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GBE Pending G#1783 N#1674

By 15 May 2015January 2nd, 2017GBE Under Construction

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GBE Pending

GBE Pending

You have probably landed here having clicked a ‘Pending’ on one of the page templates or one of the many pages throughout this website.

  • If your are a ‘page owner’ or ‘collaborator’ for example a manufacturer, supplier or installer then the purpose of this page is to introduce the information that could replace ‘Pending’ on that owned page.
  • If you are an ‘information user’ for example technician, designer, specifier, self builder, etc. then the purpose of this page is to encourage you to encourage manufacturers, supplier or installers to have their information added to make your life easier to choose and specify their products, accessories and systems, in your projects.

GBE Pending

Below are some of the links and services that can be applied or offered to the page owner to enhance the users interogstion of the page(s)

GBE Links

  • Product Webpage
  • System webpage
  • Company Website
  • Manufacturer Website
  • Suppliers Website
  • Installers Website

Manufacturer’s Files

  • Product Promotional Literature
  • Technical Literature
  • Specification
  • Health & Safety Data Sheets
  • Method Statement
  • BSI Kitemark
  • Test Evidence: Fire, Acoustic, Thermal, etc.
  • Certificates: Agrement, BBA, EuroAgrement, ETA, etc.
  • Labels: Technical, Environmental or Health
  • CAD files
  • BIM files

GBE Files

Pages can include Schedules of information

Pages can include link to documents created by GBE

  • GBE Product Data Sheet G#543 N#563 (Template)
  • GBE Robust Specification Clause (Template)
  • GBE Robust Specification Work Section (Template)
  • GBE Robust Specification Appendix (Template)
  • GBE DoRR: Declaration of REACH Requirements (Template)
  • GBE LitAudit: Literature Audit and GreenWash Check (Template)
  • GBE Echo: Confirmation of Manufacturer’s Self-Declaration (ISO 14021) (Template)
  • GBE pre-PASS: pre-Product Accessory System Screening (Template)
  • GBE PASS: Product Accessory System Screening (Template)
  • GBE HERACEY™ Product Assessment (Template)
  • GBE PASS Serve: Services Products Assessment (Template)
  • GBE PASS Civ: Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Products Assessment (Template)
  • GBE Compare: Product Group Comparison (Template)
  • GBE Compare Conclusions (Template)
  • GBE MASS: Material Assessment Sustainability Screening (Template)
  • GBE BEST: Building Element Screening Test (Template)
  • GBE BEACON: Building Element Assembly Code Number (Template)
  • GBE Library: Manufacturer’s Product Literature & Endorsements
  • GBE CPD: Manufacturer’s CPD seminar files
  • GBE CAD: Manufacturer’s CAD files
  • GBE BIM: Manufacturer’s BIM ready CAD files
  • GBE BIM PDS Product Data Schedule
  • GBE Method Statements G#12677 (template)
  • GBE SWMP: Site Waste Management Plan entry
  • GBE FM Spec: Facilities Management Specifications
  • GBE O&MM: Operation & Maintenance Manual entry
  • GBE EndOf: End of Life Solutions
  • GBE Product Passport (Template)

Links to 6 Core pages:

  • Manufacturer (GBE Schedule) (or Specification Appendix) (Template)
  • Suppliers (GBE Schedule) (or Specification Appendix) (Template)
  • Installers (GBE Schedule) (or Specification Appendix) (Template)

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
4th February 2015 – 2nd December 2017

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