendix.
  • Occasionally a calculator or data is needed to carry out a task and he creates or collates them too.
  • 2012 created, it soon became the exit strategy from GreenSpec
  • 2013 National Green Specification relaunched/CAPEM launched at
  • 2013 GreenSpec Ltd. set up and left to Sandy Patience
  • 2013 National Green Specification Ltd. created to continue CAPEM project as a Partner
  • 2014 reserved
  • 2015 NGS CAPEM website content decanted to Green Building Encyclopaedia website
  • 2015 Green Building Encyclopaedia launched with an ambition to complete a 40 man year task in 5 years
  • 2018 Started at University of Hertfordshire RIBA Part 1 Years 2 for Architects and Interior Architectural Design, as a visiting Technical Champion providing lectures and tutoring in studio
  • 2019 At Greta’s request for adults to support the School Strikes for Climate BrianSpecMan joined the Global strike in London where he met Architects Declarers and Architects Carbon Action Network who needed guidance on where to get the new know-how to change and joined their fortnightly meeting
  • 2020 Joined by Edith Colomba of MaD Network to and Nigel Temple of The Marketing Compass to develop and launch GBE Learning multi-format learning website
  • 2020 Joined The Green Register on their Retrofit zone stand at FutureBuild 2020 to promote GBE Learning and explore potential co-promotion and co-hosting
  • During COVID lockdown developed Green Building Calculator

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
Brian Murphy ONC HNC Construction BSc PGDip Architecture (Hons+Dist)
10th December 2012 – 25th May 2021

Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan

PTC A level Building+Drawing

PTC A level Building+Drawing

PNL Degree Architecture

PNL Degree Architecture

PNL Degree Architecture Results

PNL Degree Architecture Results

PNL Diploma Architecture Dist Hons

PNL Diploma Architecture Dist+Hons

PNL Diploma Architecture

PNL Diploma Architecture

BRM Build4 png.

At JTS Visit to Build4 near Dover

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CAPEM meeting in JTS Office Lille


[avniR] LCA Convention 2011


Napier Univeristy @ Edinburgh Zoo   BIM from a Specifiers Perspective

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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
Brian Murphy ONC HNC Construction BSc PGDip Architecture (Hons+Dist)
10th December 2012 – 26th January 2020

Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
Brian Murphy ONC HNC Construction BSc PGDip Architecture (Hons+Dist)
10th December 2012 – 26th January 2020

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