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GBE Links (Navigation) G#445 N#451

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  • Links to important organisation websites, databases and publications
  • GBE have 140 pages of links but organising then into a useful order is the challenge
  • GBE might develop CAWS, Uniclass, Topical, Alphabetic (Started below) lists
  • In the mean time here are a few

GBE Links Topics

  • Waste (Links Topic) G#1876 N#1739

GBE Links Navigation
Alphabetical Abbreviations Acronyms Initials

GBE Links Navigation
Alphabetical Words Phrases

  • Aggregain (WRAP) (Gone)
  • British Board of Agrément (BBA)
  • Building Biology Association (BBA)
  • The Buildings Hub (TBH) (Overheating Publications)
  • Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD)
  • Business Resource Efficiency (BRE) HUB
  • Butterfly (BLP)
  • CACTUS Defect Risk Management Tool (BLP)
  • Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK)
  • Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
  • Construction Industry Research Information Association (CIRIA)
  • Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) (Information) (Recycling)
  • Compass (CAP’EM Project) (CAP’EM Compass) (Gone)
  • Cradle to Cradle (C2C) (Event)
  • Cradle to Cradle Network (C2CN) (Project)
  • Cut Your Carbon (CYC) (On GBE)
  • Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco Materials (CAP’EM Project) (CAP’EM Compass) (Gone)
  • Decrement Delay Calculator (CC)
  • ech2o (Water & Carbon Consultant) (Newsletter)
  • Ecological Building Systems (Supplier)
  • EcoShowcase (Event Exhibition)
  • EG Magazine (On GBE)
  • EnviroCluster Peterborough (Gone)
  • Flooring Sustainability Partnership (FSP) (Link) (REAP) (GBE CPD) (Proposal)
  • Good Homes Alliance (GHA)
  • Green Guide to Specification (GGtS) (bre) (Tool) (Critique)
  • GreenSkyThinking (Events CPD)
  • GreenSpec (Link On GBE) (History) (Accolades)
  • Green Register (TGR) (On GBE) (Membership) (Training Events) (Blog)
  • Hewitsons Commercial Property (Legal)
  • Histoglass (Manufacturer)
  • Homebuilding & Renovating Show (Event)
  • Interdisciplinary Design in Built Environment (IDBE) Masters Programme (Course) (on GBE)
  • Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) (Training) (CPD)
  • Integrated Environmental Solutions Virtual Environment (IESVE) (Tool)
  • Inventory of Energy and Carbon (ICE) (Dataset) (GBE Calculator)
  • Landscape Hub
  • Life Cycle Calculator (LCC) (BLP) (On GBE)
  • London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) (eNewsletter)
  • Low Impact Materials and innovative Engineering Solutions research Network (LimesNet) (No longer)
  • Netherlands Institue for Buildingbiology and Ecology (NIBE)
  • Open-City (CPD)
  • PinPoint Resource Locator (UK GBC)
  • PRe Sustainability (LCA) (Holland) (CAPEM Compass)
  • Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
  • RIBA Bookshops
  • RIBA Publishing
  • SALVO (Architectural Salvage) (Link on GBE) (Hub) (Newsletter) (Project)
  • Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA) (Event) (CPD)
  • Society of Garden Designers (SGD) (GBE CPD)
  • SimaPro
  • SmartWaste (bre) (Tool) (SWMP)
  • SpecifiedBy (unfiltered Products Database)
  • Susdrain (eNewsletter)
  • Sustain Worldwide
  • The Green Register of Construction Professionals (TGR) (Membership) (Training)
  • The Code Store (Supplier) (On GBE)
  • Timbalite
  • Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) (Authoritative Advisory Body) (Books)
  • Technology Strategy Board (TSB) (Innovate UK)
  • UK Green Building Council (UK GBC) (Webinar)
  • UK Self Build Market Research
  • UV Light Information Centre
  • Waste Aware Scotland (WAS) (Gone see ZWS)
  • Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP)
  • Water (WRAS)
  • WRAP’s Aggregain (Gone)
  • Woman in Sustainable Construction & Property (WSCP) (Women) (Event)
  • Women in Sustainable Rail (WSR) (Event 2021)
  • Zero Carbon Hub (ZCH)
  • Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) (Event) (CPD) (Product Passports) (Project Proposals)

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I found something useful but have not put it in its right order yet, so its dumped here temporarily

Recycling Plastics by numbers:

Ultraviolet light water cleaning

Centre of Excellence for Environmental Technologies and

twitter page @CE4ET


Educational initiative.

NIBE Netherlands Institue for Buildingbiology and Ecology

We (the Dutch Institue for Buildingbiology and Ecology (NIBE) made life cycle analyses of almost all the common building materials in the Netherlands. In this life cycle analyses we compared the building materials on 17 environmental effects (such as Global warming, Human toxicity, ozone layer depletion, acidification, etc.).

We compute the total life cycle (i.e., from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, and disposal or recycling).

Our website ( is free to use and we hope you can find the information you want at this site.


Flooring Sustainability Partnership






(NGS BRM ’12)

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
3rd April 2013 – 27th March 2021
All links updated 24th April 2018
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GBE Links Topics

  • Waste (Links Topic) G#1876 N#1739

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