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GBE CPD Continuing Professional Development

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BrianSpecMan delivered all of NGS GreenSpec’s CPD before leaving to set up Green Building Encyclopaedia

GBE CPD Continuing Professional Development

BrianSpecMan presents GBE CPD to any audience anywhere in the England, Wales, Scotland & NI and occasionally beyond (France, Germany, Israel, Belgium, so far; and a few declined Russia, UAE)

GBE In House CPD

BrianSpecMan has presented to many design practices, contractors, local authorities and housing associations.

A charge is made for travel and time

  • £150+Fares (e.g. Lunchtime in London+SE+EofE+EM+WM)
  • £250+Fares (e.g. Lunchtime in S Wales, NW, NE)
  • £250+Fares (e.g. Eurostar to Lille, Paris, Brussels, Lunchtime, return in a day)
  • £350+Fares +Accommodation (e.g. if over 5 hours rail distance or flights: SW, Scotland and Mid/N Wales)
  • £350+Fares (e.g. Half day workshop London+SE+EofE+EM+WM)
  • £500+Fares (e.g. Whole day workshop London+SE+EofE+EM+WM)
  • GBE do not pay for nor provide buffet lunch.
  • GBE do not provide printed handouts but can send a file in advance for the practice to print.
  • GBE CPDs are provided by a practising specifier and are not normally industry-sponsored or building-product related.

GBE CPD Download PDF


For 6 years GBE CPD and other files have been available to download from Scribd website, with over 267,000 reads (April 2014 then counter reset) it is clear that there is a demand for these files, so now we are moving them onto GBE website.

This website will be delivering PDF versions of its many CPD papers to enable individuals to download and read files in their own time, they will be very low cost to encourage many to download, read, learn and change habits.

Whilst being low cost the revenue created will allow GBE time to convert more and load them up for your use.

GBE CPD Certificates

Whilst GBE CPD seminars are not formally certified by RIBA or other CPD providers, we can only provide an GBE CPD Certificate as evidence of attendance at in-house CPD.

A template can be provided for CPD organisers to generate personalised certificates for delegates.

GBE CPD PowerPoint files

Lecturers and CPD organisers may wish to use the original PowerPoint files with slides-builds including diagram stepped assemblies for a more useful presentation.

These files can be very large and may need to be provided via DropBox.

These files are available on request and subject to a fee of £8.88

Contact BrianSpecMan


Some already exist here, printing handouts can also be created on request.

File names with 9H added = 9 slides per page handouts

Contact BrianSpecMan

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
17th December 2012 – 26th December 2018

GBE CPD Continuing Professional Development

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Offer of free CPD in your office about coved skirting failures and solutions

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Fig. 1 Scribd website with 300 CPD downloadable files

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Specification Development Plan Of Work png CPD cover

Fig 3. GBE CPD PowerPoint to show (PPT or PPTX)


Fig. 4 GBE CPD Handouts (PDF)

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
20th February 2014 – 26th December 2018

GBE CPD Continuing Professional Development
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© GBE NGS ASWS BrianMurphy aka BrianSpecMan
20th February 2014 – 26th December 2018

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