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GBE To Do List G#668 N#690

By 18 February 2014November 23rd, 2019About, Development, GBE Website
spekkie I will never get this spec finished

GBE To Do List

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GBE To Do List
Aide Memoir:

GBE Checklist

  • GBE Checklist (About) G#448 N#454
  • -23/11/19


  • GBE CPD (About) G#456 N#462

GBE CPD Continuing Professional Development (About) G#456 N#462

GBE Shop

  • Try to eliminate reliance on drop down menus, they are clumsy
  • Add links from Footers to CPD files
  • PAYPAL (not Express, it a new account) Created but not complete,
  • PAYPAL to NWB NGSL to be connected?
  • Accounts to link up BrianSpecMan: Nat. Green Specification Ltd. Natwest
  • – 23/11/19

GBE Future Events

  • Update 2019-2020
  • 23/11/19

GBS Green Building Specification

  • Green Building Specification (Navigation) G#637
  • Lists S to Y Services: BRM to do
  • Add VO5 is missing: BRM to do
  • GBE Checklist A to Z copy to GBE Checklist Navigation: BRM to do
  • – 23/11/19

GBE Jargon Buster

  • Index started many to complete: BRM

GBE Download files

  • More CPD Pages to be rebuild from template and added to
  • Some part of 200 to rebuild
  • Add 800 more to add: BRM to do
  • 23/11/19

GBE Free Sample Files

  • Freebies list updated by BRM
  • GBE Free Sample Files G#481 N#487
  • All to be Sign In to download including Freebies (in template information): BRM to do
  • 23/11/19

GBE Design Design

  • Merge Two Pages
  • Started listing Places, needs completing: BRM to do
  • 23/11/19

GBE Database Database

  • Merge two pages
  • Review menus: To be updated by BRM
  • 23/11/19

GBE Lecture Courses

  • Create temporary template from Courses (Navigation) Post to create more GBE (Course) Posts linked from this GBE Course (Navigation) post
  • Create New Course (Proposal) Page from the same temporary template
  • BrianSpecMan 23/11/19

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
10th January 2013 – 23rd November 2019

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