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GBC Video (Outline) G#38901

By 7 November 2020May 26th, 2021Code, Encyclopaedia, Outlines

GBC Video (Outline)

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GBC Video Outline

  • Outlines are the essence of the topic in a hierarchical order
  • They could become the core of an Expert System or Design and Decision Tool

Green Building Calculator (GBC) Video 0

  • Creating Greener Buildings
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    • Just tap into Green Building Calculator
  • Created by Brian Murphy founder of Green Building calculator
  • Created with decades of experience
  • Let Green Building Calculator
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  • Helping you and the Environment
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Green Building Calculator (GBC) Version 1 Video 1

  • With many behaviour change campaigns during 2020, more students, architects and other construction professionals are Declaring and getting involved in environmental design, some for the first time.
  • Now more than ever we need quick easy ways of checking the greenness of our building designs to help with improving them as the designs evolve.
  • Green Building Calculator (GBC) Version 1 provides information regarding Energy Consumption, Fuel Choice, Carbon in use.
  • Different building shapes, methods of construction, materials choices and performance targets can be added or chosen from options and resultant energy demand can be determined and judged easily.
  • GBC users will be able to do their own U value and thermal bridge calculations independently of manufacturers or suppliers
  • GBC users can check form factors and be guided on target U values, then choose between national regulations or design standards and be warned if their materials choices and their thicknesses do not meet user’s chosen targets.
  • GBC Version 1 focussed on the building envelope whilst limiting itself to U values, Energy and Carbon In use
  • Once the user had described their building design in GBC, any choice made or piece of information provided can subsequently be changed and the results of many calculations instantaneously update.
  • GBC Version 1 addressed new build, domestic and non-domestic building.
  • GBC is an impartial, easy to use, value for money, MS Excel-based calculator that can make a real difference to the world around us; it is not here to record bad choices, but to enable well-informed, better decisions.

Green Building Calculator (GBC) Version 2 Video 2

  • Green Building Calculator (GBC) Version 2 adds information regarding Embodied Energy, Embodied and Sequestered Carbon, and enables determination of Cost of building and Cost of running the building and much more.
  • Users will be warned if their material choices may lead to overheating in a warming climate, by decrement delay calculations through opaque external envelope.
  • Adding a Bill of Materials, Quantities, Materials, Product and Labour Costs, enables cost planning, cost comparison, tendering, pay back periods and carbon back periods.
  • Adding Fuel costs generates running costs, GBC users can now engage in real Value Engineering not just costs cutting in disguise
  • GBC Version 2 now addresses any item that is not part of the external envelope including: substructure, basements, foundations, interiors, furniture, stairs, services, landscape and infrastructure to engage with embodied impact calculations.
  • GBC Version 2’s Embodied Energy and Carbon datasets are from ICE Versions 1 to Version 3
  • GBC Version 2 now addresses refurbishment comprehensively and addresses more non-domestic elements and methods.
  • GBC version 2 includes domestic services systems in a simplistic form so far, to be developed in later versions

Green Building Calculator (GBC) Version 3 – 20 Video 3

  • As GBC develops it will add more calculator functions and design guidance to help influence material choices.
  • More oxymetholon side effects generic materials and their impact datasets from EPD will be added
  • More products and their properties with application data, EPD data if it exists, will be added
  • Readymade elemental assemblies and manufacturer’s accredited competent systems will be added with manufacturer’s assistance.
  • Local Climate Appropriate Construction
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers will be encouraged to provide Product data into a readymade template to import directly into GBC
    The intelligent template will require the products to be allocated appropriate locations to within competent elemental sub assemblies or their junctions:

    • According to the manufacturer’s reason for developing the product in the first place;
    • To enable the drive towards competent deployment of those products within GBC and help avoid future risks.
  • Domestic MEP Services will be developed and Non-Domestic MEP Services will be added
  • Condensation Check will be added
    • (BS 5250 static method only, to avoid incompetent constructions)
    • (go to WUFI or Delphin for dynamic methods)
  • Design to reduce waste, waste costs and waste minimisation calculator will be added using GBE’s WasteCost®Lite
  • Value of reclaimable materials, extractability and reusability calculator and reused materials calculator will be added
  • Carbon in waste timber and reclaimed timber will be added
  • Thermal bridge & Psi values at elemental junctions and opening accessories will be developed
  • Thermal Mass Calculator to be added
  • Plastics Avoidance oxymetholon side effects, plastics waste, diversion from landfill, plastic use percentages, use of recycled plastics content calculators
  • Whole Project Budget calculations (Fees, overheads, profits, preliminaries, etc.)
  • EU and International versions: Conversion of currency, measures, Regional Products,
  • Self-build interface to link to GBE website for more know-how
  • Services Design Module and Renewable Energy
  • Lighting nutrition wellbeing design
  • Biodiversity inclusion calculator, bat roost and bird box inclusion
  • Green Building Price Book within GBC
  • BIM Apps for numerous CAD software

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
7th November 2020

GBC Green Building Calculator
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7th November 2020 – 14th November 2020

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