GBE 2019 Q3 Diary

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GBE 2019 Q3 Diary
July 2019

MaD Make A Difference Networking Logo

1: MaD in the Midlands, Birmingham

University of Hertfordshire Logo

1-2: UH Student marking final submissions

The university of Plymouth logo

3-4: Plymouth University for CobBauge Phase 2 launch workshop

Interreg Channel Logo

4-8: Accounts NGS VAT

Coins Of The Realm Crest, GBE Accounts

Coins Of The Realm Crest

8: NGS VAT submissions and De-Registration

University of Hertfordshire Logo

8: UH rounding up the year with marking paper trail

9-11: GBE Website spring cleaning

NGS Page Groups

NGS Page Groups

11: GBE Hierarchy Navigation prep

Gloucester Centre FaceBook

Gloucester Centre Residents FaceBook Page

12 -17: Gloucester Centre Meeting feedback

15: Thermal Bridge Database meeting planning

TGR The Green Register Logo

15: TGR CITB Training Budget emails

Bat Conservation Trust BCT logo

15: BCT emails

GBE Logo only

GBE Logo only

16-17: GBE Navigation Spreadsheet

CRUK Carpet Recycling United Kingdom

18: CRUK Carpet Recycling UK Annual Conference Exhibition Birmingham

GBE Logo only

GBE Logo only

19: GBE Team meeting in Citizen M Southwark planning Page Group (Navigation) Logos and website improvements

ACQ5 Gamechangers 2019 Award Logo

20-21: GBE Website Awards update

22: GBE Navigation

23: CI/SfB table assembled for images VLUT in Excel

24: GBE CI/SfB (Classification) G#24416

University of Hertfordshire Logo

24: Final scores and feedback forms emailed to the UH students

GBE 2D View Icons Slide17 Floor:Wall

25-26: Website updates, PPTX slides to Icon Team

GBE 2D View Icons Slide16 Systems

26: Developing CI/SfB classification for Icons

27-29: GBE 1960 Timber Frame Retrofit (Q+A) Q#24728

29-30: Make 116 Templates ‘Privately Published’ and list in Updates

30: Update Website Breadcrumbs file, update Navigation and 301 Redirects files

AECB 2013 Logo

30: AECB Cambridge Group meeting Garden Room at the Alex

30: Planning Future Events topics

Gloucester Centre FaceBook

Gloucester Centre Residents FaceBook Page

31: Gloucester Centre Facebook page update files

GBE Logo only

GBE Logo only

31: Update Website Images Icons (Tasks) G#17658

31: Added CAWS 1998 (Classification) G#24974

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
31st May 2019 – 1st August 2019

GBE 2019 Q3 Diary
August 2019

GBE Logo only

GBE Logo only

1: Added GBE Classification (Navigation) G#25005 linked CI/SfB, CAWS, CSI, News pages

1: Added August Diary and Daily, Updated Daily Updates and Quarters

1: Updated Calculator (Template) then added Post for meeting on 7th

2: GBE Navigation 301 de-duplications

2: GBE Navigation Icons CI/SfB into Drawing register

2: GBE Website Tackling more grey pages

2: Checkmate Accounts Admin

2: EU and Interreg Project and Simple Project Template

3-4: GBE Website White text search and replace with grey in Templates first

Advanced Details Thermal Bridge Calculator Logo

4-5: write up Notes & questions then type and email for Thermal Bridge meeting

University of Hertfordshire Logo

5: Uni of Hertfordshire: Late student claim not late, emails

6: GBE Website updates

CobBauge Phase 2 Start Flyer Yellow

7: CobBauge Project page CobBauge (Project) G#25445

Advanced Details Thermal Bridge Calculator Logo

7: Meeting Advanced Details Ltd and Its About Energy to consider future Thermal Bridge Psi Calculator tool development

7: GBE Navigation Page Groups:  file update on trains

8-9: GBE Website update

9: GBE Website, Navigation, Updates

CI/SfB Construction Indexing manual

10: GBE Classification CI/SfB, Uniclass, update

University of Hertfordshire Logo

10-14: University of Hertfordshire emails and phone calls

Advanced Details Thermal Bridge Calculator Logo

11-13: Advanced Details: Write up Meeting Notes, Response to ADL Email

12: GBE Website GBE #Hashtags (Navigation) G#25778 and Navigation page update

Green Apple Award Logo

Green Apple Award 2020 Logo

14: GBE Awards Green Apple Application (May 2020)

Greta Starts Atlantic crossing14: Greta Thunberg Starts her Atlantic Crossing by today

Advanced Details Thermal Bridge Calculator Logo14-16: Advanced Details PPTX and PDF Hierarchy, SAP, Diagram, CAD diagram

15: GBE images Filing

15: GBE TGR Passivhaus Training Sessions (Events) G#13197

London Metropolitan Uni Logo15-16: London Metropolitan University Job Advert start

Greta Day 2 Atlantic crossing

16: Greta Day 2

17: Splitting Sustainability Quotes and Liability Alerts to new pages

18: Daily and Diary updates

17-19: Updating and issued Navigation Icon Drawing Register with CI/SfB Codes

20: Emily Hill email post meeting notes about editing pages

20-24: GBE 301 Redirects long URLs







AECB 2013 Logo

27: AECB Cambridge meeting

London Metropolitan Uni Logo28: LMU Job Application deadline




© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
31st May 2019 – 19th August 2019

GBE 2019 Q3 Diary
September 2019



CobBauge Phase2 Start Event Invitation

3: CobBauge Interreg Project RIBA in London 2pm -9pm


GBE CPD Sustainable Building Materials Green Or Violet Which to you use? USE NET_Learning S1

5: GBE CPD Green or Violet Materials in Insulation





10 -11: RWM 2019 at NEC

GBE Product Data Collection LSI RISE 2019 Slide

GBE Product Data Collection LSI RISE 2019 Slide

11: RISE Awards Announcements 2019










20-27: Global Climate Strikes


22: World Car-free day


SKA Rating Logo

24: Ska TC Technical Committee

24-25: OffsSite Expo 2019 @ RICHO

25: Plastics 101 15:00-17:00 Recoup Orton Hall Peterborough

26: Recoup Recycling Kingsgate Peterborough 8.00am-16:00pm






© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
31st May 2019 – 16th August 2019