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GBE Feedback

Wendy Colvin, Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, PGCert Professional Practice & Management in Architecture

School of Planning and Architecture University of the West of England, Bristol:

  • Thank you for your lively talk last Wednesday.
  • The students have given very positive feedback about the afternoon session, so, too, our guest from RIBA.
  • On Friday, we had a Visiting Board from the RIBA, who will be recommending Candidate Status for Part 3.
  • This is good news, and moves us one step closer to a fully accredited course!

GBE Feedback

  • Thank you for coming in and as always giving a great presentation!
  • Much appreciated and useful to all.
  • I’ll be in touch in the future for another session.

Ayatal Rehman Architectural Assistant David Morley Architects

Scope: List of Sub-topics (slides)
Specification and Liability

It introduces many aspects of specification in the context of Liability and where and with whom does its responsibility lay and how that changes with different procurement methods and development controls scenarios.

Specification in a context of liability

  • What is a Specification?
  • Employer’s Requirements
  • What else?
  • Whose responsibility?
  • Who else might write it?
  • At what stage?
  • Quality & QA
  • Quality
  • Liability Alerts
  • Design responsibility
  • Output responsibility
  • Fit for purpose
  • Interpretation
  • European Context
  • Construction Products Directive
  • LCA Developments:
  • Interpretation
  • Proper materials
  • BCO’s own LABC scheme
  • Other Sector Schemes
  • Design life UK (EU+INT)
  • In France
  • Prescriptive or performance Specification?
  • Performance Drawings?
  • How do you choose between Performance or Prescription?
  • If we are not competent
  • Performance Specification in Contract
  • Approving or reviewing?
  • Performance Specification
  • Specification Substitution
  • Surreptitious Substitution
  • Ignoring the Specification
  • Or equivalent
  • Equivalency
  • If you specified it once don’t do it twice
  • Or similar or equal or …
  • Or equivalent and approved
  • Cost Cutting v Value Engineering
  • Language
  • Culture of Blame
  • No Redundancy
  • CPI Coordinated Project Information
  • Quality
  • Classification
  • Computer coordination
  • Elemental Specification
  • Other’s specifications
  • Choice of systems

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GBE Specification Liability CPD


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GBE Specification Liability CPD
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