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Popular Initial Services
GBE Inputs:

  • Literature Audit (Collaborate) G#738 N#760 Literature Advertising & Website Audit for GreenWash
  • PASS Product Accessory System Screening (Collaborate) G#515 N#533 Screening against 400 criteria
  • Product Data Collection (Collaborate) G#14563
    Currently up to 1260 pieces of information collected into an excel spreadsheet audited/edited/improved then feeds into 35 schedules for different audience in the Demand-Supply chain and at different stages of the Project Life
  • Compare (Collaborate) G#968 N#989 Compare products with equivalents in same category or product group
  • Product Initial Assessments (Collaborate) G#13848 First low cost steps towards LCA and EPD
  • LCA Life Cycle Analysis (Collaborate) G#478 N#484 Life Cycle Analysis Life Cycle Assessment, informs EPD and DeTox

GBE Outputs:

  • DeTox G#794 N#816 After LCA and Marginal Analysis DeTox helps to find alternative benign ingredients
  • EPD Environmental Product Declaration (Collaborate) G#532 N#552
  • Echo (Collaborate) G#1064 N#1082 Independent 3rd party confirmation of Manufacturer’s Self-declarations
  • Compare Product Report (Collaborate)
  • Product Data Sheet (PDS) (Collaborate) G#543 N#563
  • Product Page Schedules (PPS) G#1100 N#1118 currently Schedules of information for company and product pages
  • Application Data Sheet (ADS): Scheduling the manufacturer’s intended/appropriate use of the product
  • Company Page Schedule (CPS):
  • Literature Edit: Literature improved wording and promotion G#849 N#871
  • Robust Specification G#541 N#561 Like NBS but including all the reasons to choose it, to defend against Substitution
  • Robust Specification Clauses G#1087 N#1105 Specification clauses for products, accessories, systems, details
  • Robust Specification Work Section (Navigation) G#460 N#466 including: subcontractors, workmanship, tolerances, checking, testing
  • Method Statements G#12677
  • Product Passport (Collaborate) G#1098 N#1116

GBE Presence

  • Incubator (Collaborate) G#899 N#919 Products being considered for the website get an incubator page
  • Company Page
  • Product Page: G#529 N#549 (E.g. Products, Accessories, Systems, Sub-systems, Elements)

GBE Dissemination

GBE Newsletter

  • Members Newsletter: Dedicated edition of GBE Members Newsletter promoting Company, Products, Specifications. Newsletter added to website page
  • GBE SP News

GBE Additional Services

  • BEAD Navigation: Building Element Assembly Drawing
  • BEAB Navigation: Building Element Assembly BIM Data
  • BEAC Navigation: Building Element Assembly CAD file
  • BEACoN Building Element Assembly Code Number G#922 N#940
  • BEAD Navigation: Building Element Assembly Description
  • BEAP Navigation: Building Element Assembly Performance
  • BEAS Navigation: Building Element Assembly Sections
  • BEST Building Element Screening Test G#514 N#532
  • Classify: Literature Classification Labels G#1479 N#1440
  • CPD: Manufacturer’s Continuing Professional Development Seminars available from Product Page
  • CPD: BrianSpecMan with Manufacturer delivering CPD in-house
  • End of life G#1787 N#1677 End of Life Scenarios Reclaim/Reuse/Recycle/Recover/Reject and Specification clause for Product Passports
  • FMSpec: Facilities Management Specification Clauses
  • MASS Material Assessment Screening System G#1049 N#1066
  • PAA: Pre Alteration Audits (with Salvo Architectural Salvage)
  • PACE:
  • PACT: Product Application Competency Test
  • PDA: Pre Demolition Audits (with Salvo Architectural Salvage)
  • Reclamation Product Passport: engages with EndOfLife G#NNNN N#1116
  • Product Passport (Collaborate) G#1098 N#1116
  • REMP Resource Efficiency Management Plan workshops
  • SPWMP Site Packaging Waste Management Plan workshops
  • SWMP Site Waste Management Plan work shops (Collaborate) G#1786 N#1676
  • SWMP Workshops: Office or Site SWMP Site Waste Management Plan workshops G#551 N#571

GBE Templates

  • Company Page: 3 column (Template) G#3107 (E.g. Manufacturer, Suppliers, Applicators/Installers, Servers/Service Providers, Consultants)
  • Tabbed Product Page (Template) G#7794 
  • Product Page (Template) G#1085 N#1103

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