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Green Building Calculator (GBC)

GBC Form Factor to Target U value (Calculator)

GBC Green Building Calculator FormFactor A15 BRM 270720 PNG Remove term: SPAB STBA Conference 2020 Event SPAB STBA Conference 2020 Event

    • GBC Green Building Calculator FormFactor A15 BRM
    270720 PNG

Fuel and In Use Carbon (Calculator)


Regulations/Design Guides Elemental U values/Airtightness/Glazing% etc. (Dataset)


Insulation v Glazing cost comparison (Calculator)


Insulation material k values > U value > Thickness (Calculator)

Whole Building U value (Calculator)

Whole Building Energy Demand, Elemental % Comparison (Calculator)

Whole Building Fuel Choice > In Use Carbon (Calculator)

GBC Future development:

Decrement Delay (Calculator)

    • Insulation material > Decrement Delay > Thickness (Calculator)
    • Interstitial Condensation Check (Calculator)
    • Whole Building EE EC SC (Calculator) G#1910 N#1764

Whole Building LCA (Calculator)

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I want I want I want

  • I want Clients with aspirations and objectives for a Healthy, Environmental, Resourceful, Appropriate, Effective, Competent, Circular, Useful building to be able to invest and get what they want
  • I want Clients not to be forced to the bottom of the barrel of a self-serving building industry with its extended and disjointed supply chains.
  • I want Quantity Surveyors to do Green Building Cost Planning, but they have Violet Price books, so no hope there
  • I want Architects to be able to do their own Cost Planning without a QS
  • I want Quantity Surveyors to do Value Engineering not cost cutting disguised as Value Engineering; but they never look at the bigger picture
  • I want multi-functional materials to replace many singular function materials and succeed in Value Engineering processes
  • I want Specification Substitution to be done with all the facts available about the consequence of every change other than just cost savings
  • I want designers to be able to understand the environmental impact of their construction methods and materials or product choices
  • I want designers to be able to compare alternative scenarios easily and quickly and to begin to build an understanding of the consequences of their choices, and lower impact methods
  • I want students and designers to have access to competent elemental assembly datasets to choose from and adopt or adapt, in the absence of know-how to assemble their own.
  • I want Architectural Education to address Building Technology, to create graduates who have a basic or better knowledge and understanding not just awareness
  • I want architectural competitions and awards to insist on Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon and Sequestered Carbon and energy and carbon in use, as part of the criterial for success with an appropriate weighting.
  • I want intelligent BIM apps to interrogate the Bill of Materials (BoM) and do environmental analysis on the fly.
  • I want generic materials and product datasets at my fingertips to adopt, adapt, apply and interrogate in my designs
  • I want to know where a product was invented to be used and not risk its inappropriate application
  • I want multi-functional calculators or apps that interrogate the same building model/dataset that I build only once
  • I want to build in more functionality soon after I think about it.
  • I want a building modelling tool that generates its own specification as you assemble the building
  • I want a tool to determine a Circular Economy valuation
  • I want a tool to help avoid plastics in construction

I will I will I will

  • I am reminded by Mahatma Gandhi to ‘Be the change you want to see in the World’
  • So I will build the tools to do what I want them to do.
  • Doing calculations long hand seems incredibly time consuming so GBE turns them into Excel calculators wherever possible and is making them available to download and use
  • I have already built WasteCost lite calculator, Whole Building Energy and Carbon in use calculator and an Embodied Energy Embodied Carbon, sequestered carbon calculators, but they are all stand alone
  • GBE is assembling GBE Datasets to work with GBE Equations and GBE Calculators
  • GBE Green Building Calculator (GBC) Version 1 is the beginning of a 12 version development programme to bring many of my wants into a singular powerful early-stage design tool
  • Green Building Calculator will help designers in their day to day work and potentially help with long term human occupation of an ailing planet


  • We all have to use them from time to time
  • Some times we rely on manufacturers to provide U value calculators
  • Students need to get to understand their designs better, so do Architects.
  • Design and Decision Tools (D&DT) need them embedded
  • UK Government TSB has funded a dozen £1m D&DT software developments some of which will become commercial software
  • In Canada the Government is paying for RetScreen to develop free to use national calculators
  • In the UK BRE have the monopoly on compliance calculators: SAP, SBEM
  • In Germany they have Passivhaus Planning Package PHPP
  • AECB’s CarbonLite interprets Passivhaus PHPP for UK climate and energy mix

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
6th April 2013 – 7th October 2020

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GBEWholeBuildingEE+EC+SCCalculator 06.04.32

GBE Whole Building Embodied Energy Embodied Carbon Sequestered Carbon Calculator

This calculator is on hold as it is to become part of the GBE Green Building Calculator 17/06/2020

GBE Green Building Calculator U To Watts To CO2 A13 BRM 210520 PNG

GBE Green Building Calculator U To Watts To CO2 A13 BRM 210520 PNG

Whole Building, Elements, U Values, Areas, Temperatures differences, Heat loss, Element %, Fuel choice, CO2

WasteCost® lite calculator

Loft insulation U value calculator and raised storage/access deck supports Psi values Cover page

Loft insulation U value calculator and raised storage/access deck supports Psi values

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
6th April 2013 – 17th June 2020

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GBE Datasets

  • Timber Species Schedule G#1371 N#1351
  • Generic Materials Schedule
  • Regulations/Design Guides Elemental U values/Airtightness (Dataset)
  • Thermal Insulation Materials properties (Dataset)

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GBE Jargon Buster

GBE Jargon Buster Theme

  • Carbon

GBE Jargon Buster Abbreviations

  • AECB
  • EnerPHit
  • PHPP
  • SAP
  • SBEM
  • WUFI

GBE Jargon Buster Entries

Words and phrases
  • CarbonLite (Programme)
  • Delphi
  • Design & Decision Tools
  • Embodied Carbon
  • Embodied Energy
  • Embodied Water
  • EnerPHit
  • Fuel Carbon
  • Hygro-thermal moisture movement
  • Passivhaus (PHPP)
  • RetScreen (Canadian Government)
  • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
  • Standard Building Energy Model (SBEM)
  • Sequestered Carbon
  • U value
  • WasteCost®Lite

GBE Links

  • AECB
  • PHPP
  • WRAP
  • CarbonLite
  • Passivhaus
  • RetScreen

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
6th April 2013 – 16th August 2019

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