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For the 2021 Awards ASBP are taking a different approach.

  • ASBP want to shine the light on transformative ideas and the people behind them.
  • Ideas for which the time has come.
  • In essence, ASBP want to showcase your lockdown epiphanies, personal insights, innovative ideas, or radical action.
  • Whatever you plan to do differently post-Covid-19 that did not seem possible or appropriate before.

How to apply

To apply, share your insight with ASBP in no more than 250 words of text.

Applicants’ ideas will be judged by the ASBP Board and the shortlisted entrants will be asked to record a short video which will be compiled into a promotional video and shared widely (so no patentable innovations please!).

ASBP would like your contribution to be framed within the aspirations of the ASBP’s “Six Pillars of Sustainable Construction”.

The winning contribution will be asked to present at the ASBP’s Healthy Buildings Conference and Expo 2021 in February next year.

ASBP Award 2021 GBC Entry

Green Building Calculator (GBC) V1.0.0.

I have observed many projects failing to meet client, designer expectations resulting in a performance gap.

Inadequate cost planning, ‘cut-throat’ tendering, ‘bread and water’ contracts, stimulates substitution with incompetent product choice or application; part of the ‘Race to the bottom’,

Architectural Education’s focus on snappy graphic and philosophical rhetoric and poor attention to materials and construction technology leave us severely wanting. Climate and Carbon literacy are an essential, but missing part of our tools for life.

Professional and public response to the behaviour change campaigns on Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, before Covid-19 lockdown confirmed the time is right to develop my whole building calculators, for a wider audience.

Energy efficiency is at the core of the multi-functional calculator, Version 1 includes:

  • Form factor and choice of new build and refurbishment Regulations, Design Standards and Challenges:
    • U values, Airtightness, glazing %, orientation, primary energy, embodied carbon
  • Fabric first approach to thermal insulation: k values, elemental U values, thermal bridging
  • Bill of materials, quantities, products and labour:
    • cost planning, value engineering not just cost cutting; tendering,
  • Elemental, room by room and whole building heat loss or energy consumption,
  • Generic Material & Product Datasets: emphasis on natural, renewable resources, bio-based, low carbon and avoidance of materials containing chemicals harmful to health.
  • In use energy, fuel choice and in use carbon, (Version 2: fuel cost, running cost)
    • later pay-back and carbon-back periods (Version 3)
  • If revenue from sales permit, 20 future versions are planned addressing many of ASBP’s 6 pillars

250 words


Image: GBE Green Building Calculator UToWattsToCO2 HighRes V1 A15BRM240620.png

GBE Green Building Calculator U To Watts To CO2 A13 BRM 210520 PNG

Submitted 27/10/2020

GBE Cuttings

The following are cutting room floor editing out-takes to fit 250 words and no more

  • Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon, Sequestered Carbon and Biogenic Carbon (imminent Version 2)
  • Life Cycle Assessment at component, element and whole building levels (Version 3 or 4)
  • Readymade pre-assessed Competent Elemental Assemblies, (Version 4)
    • Manufacturer Certified and Assessed Systems
    • User generated Bespoke Assemblies encourages sharing and for others to build sustainably
  • Component and element Specification Generator; (Version 4)
  • Addition of: Services, Furniture, Interiors, Landscape, Infrastructure (Version 2 and later)
  • Decrement delay calculator: to avoid overheating (Version 2)
  • Condensation risk check
    • Airtightness, ventilation and moisture control.
  • Services design Module to match remaining demand to Renewable Energy sources
  • Sunlight, daylight, solar gain, thermal mass, light nutrition and appropriate artificial lighting
  • Resource Efficient design module: offering component size awareness, aiming for modular element design, minimal to no off-cut waste, aiming for flexibility for adaptation and re-usability at end of life for a circular economy.
  • WasteCost: instantly seeing the cost of wasteful design and construction.
  • Avoiding plastics: minimising micro-plastic release, reduce the toxicity of smoke during fires
  • Material choices, airtightness systems and Indoor air quality prediction
  • Supply chain information: local sourcing, source certification, resource mapping, materials and labour miles calculations, responsible sourcing
  • Biodiversity Module: Advance Survey data, accommodation and entry targets and provision
  • Grenfell being one of the worst examples; it is time for radical change.
  • needing a ‘Golden Thread’ of evidence to prevent similar repeats.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
27th October 2020 – 31st October 2020

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  • Paul Fletcher 2012.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
31st October 2020

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