Specification Writing using NBS Binder Disk Service Session 2 (Shop) G#10753


Specification Writing using NBS Binder Disk Service Session 2 (CPD) (Shop)

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  • Scope: GreenBuildingSpecification CPD Workshop
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  • Created for: BGY Ltd. Architects 51 staff to be trained
  • Presented to: BGY working group
  • Author: BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy BSc Dip Arch (Hons+Dist)
  • © NGS GreenSpec BrianSpecMan 2016,
  • Created: 29/02/2016
  • Revision: 2
  • Updated: 01/04/2016
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© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
31st March 2016 – 1st April 2016


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Specification Writing using NBS Binder Disk Service Session 2 (Shop)

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Specification Writing using NBS Binder Disk Service Session 2 (Shop)

About This CPD

  • GBE were asked to provide training in use of NBS Specification, the Practice had 50 staff at all levels of experience needing this training.
  • We ran a brain storming session with HR and senior staff to get a feeling for what was needed and what could be offered.
  • We proposed 2 half day in-house workshops for 10 staff at a time:
    • Session 1 (specification novices)
    • Session 2 (completed at least one specification in the past and/or attended Session 1)
  • The scope is described in the CPD file and a CPD page

What is in this CPD/Training Session2

  • What is a specification (quick reminder of Session 1)
  • Editing A Preliminaries Sections
  • Project Specification: (Office Standard Template) (Word DOT or DOTX)
  • Adding spec from other sources:
    • Turning BBA Certificates into Project specifications
    • Turning manufacturer’s literature into specifications
    • Turning manufacturer’s specifications into NBS Compatible
    • Including manufacturer’s specifications in Project Specifications
    • Extracting specifications from manufacturers schedules
  • Turning previous project spec into new project spec
  • Improving on NBS
  • Different approaches to NBS
  • Including Consultant’s brief or specification in specifications

What is ‘green’ about it?

  • Nothing in particular, but GBE Heracey™ encompasses …Appropriate, Competent, Effective… which should all come out of a good specification

How does it differ from the NBS training CPD?

  • This is not on a computer training,
  • There is some hands on real live project specification editing and reviewing
  • Each Project team doing their preferred work sections
  • Not doing the rarely edited work section D20, etc.

How or where can the CPD be used?

  • It can be read on the computer as CPD
  • but its real aim is to be a live half-day in-house workshop with BrianSpecMan running the workshop.

Why should you pay to download this CPD?

  • If you want to introduce your staff to NBS Binder and Disk Service
  • If you want them to get up to speed as quickly as possible
  • See what is on offer then call BrianSpecMan to run a workshop for you.

More about this CPD seminar Workshop

  • BGY Architects requested this and they had a bespoke version presented
  • Other audiences can have their own Bespoke versions of the workshop


© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
31st March 2016 – 1st April 2016

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