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Document Request Declined

A document was listed and linked, you clicked and got this message instead of the document, why is that?

Widget and pages needs recreating and CPD files reloading

  • The NGS website had 300 download CPD document pages with widgets to sell and deliver the documents.
  • Transferring the NGS website content to GBE all those 300 widgets evaporated and need to be recreated in GBE in the local software.
  • The document download page needs recreating.
  • The files are substantially reloaded.
  • Reconnecting files has commenced.
  • If there are files you would like to have access to let us know we will act on them sooner.

Manufacturers Files need reloading

  • GBE Pages have listed a manufacturer and their products that solve a problem and have some environmental credential that GBE likes.
  • They may have been on the now shut-down prototype NGS website for free, but have not yet been asked to be on the replacement GBE website.
  • GBE are inviting them to join the GBE website and add their files for your use, but have not yet spoken with them all yet, or they may not have agreed yet.
  • There are many reasons given: e.g. already on another site, not in this year’s budget, spent this year’s budget, want to see how GBE develops first, etc.
  • If you would like to have access to these files the manufacturer needs encouragement to include their information on GBE website.
  • Your voices will be more powerful persuasion than ours alone.
  • Please let them know you like GBE website and use it.
  • GBE will keep at it, between us we will have more success.
  • Thank you in advance.
  • And if you are successful that should be worth an individual’s discounted membership subscription fee.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
10th September 2015 – 28th December 2015