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UK Flooding Link to Climate Change G#9513

By 24 January 2016February 3rd, 2016Campaigns

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UK Flooding Link to Climate Change


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Recent UK floods left swathes of the UK underwater. Buckling from the strain of torrential rains, rivers overflowed and flood defences were breached. Hundreds of families were forced to evacuate their homes.

David Cameron has pledged to help people suffering in the wake of the destruction. That’s a start. But in the aftermath of such ferocious storms, we need to make sure he joins the dots to climate change.

More fossil fuels means a warmer climate. And the latest science tells us that rising global temperatures are fuelling volatile, erratic weather. We need to make sure the prime minister know that if he’s serious about protecting the UK from flooding, he must accelerate the roll out of clean power, not burn more fossil fuels. Please sign the petition to tell him to act:

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