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EC Product Environmental Footprinting PEF Pilot selected CAPEM G#1133 N#1143

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EC Product Environmental Footprinting PEF Pilot selected CAPEM

EC Product Environmental Footprinting PEF Pilot selected CAPEM

CAP’EM has been selected to participate in the EC PEF Pilot.

EC European Commission PEF Product Environmental Footprint Pilot to create PCR Product Category Rules

CAP’EM proposal will address Construction Product thermal insulation materials

Application Analysis (PDF)

This will occur during the CAP’EM 12 month extension Sept ’13 – Sept. ’14

The PEF pilot is 3 years long.

Ambition: to develop Product Environmental Footprint Category Rule (PEFCR) in the framework of the Environmental Footprint (EF) pilot phase (hence after EF pilot phase)

See  Guidance for the implementation of the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) during the Environmental Footprint (EF) pilot phase.

Building the Single Market for Green Products 

European Commission are asking for volunteers to create a new, better and consistent system for assessing materials than those currently in the market; including the likes of those BRE offer through BRE Green Guide to Specification and Green Book Live based on LCA & EPD

The new system will be known as Product Environmental Footprinting (PEF) and be in place of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).

The task in hand is to write instructions on how to do assessments to ensure consistent comparable data, Product Category Rules (PCRs), something currently missing from the current offerings across EU.

There is so much work to be done and it needs doing quickly so many parties will volunteer to do different parts.

CAP’EM is a European project team currently making LCA with the CAP’EM method developed with UK guidance from Dr. Andrew Norton of Renuables.

CAP’EM team are volunteering to create one PCR addressing:

Thermal insulation materials in buildings: 

explored with the data from bio-sourced insulation materials.

CAP’EM and NGS believe Incrops, AECB, Green manufacturers, merchants, designers, specifiers and constructors, etc. will be interested in supporting this project.

This ensures that whilst BRE systems have managed to exclude most bio-based materials from the start up to the current day, PEF will definitely include them from the beginning.

This will help develop the market and to break down the current barriers hindering the use of bio-based materials by BRE Green Guide, Code for Sustainable Homes, EcoHomes and BREEAM.

CAP’EM know many manufacturing companies and suppliers but new players are joining the market all the time some may be AECB members.

AECB and ASBP member companies may make, specify and install Bio-based building products and so may have in interest in being part of the Steering Groups (in the UK, physically or by email) or Technical Secretariat (in Brussels, physically or teleconferencing) or encouraging members and enabling/facilitating CAP’EM team to access your manufacturing members in order to obtain product data to meet the project requirements.

CAP’EM need to have 51% of the market across Europe in agreement with the PCRs.


CAP’EM Consortium has been selected by European commission to pilot the experimentation of PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) on thermal insulation products. Our application was based on the work done within Interreg CAP’EM Project and LCAs run for bio and recycle based products.

The goal of this experimentation is to boost sustainable growth consumers need to be able to identify genuinely green products and companies, and this is an important step in that direction. Reliable and comparable information about the environmental impacts will bring increased transparency and will build trust with consumers, business partners and investors.

Our 2 years pilot will start officially in 2014 in parallel with second pilots.

More information on :

EC announcement

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3rd October 2013 – 21st January 2014

EC Product Environmental Footprinting PEF Pilot selected CAPEM

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EC Product Environmental Footprinting PEF Pilot selected CAPEM
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