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GBE Diary 2015 Q1 G#1498 N#1453

By 10 April 2015February 16th, 20162015

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GBE Diary 2015 Q1

GBE Diary January 2015

NGS Xmas Logo png

1: GBE Webstats Christmas day and New Years day comparison with 2013

A39Z30-Z33, Z11.0-Z11.4 updated and upload

Update TIME, TASK and COSTS for funding meetings

NGS Logo png

3: NGS LIVE LAUNCH Plans postponed
LSBU accounts stalling and CAP’EM final payment may be later than anticipated so exhibiting at EcoBuild is no longer on the agenda, switch to Vision in 2-3 June 2015, reserved stand 113.
Late payment from CAPEM means June is too short a development time now consider Construction Week in October

Vision 2015 logo png

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

5: LSBU accounts battle over unpaid lecture fees and excess deductions moves up a gear

Naylor Made In The Uk png

6: Naylor Industries Factory Visit

Naylor Hathernware Chemical Thermal png

7: Greater Cambridgeshire Greater Peterborough LEP meeting on funding

NGS Logo png

8-12: SmartLIFE Grants4Growth meeting
Application form filling and proposal clarification and budget development


Writing up Perks and Prices

Naylor Made In The Uk png

12: NGS MANUFACTURER PAGE update Naylor Industries

Copying out questionnaire to complete offline


15: Interreg Project Opportunities with LSBU
15: ICE 2016 Paper: Environmental Structural Materials
Initial paper by March 2015
15: CAPEM Compass & LCA Data on Product Design Materials opportunity to investigate


NGS Logo png

Telephone interviews Video Companies
NGS Brief/Specification for Crowd Fund Video

Insumate Ltd Logo png

16: NGS BEST Building Element Sustainability Test
Inventor/manufacturer sought NGS review of latest proposed thermal insulation solutions to composite precast concrete beam and block  suspended ground floor
16: NGS PRODUCT PAGE: Insumate 600 Tray
No longer under Travis Perkins Exclusivity

Skype Interview Little Dragon Video

20: KTN Birmingham Event
Solar Energy Systems Special Interest Group

Structura white logo 300 png

21-26: Sturctura UK Ltd. & Kalwall+Aerogel
Review and feedback on Draft Specifications & Guidance Notes
Update Specification and Guidenance Notes files
Reissue for final review
Updated Kalwall CorporationStructura UK Ltd & Kalwall system page

22-23: Overhaul Cumulative Webstats File that needs more RAM than available to open it.

27: KTN Birmingham Event
Whole Life Building Performance & Supply Chain Integration
Dropped details with 6 potential project teams
Positive feedback if mapping NGS GBE to Uniclass/CoBie and interrogating past TSB project websites for content


27-28: INTERREG Green Building Encyclopaedia
Entered into discussion with UK Contact Point and DCLG regarding project proposal
Started mapping outputs to Work Packages

NGS Logo png

28: Crowd Funding Campaign Video
Typed up telephone/skype interviews

Interview 4th Video producer/editor 4-TV
Encouraged making my own videos and him editing them
Maximise their use in website, social media and email

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

30: LSBU Accounts battle recommences
Commencement of lectures next week is dependent upon LSBU paying what they owe for past 7 years underpayments and over deductions.

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd May 2014 – 17th March 2015

GBE Diary February 2015

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

1-4: Providing more evidence and calculations of underpayments and over deductions for hourly paid lecturer over past 7 years
Completed Small Claims Court Form

Gemini Logo 2 png

3-4: Gemini Adhesives Ltd.
Meeting to prepare CPD for delivery to Architects
Update draft with latest information and retrofit solution

NGS Logo png

5-9: Replacing list of CPD files uploaded

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

6: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214
Global Imperative

10: Gemini Adhesives Ltd.
CPD file: Convert latest Word file to outline to PPT
Meeting with Gemini Ltd. to consider image and video content

Quercus UK Ltd logo png

10-11: Added Quescus UK Limited and Quercus Oak Fence Panels

NGS Logo png

12: Reinforce NGS INCUBATOR as a place to test basic content pages for manufacturers and products to demonstrate the website works for them, collect document download statistics to convinve them to pay for these and more pages and to enhance their content.

