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N#1018: NGS emerges from GreenSpecDownload

By 20 February 2014October 3rd, 20152013

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NGS National Green Specification reemerges from GreenSpecDownload

After 10 years with GreenSpec the website has not become what I origanlly intended, so it was time to move on and start again.

Ten years wasted? No just 10 years to work out what is wrong and how to do it better.

GreenSpecDownload was envisaged to be a sister website to GreenSpec but that is no longer to be the case, it will now become stand alone and independent.

BrianSpecMan has been building an exit strategy from GreenSpec since 2009, posted 300 files including CPD seminars on Scribd to test the water, September 2012 he set up GreenSpecDownload which is now being redeveloped into NGS National Green Specification to become the Encyclopedia of Green Construction always intended.

Over 1050 pages have been created so far, but mostly the website site map or skeleton waiting to be fleshed out.
There are 10,000 pages to be created from the information waiting to be put to use.
With so much information the website will be structured to be as close to neural networks to link all pages to every other relevent page so you can find all related information easily without searching.
Whilst there are no statistics to talk of yet I would welcome reciprocal links and will be happy to include any material you are willing to share with links back to all the parts of your site(s) on this site.

© GBE NGS ASWS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
17th July 2013 – 3rd October 2015

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