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GBC Features Benefits (Calculator) G#38788

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GBC Features Benefits Calculator

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GBC Features Benefits Calculator

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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
What it Means to Declarers Enables ‘Declarers’ to engage more robustly with Climate Emergency
Enables engagement with RIBA Climate Challenge
Enables Architectural competition entries to be supported by competent performance data
Enables engagement with Architects Climate Action Network ambitions
What it Means to your Business opportunities Addressing Climate Emergency can become part of your ‘New Normal’
Enable users to offer ‘Deep-retrofit’ to their existing clients 
Enable you to offer ‘Deep-retrofit’ and attract a new Climate Emergency focussed customer base
What it Means to your Practice activities Gives users access to equivalent tools that most individuals cannot afford
Facilitates behaviour change by providing data for comparison and justification of better long term choices
Enables defence of good decisions in Value Engineering exercises
Allows easy consideration and comparison of better than ‘Business as Usual’ and ‘Legal Minimum’ regulations
Allows easy consideration and comparison of better PH, CL, LETI energy standards over regulations
What it Means to Students and Graduates Students and graduates can have new skills on CV that many Practices do not yet have
Enables graduates and young professionals to bring new services to Practice’s attention
Enable ‘Grey Hairs’ to keep up with induction graduate’s expectations
What it Means to One person and small practices They can become autonomous and do some consultancy services themselves
Enables them to do much more then they could before
What it does not do It does not replace AECB CL & CLR or PHPP and EnerPHit but enables many to experience what they do to a building   
Users wanting to do Passivhaus need to focus more on the thermal bridge and air tightness details, etc. and get formal training
What it will do once developed It will be closer to but still will not be equivalent to AECB CL & CLR or PHPP and EnerPHit
And it does a lot of other things too
What it is and does How that helps you
Multi-functional Green Building Calculator Does what you want but thought you could never do yourself
Does what you want but thought you had to pay and arm and a leg for
Useful for Architects, Technicians/Technologies, Surveyors
Useful for Building Performance advisors, Energy Advisors, Energy Consultants, Carbon reduction consultants
Useful for Builders, Constructors, Contractors, Sub-contractors, for regulation compliance, cost or variation comparisons 
Useful to Self Builders to check the quote specifications fit the building targets before they buy 
Brings together many calculations in a single place all interlinked so one change filtres throughout 
All the parts are in place, correct format linked to correct data sources so no more searching your college knowledge 
Saves you time
Broader Service Offering to Clients is possible
More in-house skills
Less reliance upon external consultants
What it does How that helps you
Elemental Energy Analysis with Cost Data Analyse result of spending more money on more insulation and/or more expensive glazing
Energy and Carbon in Use  Instant Carbon in Use calculation
It was created for New build
It works for any building use Hours of operation and room working temperatures can be set


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31st October 2020

GBC Green Building Calculator
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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
31st October 2020

GBC Features Benefits (Calculator) G#

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