12: Attend Business Growth Accelerator Event Market Deeping

2014 CAPEM logo EU investing png

13: DCLG give approval of UK claim, to release final payment
Expect payment in March
Recent devaluation of Euro>Pound will see a significant reduction in the fianl payment
This should release some of the development plans for NGS GBE over the following months.
NGS Logo png

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

13: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214
Resource Efficiency: Consumption, Depletion and Management 

14: Update NGS CURRENT NEWS (this page)

Gemini Logo 2 png

14-15: Update CPD PowerPoint file with images and video
16: Finalise and rehearse CPD and deliver to Architectural Practice Lunchtime CPD

16: Diasen Diathonite Evolution Insulating Render added

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

20: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

Design to Reduce Waste Part 1 of 2

Continuation dependent upon Finance Department paying for last 7 years underpayments

EcoBuild 2015 png

24: Planning Guided Tour of EcoBuild
with French Party for CD2E and other meetings 

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

27: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

Introduce Course work coordinating with studio projects

Design to Reduce Waste Part 2 of 2

Principles of Element Design & Performance Specification

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd May 2014 – 24th February 2015

GBE Diary March 2015

3-5: EcoBuild & Resource

EcoBuild Logo png

EcoBuild 2015 resource

3: Tuesday

  • Spent the first day seeking out Large scale solutions for Retail, Commercial Business & Community Improvement & Residential Building Refurbishment solutions with and on behalf of SI2020 a Project team with ‘Greening London’ ambitions.
  • Bumped into numerous past contacts along the way many useful to the Greening London Project
  • ASBP and UKT&I arranged a meeting with for an informal networking evening with numerous potential collaborations to be investigated further.
  • NGS invited because of ASBP membership and CAPEM Interreg European funded Project.
  • TRANSECO looks like it still has legs and they remain interested in NGS involvement as a potential consultant.
  • Hoping to reconnect in Lille, France 17th March at Interreg Project Lab.

4: Wednesday

  • NGS was plesently surprised by the number of companies that contacted NGS via the Enterprise Network Europe’s B2B Matchmaking sessions for EcoBuild show, each interested in having a presence on Green Building Encyclopaedia.
  • CD2E invited NGS to UKGBC stand to start a tour of the show with a delegation of 20 French businesses, leading to being interviewed by the media and individuals to help find ways into UK market.
  • Met Kelly Gunnell exBCT
  • Met Beverley Wood exCR

5: Thursday

  • NGS attended Enterprise Network Europe’s B2B Matchmaking sessions for Resource show, each interested in having a presence on Green Building Encyclopaedia.
  • Met with IES in connection with CAPEM’s European LCA Data
  • Visited all the stands that I could in a rush round the show promoting NGS GBE and discovered a great deal of interest.
  • Visited some BIM Software stands to explore CAPEM LCA Data working within BIM
  • Much following up to do next few weeks.

RESOURCE Show logo.png

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

6: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

9: NGS GBE Website
Skype call Ben Temple re Website developments


10: Interreg Projects Website proposals
Submit to project teams before March 17th


10: SBEE Meeting Cambridge:
Planning & Transport Focus

Renuables Logotype

11: Visit Renuables to scope out joint NGS marketing activity


12: emailed 23 Interreg prospective projects to see if NGS can create and maintain their websites

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

13: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

13: Meeting SI2020 team


16: emailed JTS about ambitions to build EU-wide Green Building Encyclopaedia

16: LSBU PG Diploma Studio

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

Wide variability in students engagement and competence
Some competent presenters with no substance to present
Others nervous but getting to grip with challenging projects
Others showing all round capability working their way through solid processes
Some students are competent at model making and survey sketching of site
Numerous students not bothering to attend lectures need that input
Nice days work


17: Interreg Project Lab: fully booked unable to attend
TRANSECO proposed, NGS still hope to be involved

17: Commissioning Replacement website for GBE

18-19: KTN Funding Meetings London H2020 International Proposal Exercise on Energy Efficiency Calls 2015
Representing SI 2020 Social Innovation: considering retrofit of domestic and commercial property in London, teamed up with Spain & Italy possibly France and Greece, looking for cooperative opportunities.

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

20: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214
Review pinned up work.

20: Meeting SI2020 team
Developing proposal for Innovate UK Horizon 2020 Building Whole Life Performance

23-24: GBE proposed new website:
Developing new site map hierarchy

NGS Logo png

23: Marketing Compass developing GBE Marketing Strategy and Plan

25: WorPressNoStress Update on Website brief

26: Marketing Compass developing GBE Marketing Strategy and Plan

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

27: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

27: Meeting SI2020 team

28-30: VAT Accounts

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd May 2014 – 4th April 2015

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