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Methods of Construction:

  • GBE Outlines are the essence of a topic in a hierarchical order

Application and Products

  • GBE Outlines also can be manufacturers products arranged in elemental, junction, detail order
    • with applicable systems, products, accessories applied
      • This could become part of manufacturer’s literature
  • They could become the core of an Expert System or Design and Decision Tool or APP
  • GBE Outlines can be in Word files
  • The colour coding in the Word file highlights:
    • Green Environmental Options
    • Violet Normal Practice
    • Red Missing information
      • (in the book it was extracted from or in the outline)


  • GBE Outlines can also be in Excel Spreadsheets
    • And make use of hierarchical numbering systems and use CONCATENATION function

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Methods of Construction

Applications and Products

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