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GBE 3 Column Page (Template) G#11068

GBE 6 Core pages

Basic & Standard Service (1 or 3 column)

Enhanced & Premier Service (Multiple tabs)

GBE Elemental

  • Elemental Assembly G#1224 N#1225
  • Panel System G#1230 N#1231
  • GBE Modular Pod System (Template) G#1231 N#1232
  • BEA Building Element Assembly (Tabbed) G#NNNNN
  • BEAP Building Element Assembly Performance (Tabbed) G#NNNNN
  • BEAS Building Elemental Assembly Specification (Tabbed) G#NNNNN
  • BEST Building Element Sustainability Test (Tabbed) G#NNNNN
  • BEACON Building Element Assembly Code Number G#NNNN

GBE Encyclopaedia

1 or 3 column


GBE Collaboration

  • Product Database Collection G#NNNNN
  • LitAudit Literature Audit and GreenWash Check
  • Echo Confirmation of Manufacturer’s Self-Declaration (ISO 14021)
  • PASS+ Report Page Template
  • PASS Assessment LNN Name N#1092
  • PASS Serve: Services Product Assessment
  • PASS Civ: Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Product Assessment
  • Compare
  • Compare Conclusions
  • MASS Material Assessment Sustainability Screening
  • Library Manufacturer’s Product Literature & Endorsements
  • CPD Manufacturer’s CPD seminar files
  • CAD Manufacturer’s CAD files
  • BIM Manufacturer’s BIM ready CAD files
  • SWMP Site Waste Management Plan entry
  • FMSpec Facilities Management Specifications
  • O&MM Operation & Maintenance Manual entry
  • EndOf End of Life Solutions
  • Product Passport
  • Solution Providers News No N Month 2016 G#9278
  • Members Newsletter No N Month 2016 G#9379

GBE Shop

GBS Green Building Specification

Blog News


  • CAPEM Compass Product Page Template

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
8th November 2013 – 14th December 2020

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
8th November 2013 – 14th December 2020