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GBE Calculators (Shop)

  • Calculators Including: Whole Building Calculators
    • Embodied Energy & Carbon, Sequestered Carbon,
      • Removed, to be amalgamated into Green Building Calculator
    • Green Building Calculator
      • Areas, Temperatures, Hours of use, U values, Regulations, Design Standards, Form Factor, U value targets, Element selection, component replacement with generic materials or real product characteristics, In-use Energy demand, Elemental %, Fuel choice, Carbon output
    • WasteCost®Lite
      • Building footprint number of floors, number of buildings
      • Cost of waste, cost of segregation, cost savings by segregating,
      • Building types, segregation waste streams, mixed and segregated waste stream costs,
  • GBE Green Building Calculator Big Practice (Shop) G#38525

  • GBE Green Building Calculator Small Practice (Shop) G#38524

  • GBE Green Building Calculator Student (Shop) G#38520

  • Timber Species Schedule (Shop) G#10656